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In our society, we are ridiculed for doing certain things that are considered contrary to what is “popular”. In the search for the truth, one must overcome the need to fit in, because fitting in involves turning a blind eye to certain details.

Why bring this up?

Because people have a tendency to believe someone when they tell them “Don’t listen to those people, they are lying”. But only a liar would say that. Those people who want the truth to be known are the only ones who will tell you both sides of the story.


Because people telling the truth have nothing to hide. Only a liar would want to hide any kind of information from you. Most lies require an omission of some portion of the facts.

A person dedicated to the truth wants to understand both sides knowing that the only way to find the truth is to learn everything you can about a subject. We are told “don’t listen because they are trying to brainwash you”, but the only people doing any kind of brainwashing would be the individuals hiding information.

babybubbles_flickr.comIf you look up brainwashing in the dictionary (which I have already done for you below), you will find it “involves isolation from former associates and sources of information”. What this means is that in order to brainwash a person, you need to hide information so they only believe your side of the story. Boiled down to its most basic principal, brainwashing is the act of getting an individual to believe a lie.

There are people who are afraid that the act of listening to the other side of the story will brainwash them, but don’t be afraid and don’t be fooled because this is what they want you to believe. I have been searching for the truth my whole life, and when I was a small child, I could tell when adults were lying to me. Was I smarter than them? No, but I was able to detect dishonesty or to put it another way, I was able to detect inaccuracies in facts.

I once flustered my mother to the point of her saying, “LOOK! A certain someone’s birthday is coming up so we can’t talk about these things in front of her! Do you understand?” Yes I did … and cheerfully left the room.

I don’t pretend to be intelligent, but I consider myself to be smart enough to pull the truth out of the information given to me. This is because once you have all the information, finding the truth is the easy part. Here’s an example:

If you only hear the criminal’s viewpoint, you will believe they are innocent. If you only hear the victim’s viewpoint, you will believe they have been wronged. Only when you put both stories together can you find the truth. You will find where there are inconsistencies in one or both stories that you can easily reject and you will find similarities in both stories that you can keep. It’s the information you can keep and/or prove along with evidence that defines the truths.

Don’t be afraid of information, it is the only way to find the truth. The reason I bring this up is because there are people in the school district who have told others not to listen to what I have to say, that I am a naysayer and a disgruntled parent trying to spread lies about the school district. See what I did there? I gave you their side of the story. I know what they think of me, but I’m not afraid to tell both sides of the story. I know people will believe whatever they want to. I am not trying to persuade those who don’t want to listen, I’m trying to get the facts out to those who want to understand the whole story.

Not all truths are pretty, some are down right ugly, but if you don’t know the truth, you can’t deal with the situation in an effective way. If you are living within a fantasy (lie), then the actions you take are incapable of fixing it.

I invite you to read through the information presented in this blog and decide the truth for yourself. I have faith in you, I believe you are smart enough to figure it out because I will provide you with cold hard facts, photographs, documents and information from as many sources as I can. Nine times out of ten, when a person knows all the details, they can easily see the truth from between the lies.

breakdownwalls_flickr.comThis web page is about finding the truth within our schools and using it to the advantage of our children so that they can prosper in the best ways possible.

In the years of dealing with this school district, my husband and I have been subjected to a myriad of brick walls to keep us from finding the information hidden within. We have both climbed some walls and broken down others. It is now our intention to bring our knowledge to the public so that others may benefit from our work.

This process has created a situation where the school district works even harder at building those walls. But the laws are clear, public entities must share information with the public. Thankfully many of the laws are still on the side of the people.

Besides, why would the school district want to hide anything from us? That, right there, is the million dollar question.

There are times when it’s necessary in life to keep secrets, like around gift giving activities, but when it comes to a care taker keeping secrets from the parents, it’s NEVER ok. We are far from uncovering all the truths, but maybe working together we can make our schools a better place for everyone.




Definition of Truth from the Merriam Webster Dictionary

the truth : the real facts about something : the things that are true

: the quality or state of being true

: a statement or idea that is true or accepted as true



Definition of True from the Merriam Webster Dictionary

: agreeing with the facts : not false

: real or genuine



Definition of Brainwashing from the Merriam Webster Dictionary

1:  a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

2:  persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

“The techniques of brainwashing usually involve isolation from former associates and sources of information



Definition of Lying from the Merriam Webster Dictionary

1:  to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive

2:  to create a false or misleading impression

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