STAND against the Transgender Rule/Law Now in Effect for all Washington State

Picking LockIf bureaucrats want to get something done that they know the public doesn’t want, they have to sneak around and do it behind our backs. That’s what happened. Like a thief at night, the rule/law was placed into effect by the Human Rights Commission and the OSPI Equity and Civil Rights Office behind closed doors and behind everybody’s backs. It was NOT passed by our legislators (although they did foolishly give the Human Rights Commission the authority to do this).


Text of New Human Rights Commission rule/law WAC 162-32

The text is difficult to find because it was passed by a committee, not the legislature and it is not on the government WAC pages yet. Here are a few links to the text of the rule/law:

Permanent Rules Human Rights Commission

Proposed Rules Human Rights Commission

Restroom Access



Here are links that have been extremely helpful to us with information and assistance for the people who are against this rule/law:

Advocates of Natural Rights  are helping us to fight this issue in Washington state.

Family Policy Institute – this link includes an article about the new rule/law.

Alliance Defending Freedom is helping us fight this issue nationally.



There are a few things we can do now:

1. Contact your legislators and ask them to repeal it.

2. Sign a privacy statement for your children and give it to the school. Go to the Pacific Justice Institute  and click on “US (Non-California) Students US Notice of Privacy

There you will find a form to fill out and turn in to your school district. This will provide your school with the responsibility of maintaining your child’s privacy rights regardless of any other laws. The form looks like this:

Notice of Privacy


It’s time that we the people stand up for our rights as a group. We have a lot more power than we think we do. If we stand alone, we may fail, if we stand together, we are a powerful force that they will have to deal with. That’s why the Colville School Board is always trying to shut us down as a group. We need to show them that we stand together and will not back down on this issue.

It’s time to tell them that our rights are more important than their issues. This one is for OUR children. It’s time for us to help our own children instead of expecting others to do it for us, because after all this time of trusting them, they have now become extremely UN-trustworthy.


We are still working to set up a parents meeting to be held shortly. We are looking for a facility to hold the meeting, once we find a building, we can set up a date and time. If anyone has any suggestions for a meeting place. Please let us know.

Contact us here:

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