The Letter The Statesmen Examiner would not run!

Over the past six years we have sent letters into the Statesmen Examiner and all but two were printed.  One was rejected for “liability” concerns fair, enough it was a tough letter. The last one was a bit over a year ago.  It was a negative letter about the current Superintendent and the issues in hiring him.  Nothing was a “Liability” issue, it was just Mr. Chris Cowbrough Loved the new Superintendent and refused to print our letter.  In that same paper that our letter would have run Mr. Cowbrough proceeded to insult and defame anyone who had the same views as us.

As a result we started this very Blog!

What follows is an email we just received:

Mr. &Mrs. Martin,

I and many others really appreciate your effort and work.
I am no stranger to these struggles as I have been involved in these same type of political disputes and subversion many times over the past 20+ years.
My training is in Counter Insurgency which is 80% political/social and 20% military conflict. The rules are the same, as subversion is subversion. The tactics being used against the public are based on Counter Intelligence studies and experience of which I am well acquainted.
I submitted a letter to the Statesman Examiner, which normally prints my letters. This time they did not and it was clear that they are supporting the Transgender policy. The editor went out of his way in the paper to deface and disrespect all those who attended and their beliefs.
I have attached the letter that would have informed the public in brief.
As a Marine, I do not believe in defeat, however I have watched over and over traditional American values destroyed because conservative, traditional and Christian American don’t understand the professional tactics that are being employed against them. I pray we will do better with this. You have certainly done a wonderful job of getting information out.
Please see attached.


Transgender Policy: A False Issue

            Having attended the November 18th School Board meeting concerning policy 3211, I was pleased to find that more than 96% of the nearly 300 people in attendance were absolutely opposed to the proposed Transgender policy. A previous meeting had taken place by the Board where all members voted to accept the policy. However, they did not expect such an overwhelming resistance to their attempted coercion of those in attendance.

During the proceedings at least two deceptions and three lies were forwarded by Superintendent Lewis, the Board president and the School attorney. The very fact that the Board desired an attorney to be present at the meeting between the people and those that they elected, is by itself suspicious. It was very obvious to me and others that Attorney Hansen was present to create a false perception of legitimacy for this absurd policy.

The first deception is based on three lies. A question was asked to Mr. Lewis, “why we hadn’t heard about this from other area schools?” He said: “Because they’ve already done it.” Not true, strike one! Secondly, the School attorney told the crowd, that this was required by RCW 28A regarding discrimination. Not true, strike two! Thirdly, the Board President Green proclaimed that it was a State mandate, as did both the attorney and superintendent. Not true, strike three! Only a short time later, Board President Green eluded to a Bill on the Senate floor which would mandate this policy, thus, no Bill was passed as yet giving the policy any enforcement. All three of these public employees lied creating the first deception, “The False Perception of Legitimacy”. This is text book political coercion.

The second deception occurred about 75% of the way through the meeting when Superintendent Lewis realized that the Board was at an impasse with the public. This deception is a professional counter intelligence tactic called, “Flipping the Conversation”. Only a few folks noticed, thus, a great part of the people were drawn into a new conversation that diverted the pressure. The subject was the procedure and implementation of policy 3211. If there is no policy, there is no procedure. Out of this came the idea of a committee of parents to take part in the procedure creation. Another attempted coercion. The meeting ended shortly as the Board under pressure, tabled the issue until December 16th, where-on is the School Christmas concert on the same night. Another devious ploy to reduce attendance.

Why are we letting the School Board use our children as a political tool for an artificially created issue? There is no discrimination, nor any hate in this community for any race, sex or personal belief. If there is any righteous discrimination present, it is against subversive elected servants, state bureaucrats and the creation of emotional crisis that seek to subvert our longstanding morality, customs and culture here in Stevens County. I hope every red blooded, God- honoring American with concern for our families and our future will be in the next meeting on Dec. 16th, to put this rebellion against God and our local dignity down and demand the resignation of the entire board and Mr. Lewis.

Russell Bolton (Addy, WA)

How Well Does Colville Know Superintendent Pete Lewis?


It’s important to know the people taking care of the safety and education of our children. That’s why school districts do background checks on their employees. So as parents, we should know as much as we can about the number one person in charge of our children, Superintendent Pete Lewis.

Last Position Held before Colville: Superintendent in Fairbanks, Alaska

June 9, 2014 Lewis was FIRED from Fairbanks North Borough School District

  • “… he exhibited a total failure of leadership leading up to the sexual abuse of a student on school property.” (Link)
  • “demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to perform the duties expected of a superintendent, which has resulted in potential liability to the district …” (Link)

Fairbanks School Board President Haas went on to say Mr. Lewis had knowledge of:

  • 1. significant allegations of employee misconduct towards students
  • 2. failed to ensure others took appropriate action; and
  • 3. took inappropriate action himself.


The superintendent’s unwillingness to perform his duties or inability to do them exposed students to harm and the district to legal vulnerability, the board said. Despite inappropriate student contact, Fowlkes received a glowing recommendation, Haas said.

Lewis allowed an employee to routinely work mornings and nights without being paid, putting the district out of compliance with federal wage and hour laws, Haas said, and fostered an attitude of disrespect toward the board that has permeated down to other staff members, Haas said. Link


Mr. Fowlkes has been convicted of 3 counts of sexual abuse of a minor and is now serving time in jail. Fowlkes has also been charged with seven counts of sexual abuse of a minor regarding allegations made by a student at Hutchinson High School in 2014. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District has agreed to pay $920,00 to the family of this student.

*****Heidi Haas Video

Here is a video of the Fairbanks School Board Director talking about the Investigation of Claude Fowlkes III and showing her concern that the Colville School Board did not contact them for information about Mr. Lewis before hiring him. Link to Video


June 11, 2014 Pete Lewis was HIRED by Colville School District as their Interim Superintendent (only two days after he was fired from Fairbanks).

December 2014 Pete Lewis was HIRED by Colville School District as their Superintendent. Normally a school district will keep an Interim Superintendent for a full year before hiring them full time. It is a curious thing that our Board chose to hire Mr. Lewis early.

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School Board Sets Superintendent Salary

Super SalaryDuring a special board meeting on December 9, 2014, the board set the Superintendent Salary for Pete Lewis and signed a three year contract.

This post includes:

– Pete Lewis contract with details

– School Board calculations

– My calculations

– Links to all information at bottom of post

PETE LEWIS’ CONTRACT (link to original at bottom of page)

– $132,000 base salary

– 12 Days paid sick leave each year – eligible for buy back

– 25 days of paid vacation per year – accumulated days may be bought back at 15 days per year

– 30 paid vacation days may be used as salary for retirement calculations per State laws & guidelines.

– Membership dues for AASA, WASA, PDK, ASCD

– Same holidays, and leave granted to other district administrators

– Same medical, dental, vision, insurance benefits provided other district administrators

– Reimbursement for all business travel

– Cell phone service for district business at no charge to the Superintendent

– 1 computer tablet to be returned at the end of the contract

– $400 per month tax sheltered annuity payment

– Yearly comprehensive medical exam

– Residence requirement

– Evaluation and extension of contract yearly

– Disability clause

– Hold Harmless clause

– Savings clause

(Full contract linked below)

Here is the salary information history for Colville Superintendent’s I put together:

Super Salaries in Colville Continue reading

Cancelled Superintendent Search Transcripts

imagesPen_flickr.comI think it’s important for the public to know the reasons why our board members make the decisions they do. So I have transcribed the portion of the November 24, 2014 school board meeting Agenda item 5.05 Superintendent Search. These are the comments by the board that concluded with their decision to cancel a full and open search for a superintendent position.

Sid Green 5.05 Superintendent Search. Sandy?

Sandy Moore Giggles (garbled) you were going to call on me. Like you were going to tell me before hand you were going to call on me. So

Sid Green Absolutely

Sandy Moore So! Superintendent Search. We had a very, I thought,  informative (garbled – but she is speaking about the public forum for Superintendent Selection Process link can be found at bottom of this post). We had a lot of people show up at the auditorium of Colville High School and share their views about where we are with the superintendent search and where we should go. We got a lot of great input. We as a board have not had an opportunity to talk about it since that meeting and this is our first meeting since then and I would like to have this chance to talk among ourselves about where we think we should go from here.

The way I saw (garbled) at the meeting was that we had a series of options.

– One was to hire a search firm and do a national search.

– Another option would be to do a search without hiring a firm so that was another issue we covered.

– We could also offer Mr. Lewis a contract extension but continue to look for another superintendent as was suggested by one member of the audience.

– We could offer Mr. Lewis a new contract for less than three years to give us more opportunity to evaluate where we are

– Or we could offer a full contract.

So I see that as kind of a measure of options out there on the table. I’d be interested in hearing input. I certainly have my own opinion, but I’ll open it up for discussion first. Continue reading

Broken Promise by School Board

I am disappointed in our School Board because I believe they did not meet the requirements of the Open Public Meeting laws when hiring our Interim Superintendent. I am doubly disappointed that they went back on their promise to do a full and open search for a permanent Superintendent.

Here is a clip of the job posting for our superintendent.

Job Posting Cropped 2

In the job posting for Interim Superintendent, you will see it says (during which time, the District will conduct a search for a permanent Superintendent). This was voted and passed unanimously 5-0 by the board in the May 28, 2014.

Our board did not just promise the public, they stated publicly in writing that they would do a public search for our superintendent, and then fell back on that promise. In my opinion, we can never trust the word of any sitting board member from this point on.

In the November 24, 2014 school board meeting, the board unanimously approved to cancel the search and hire Mr. Lewis. This broke their promise to our community.



Our school board promised the community they would do a full and open search. Why didn’t they?

Our Board will tell you that they were trying to save us the money, but there is so much distrust with our board already – why go down this path?

Was it really just about the money – or was it something else?

I can understand that they are happy with Mr. Lewis’ job performance as an Interim Superintendent, but why didn’t they do a full, open and transparent search when hiring our Interim Superintendent in the first place?


Superintendent Hiring Procedures

This post outlines the Colville procedures for hiring a Superintendent – and to give you information on other school districts procedures.
POLICIES and PROCEDURES (links to Colville’s Policies and Procedures manual listed at bottom of post)

First, let me explain the difference between policies and procedures, because it can sometimes be confusing and people often use the words improperly.


In the most basic form, a government agency is guided by their policies, but must follow their procedures.

Policies are a guideline.

Procedures are specific instructions for accomplishing a task.

For some reason, Colville does not have a policy or procedure for hiring a superintendent. In this case, the procedure for hiring falls back on employee/staff or administrator hiring procedures. Our school board did not follow their own procedures in the hiring of Mr. Pete Lewis if they treated his hiring as an employee or as a principal which is the closet thing to hiring a Superintendent.

It is the responsibility of the School Board to Write Policies and Procedures, it is also their responsibility to follow those procedures, though, there is no penalty if they don’t. The only thing I can really do is share this information with the public to better inform people of what goes on in our district.

Here is the applicable text in the Colville School Board policies and procedures documents. While you are reading through them, check off how many of these things our school district did in the hiring process of our Superintendent: Continue reading

Community Forum – Common themes and Questions

I have several comments and about our community forum to help the public see specifics about this situation. I have numbered the paragraphs in this post the same as the numbered paragraphs of the transcripts to help with this discussion.

mobility-clipart-Person_Reading_Book_clip_art_hight_clipartpanda.comAdditional Information about Interim Superintendent Pete Lewis and the hiring process

Most of the night was full of praise for Mr. Lewis. The only information other than praise was provided by a handful of individuals.

166Lynette Martin [Pete] was allegedly

168 fired for a total failure of leadership, for the retention of an employee named Claude Fowlkes III who was a tutor at Hutchinson High School who was arrested in March and charged with six counts of abusing a student sexually in the school.

169 There were significant observations and allegations of grooming the students by this individual. Pete Lewis, or one of his employees allegedly transferred this student from the school where he was grooming students to another building and did not tell the principal that this student – that this tutor was having these problems. And that’s – after that happened is when the – that’s why Pete Lewis got fired, is because he mishandled that situation.

234 Scott Martin [Pete’s] met with the teachers union multiple times. He’s met with the secretaries union multiple times. He’s met with para educators. He’s met with nutritional specialists. He’s met with maintenance, custodian unions multiple times. As somebody pointed out, I as a public have not been involved in a public meeting with Pete Lewis. He hasn’t invited the public to give their input to him as to what’s going on. Maybe individually, but not as a public.

213 Don Robson I have concerns that the board hired someone that was just terminated from his previous position due to the results of an investigation that they performed. I’m concerned that the board, when trying to select this superintendent for our schools didn’t even contact the previous school board to get any information from them. … I can’t help but feel that that’s negligence. To not contact a previous employer especially when he was terminated due to an investigation.

215 I have had contact with the Fairbanks school board and they have a lot of information to provide. And I’m not sure if they were contacted, he would have been hired in the first place.

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Documentation for Questionable Interim Superintendent Hiring

This post contains additional documentation showing proof of information in previous post.

April 7, 2014 Pete Lewis was put on paid leave in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Here is the text of the meeting minutes that is applicable:

Lewis Placed on Leave Fairbanks MinutesMay 13, 2014 Michael Cashion announces resignation to ESD 101

2014-05-13 Cashion resignation email to ESD copy

May 15, 2014 Michael Cashion writes resignation letter

– Letter is placed in the Statesman Examiner and you can view it here$file/Resignation%20Letter.PDF

May 16, 2014 Michael Dunn from ESD 101 sends Sid Green Pete Lewis’ resume and contact information.

2014-05-16 Dunn to Green PL Resume copy

May 16, 2014 Sid Green responds to Michael Dunn saying he went online and read all the information about Pete Lewis.

2014-05-16 Sid response to Dunn PL resumeContinued conversation from Mike Dunn to Sid Green Continue reading

Questionable Interim Superintendent Hiring

images_openclipart.orgThere is some question as to how our interim superintendent was hired. I have been a part of a parent group that has attended school board meetings for five years. After Superintendent Ken Emmil left the district, the board promised a full and open superintendent search.

Typically a full search takes three months and includes the public in the selection process. Colville’s process from posting the position to hiring Mr. Lewis took less than three weeks, or to be exact, 19 days.

Here is the timeline of the hiring including some items that could be considered either shady or down right illegal:

April 7, 2014 Pete Lewis was put on paid leave in Fairbanks, Alaska.

May 15, 2014 Michael Cashion writes resignation letter

May 16, 2014 Michael Dunn from ESD 101 sends Sid Green Pete Lewis’ resume and contact information.

May 16, 2014 Sid Green responds to Michael Dunn saying he went online and read all the information about Pete Lewis.

– Is it proper to research an applicant for a job position before all the applicants have applied?

May 21, 2014 Colville posts a job opening for superintendent stating  applications being accepted until June 5th.


– The board is the only entity that can authorize the school to put up the job opening for superintendent. There was no board meeting authorizing this. Where did the administration office get it’s authorization? Was the school board (or an individual school board director) acting outside of their legal protocol?

– At this date, the board has not even accepted Michael Cashion’s resignation.

May 28, 2014 School Board accepts Michael Cashion’s resignation in legal school board meeting.

May 28, 2014 In email correspondence (received through a public records request) Michael Dunn ESD 101 asks Sid Green if he can interview Pete on June 6th

– Sid Green responds he will set it up for June 9th

– Michael Dunn says “Thanks for doing this as quickly as you can”

May 30, 2014 Michael Cashion writes letter to Michael Dunn stating he spoke with Pete Lewis about hiring employees.


– The board has not interviewed any applicants for this position. It is highly irregular for an employee to be discussing any aspect of business with ANY applicants.

June 9, 2014 Colville School Board Meeting to Evaluate the qualifications of one or more applicants for public employment in an executive session.

– The agenda item says “applicants for public employment”, they didn’t even have the decency to let us know they were interviewing superintendent candidates. Why? Usually, it is advertised to the community, so that everyone who wants to be there can come, but we didn’t even know it was for the superintendent position until after we were in the meeting. Was the board trying to keep it from the public?

– We were told by the Teachers Union President who the applicants were, so the teachers knew it was a superintendent interview and who the applicants were, but the public did not. Why?

– The meeting opened, the board announced “We are going into executive session for about three hours to interview three candidates” and then left the room.

– We sat there for three hours waiting for them to come out of their session and when it was over, they told us that Pete Lewis scored best on their worksheet.


– The board has refused to release all the names of the other applicants even to this day.

– The board held all interviews behind closed doors.

– The board held all conversations about all applicants behind closed doors.

– The public has no idea how they came to their decision.

June 9, 2014 Pete Lewis was fired from his position in Fairbanks (see below links for very informative details)

June 11, 2014 Pete Lewis was officially hired in Colville as Interim Superintendent

Pete Lewis was hired 2 days after he was officially fired from Fairbanks. Does anyone else think this is odd?

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