Inspirational Post – You Are Never Too Old!

Old_People__close_up_by_mellisea_deviantart.comEducation is not just for the young and neither is pursuing your goals, no matter what they might be or what your age. I’ve put several links about inspirational elderly people at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment.

I don’t remember where I heard this story, but it goes something like this: A 70 year old man was in college and his 20 year old classmates were asking him questions about why he would want to start college at such an advanced age. One of the youths asked him if he knew he’d be 74 years old when he graduated. The elderly man looked his classmate in the face and said, “Son, I’m going to be 74 years old anyway.”
In A Fisherman’s Language: An Autobiography by Captain James Arruda Henry

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Veterans Day

I'll_Miss_You_Dad_by_Cecilio_M._Ricardo_Jr_en.wikipedia.orgI would like to thank each and every veteran. To those who dedicated a portion of their lives, and to those who sacrificed all. I would like to thank everyone who loves a veteran for all you’ve given so that they could serve this beautiful country and protect our freedoms.

God Bless you all.


3349415603_ba35b8e672_z_flickr.comAutodidact has nothing to do with automobiles, it simply means “A self taught person”.

While this is a web page for parents of Colville school children to learn the truth about our school system, it should be noted that I am not a huge fan of public education. I am a fan of education, just not education that involves forced learning systems on captive residents or extraordinary amounts of money.

I am self taught in many things, so I hold these types of individuals in high esteem. I am a high school drop out. It wasn’t that I didn’t like school, I loved it as an escape from other things in life, but when I encountered bully teachers, school had to go so that I could keep some of my sanity.

7171947998_6285b80e08_flickr.comI then found a job and tried a short college stint where I found my husband. Shortly after our marriage we started our own business on what could loosely be termed a shoestring budget and found that every aspect of that business was our own responsibility. Long before we even knew the word Autodidact existed, we were teaching ourselves things like accounting, photography, sales, merchandizing, printing, web page design, customer service, customer complaints, shipping, maintenance and repair, international sales and service, purchasing, product design and development, invoice design and implementation and file management, among many other things.

Oh and did you know that starting a business with your spouse is one of the leading causes of divorce? So we had to learn marriage management because we were together 24 hours a day. The good news is that if you survive, you will actually strengthen your marriage. So next time you hear about a small business, try to think about how much those individuals actually accomplish in a days work.

8681295983_98e6eb2404_b_flickr.comStudents are now struggling with the highest college costs in the history of our country and, might I say of the world. But the good news is that in today’s information age, it is so much easier to find ways to self teach than it was a mere generation ago (I learned the old fashioned way). It’s much less expensive for Autodidacts than it is for a college student. It’s also a lot easier because you don’t have to take an overabundance of classes, so you spend more time learning what you need.

The purpose of this post is to give people hope. Those who don’t have the first hope of affording a college education can take comfort in knowing that there are other ways to live the life you want. Don’t be fooled, you don’t always need college to get to where you want to be. I know a person in their mid 50’s who is still paying on their college tuition. A high paid college education isn’t always a good thing. A college tuition costs as much as a new home. A new home takes 30 years to pay off.  Do we really want our children burdened with two mortgage payments … or no education … or no home?

Of course, we all want a doctor to have a proper education, so this post is obviously not speaking to those individuals who need a higher education, but there are many types of work out there that can be self taught. In many ways a self taught individual is a much more effective worker because they are motivated to learn, they engross themselves in every aspect of their interest, and pay attention in class. They7007282498_97337ab190_flickr.comaren’t learning just to pass the test, they are interested in gaining real knowledge. In the end their work reflects self pride and shows a polished implementation.

It’s true that we learn more from our failures than from our successes, so don’t be afraid to flub a bit. Take Thomas Edison for example, who is famous for his failures and his perseverance as well as his success. Don’t ever give up on your dreams. The only people who fail are those who stop trying. It’s inevitable that those who keep on with what they are doing will accomplish more and more. You can’t really unlearn – or become worse at what you are doing. The natural flow of life is that the more you work at something, the better you will become at it. Besides, you should be enjoying the process while you’re at it.

And for those of us older folks, don’t give up on your dreams either, keep learning things that interest you and expand your horizons. It may be too late to be a football star, but it’s never too late to enjoy some portion of what you love. Find an aspect of the thing you enjoy and then learn all you can about it! And don’t think you have to stick to one thing, if you have several interests, then I bet you’ll take pleasure in learning more about all of them.

So here we go in the spirit of celebrating all types of education is a list some famous and not so famous, though interesting, Autodidacts.


Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863_en.wikipedia.orgAbraham Lincoln, lawyer, U.S. president. Finished one year of formal schooling, self-taught himself trigonometry, and read Blackstone on his own to become a lawyer. Read more:

Andrew Jackson, U.S. president, general, attorney, judge, congressman.Imacon Color Scanner Home-schooled. Became a practicing attorney by the age of 35 – without a formal education. Read more:

8882433779_70093b7bbb_b_flickr.comAlbert Einstein, physicist. Yes: the man whose name now equates to “genius”; who published more than 300 scientific papers; the man behind E=MC2; the man who came up with the theory of relativity; and the man who won a Nobel prize—was in fact a high school dropout. He attempted to get into university, but initially failed the entrance exams. Read more:


View_of_Astronaut_John_Glenn_in_his_Mercury_pressure_suit_de.wikipedia.orgJohn Glenn became a war hero and one of the most famous astronauts in history, despite being a college dropout. Read more:

Frank Lloyd Wright, the most influential architect of the twentieth century. Never attended high school. Read more:

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