******* LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! *******

THE Colville School District LIED!!!!!!!

Transgender Policy in Full Effect NOW!

The school board said they would table the transgender policy until the Nondiscrimination Task Force came to a conclusion. That was a complete lie!

It was brought to our attention during the Nondiscrimination Task Force that there is already a transgender individual using the bathroom of the opposite genitalia at the Colville Junior High School.

Make no mistake. The proposed transgender policy 3211p that the board claimed to table is currently in full force and effect in the Colville School District.

What can we do now?

1. Board meeting tonight 6:00pm

Aster Elementary building, 217 S. Hofstetter, Colville

Come voice your concerns again because apparently they weren’t listening to you the first time!

2. Protect your children. Contact every school that any of your children attend. Demand that your children be allowed to use the faculty bathrooms starting immediately. Make sure that you state that the only bathroom you want your children to use is the private faculty bathrooms, and that they be allowed complete privacy during the usage. I would also suggest that you put it in writing so that there is no question as to what it is you are requesting.

If any child has an accident at school, is reprimanded for being late for a class because of bathroom usage, or misses any part of their education because of this, then the district is discriminating against or denying your child’s education, personal safety and/or medical needs.

3. Fill out a privacy form for every one of your children and hand it in to the school district immediately. Linked here. After you get to the page, click on “US (Non California) Students” to download the document.

When we fill out the privacy form, then the school is legally liable for any incidents that happen to our children on school property.

4. We as a community can boycott every community school bathroom. Whenever you go to a school district function, insist that you use the faculty bathroom. Line up at the bathroom even if you don’t have to go and make a scene every time you go in to the school district. Any sporting event needs to have the faculty bathroom available for use for every member of the public at all times. They cannot deny it to us.

6 comments on “******* LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! *******

  1. You honestly believed they didn’t pass this under our noaes?? After the meeting o felt they had made up their minds already, they just weren’t going to vote it in, in front of a bunch of angry and upset parents and grandparents!
    Make no mistake I am against this 100%, but anyone that attended had to know after listening to MR LEWIS, that they already planned to

  2. Oh geez, just ask the school to make more stalls in the bathrooms. There is already privacy for the girls bathrooms. I am a mom too and I have a daughter who at this time she feels that she is a transgender. Next you are going to demand that the gay boys and girls not be allowed to use the bathrooms, because they might look at the other children. Transgender are not attracted to the sex they feel like, so get off your high horses.

  3. I cannot believe you. This time you’ve gone too far. If you and your narrow-minded group want to fight amongst yourselves, go ahead, but HOW…DARE…YOU single out a child to the whole community. I have seethed silently to myself for months about your hatred toward the school board and their work on this transgender policy. I will be silent no more. My family and I plan to visit both the Junior High and the High School to let them know that we are proud of the work they are doing to ensure that EVERYONE knows they are welcome at Colville Public Schools!

    • I want to make it clear that the school board is the entity that singled out this child. The rest of the community is willing to allow the child to live in peace, but the school district has put this child on a pedestal, granted them special privileges and in doing so removed privacy rights, security and safety from every other student.

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