Colville School Board Positions Available

There are three Colville school board positions available at this time. These positions are up for election – so the school board can’t just put in anyone they want. These positions are available for the community to vote in this November. We are urging anyone who wants to run for the school board to please apply for these.
There is a very tight timeline to apply:
May 1st through May 19th you can apply online
May 15 through May 19th you can apply in person.
After May 19th – you will not be able to apply – so make sure you apply NOW before it is too late.
We hope you can see the absolute opportunity we have here. With three school board positions up at the same time, we have the opportunity to overturn the votes from this school board and put the school district in the direction we want to turn it to. For so long this school board has been going against what the people of this community want – we need to act now to take our schools back.
There is a map in the Aster Elementary Building where you can see what district you would be able to apply. You can only apply for the district you live in.
Aster Elementary
217 S. Hofstetter
Colville WA 99114
I was told that it is free to apply – so we would rather you apply now and drop out later than to not get your application for candidacy in.
Here is the link to apply:
You can also go down to the courthouse and talk to the elections office there.
The three districts you can apply for are:
District 3
District 4
District 5
Here are some photo’s I took of the map – though they are not very good. Wouldn’t you know, the school district used to have the map online, but they took it down. Go figure.
Zone 3 is red, zone 4 is green and zone 5 is purple.
Here is a close up of zone 3
Please spread the word to apply now so that we can get the candidates in office that this community wants instead of having the school board always putting in people behind our backs.
We will help candidates by posting them on our web page if they would like. We reserve the right to post candidates we stand behind but not necessarily all candidates.