School Board Sets Superintendent Salary

Super SalaryDuring a special board meeting on December 9, 2014, the board set the Superintendent Salary for Pete Lewis and signed a three year contract.

This post includes:

– Pete Lewis contract with details

– School Board calculations

– My calculations

– Links to all information at bottom of post

PETE LEWIS’ CONTRACT (link to original at bottom of page)

– $132,000 base salary

– 12 Days paid sick leave each year – eligible for buy back

– 25 days of paid vacation per year – accumulated days may be bought back at 15 days per year

– 30 paid vacation days may be used as salary for retirement calculations per State laws & guidelines.

– Membership dues for AASA, WASA, PDK, ASCD

– Same holidays, and leave granted to other district administrators

– Same medical, dental, vision, insurance benefits provided other district administrators

– Reimbursement for all business travel

– Cell phone service for district business at no charge to the Superintendent

– 1 computer tablet to be returned at the end of the contract

– $400 per month tax sheltered annuity payment

– Yearly comprehensive medical exam

– Residence requirement

– Evaluation and extension of contract yearly

– Disability clause

– Hold Harmless clause

– Savings clause

(Full contract linked below)

Here is the salary information history for Colville Superintendent’s I put together:

Super Salaries in Colville Continue reading