Guest Posts

I am thinking that there are individuals out there who will be willing to tell their own story, thus saving me a lot of time.

If you write a story about the school, I will be happy to post it with these conditions:

1. There has to be some sort of proof when you write about specifics. This is my attempt at blocking lies from being posted on the blog.

*     I will post the exception of bully posts because there can be no proof in a “we said, they said” situation. I will not post names in a bully post.

*     With that said, I will help you try to get the proof you are looking for, so I will be happy to hold a conversation with you to see if there is some way we can do that.

2. I will need to know your name. I will not post anonymous stories. There is no need to tell the school or the public your name, unless you prefer it that way, but I will need to know because there is no other way for me to confirm the information. It would be too easy for someone to place a lie on the blog, and I want to try to avoid that in every way possible.

3. I will post the story with the notice that it is a guest post.

4. I reserve the right to moderate your story to remove anything I consider to be damaging (see comment policy), though I will be happy to discuss it with you first.

5. I reserve the right to accept or deny your post, including the timing for when it is posted.



Health posts

Special needs posts

Bully Posts

Teacher troubles

Administrator problems

Situations where the school caused your children or your family unnecessary troubles.

The school held your child back in a way you felt was wrong or unnecessary.

Situations where you feel the school lied to you.

Situations where you are wondering why the school did this or that.


Intervention time

School activities


Busing information

I’ve talked to parents who would like to start a science fair, but the school resists. This would be a good topic.

Maybe you have tried to reach out to the school district and been blocked in some way. I think it’s important for the public to know this information.



I welcome good news because I want this community to be proud of our schools and our kids. I want all our kids to excel to the best of their ability and to have big, bold, bright, futures. Let’s spread the good news. Ideas can be any of the above in reverse, and these possibilities:

I once attended a meeting where the “Math is Cool” club (I think that’ the name) wanted the school to get the notice out that they exist, but the school did nothing. That’s the type of information I’d like the public to know.

School clubs

School activities

Fund Raising

Sports (We made the Tacoma Dome!)

Band (Wasn’t the marching band show the best this season!)




If you have photos you’d like to share with the blog (free of charge), they will be gratefully accepted and I will post your name as a contributor if you’d like.



Feel free to contact me with anything you’d like to discuss.

Lynette Martin











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