Colville Community Meeting on Transgender Issue in our Schools

This is a community meeting for the people to speak freely in opposition to the transgender issue. It is being set up by concerned parents.

When we set up our last meeting, we had very few people let us know they wanted to attend, so we cancelled it. Now we are asking for input before we set up the meeting, so we can better prepare.

We are planning to set a date for the second week in February – February 8 through 12 and we are thinking a good time will be between 6 and 8pm. It would really help if people contact us to let us know the days and times they could attend. If only a few people want to attend, we will set it up in a smaller location than if a lot of people want to attend.

Please contact us at or on our colvilleparents facebook page

******* LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! *******

THE Colville School District LIED!!!!!!!

Transgender Policy in Full Effect NOW!

The school board said they would table the transgender policy until the Nondiscrimination Task Force came to a conclusion. That was a complete lie!

It was brought to our attention during the Nondiscrimination Task Force that there is already a transgender individual using the bathroom of the opposite genitalia at the Colville Junior High School.

Make no mistake. The proposed transgender policy 3211p that the board claimed to table is currently in full force and effect in the Colville School District.

What can we do now?

1. Board meeting tonight 6:00pm

Aster Elementary building, 217 S. Hofstetter, Colville

Come voice your concerns again because apparently they weren’t listening to you the first time!

2. Protect your children. Contact every school that any of your children attend. Demand that your children be allowed to use the faculty bathrooms starting immediately. Make sure that you state that the only bathroom you want your children to use is the private faculty bathrooms, and that they be allowed complete privacy during the usage. I would also suggest that you put it in writing so that there is no question as to what it is you are requesting.

If any child has an accident at school, is reprimanded for being late for a class because of bathroom usage, or misses any part of their education because of this, then the district is discriminating against or denying your child’s education, personal safety and/or medical needs.

3. Fill out a privacy form for every one of your children and hand it in to the school district immediately. Linked here. After you get to the page, click on “US (Non California) Students” to download the document.

When we fill out the privacy form, then the school is legally liable for any incidents that happen to our children on school property.

4. We as a community can boycott every community school bathroom. Whenever you go to a school district function, insist that you use the faculty bathroom. Line up at the bathroom even if you don’t have to go and make a scene every time you go in to the school district. Any sporting event needs to have the faculty bathroom available for use for every member of the public at all times. They cannot deny it to us.

Some Good News and a Call for Help

Here is the wording of the bill to fix the transgender bathroom rule. We need to keep flooding Olympia with our phone calls and emails! If you haven’t already called the legislative hotline to voice your concerns, please do so at 800-562-6000. You can also email your legislators using the following link:

Don’t think you are without worth in this battle. We have heard from our legislature, and they welcome your help through calls, emails and prayers. They tell us prayers are very helpful.

We can make a difference, every one of us – don’t give up hope.

Colville Parents Meeting February 3, 2016 6 – 8pm

Announcing a Colville Parents meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd at the Colville High School Cafeteria from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

We will be holding an open and very informal meeting for all concerned citizens of the Colville School District in regards to the new transgender policy as well as any other Colville School related issues. Although this is a Colville Parents meeting – we invite any and all people from outside Colville to attend and, in fact, we encourage your presence and input.

Please note – this is NOT a Colville School District function, this is a meeting put together by the concerned parents and citizens of our community.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

– Give the community a place to have an open, respectful discussion regarding the new transgender rule.

– Idea Exchange: Brainstorm options and discuss possible solutions – learn what the people in our community want and are willing to do on this issue.

– Bring and share all information that you feel will be useful or helpful to others. If you have the ability to print out paperwork, we will have a sharing table set up. If you can’t print, then we still would like you to bring the information so that we can find a way to share it.

– Questions, answers, comments, discussions. It may be that there are more questions than answers at this time, but we are hoping with enough people sharing, we will be able to find answers together.

– Gather and share contact information for anyone who wishes to do so.

Rough Schedule:

6:00 – 6:15 Meet and greet and make connections.

6:15 – 6:25 A short update regarding the transgender rule and how it affects our community and our schools.

6:25 – Open discussion with our community. We will give each person who wants to speak time to speak. We want to keep the conversation moving along and to get as many people speaking as possible, so we ask that the comments be brief.

7:50 – Clean up, return chairs and tables. (We only have the room reserved until 8:00)

We would like to keep the discussion mainly about the transgender issue. We welcome questions along with any ideas or solutions people may have.

Task Force: We are hoping that at least one person chosen for the Colville School Board Nondiscrimination Task Force will be in attendance and be able to update our community and gather information they can share with the Task Force at the next meeting.

RSVP: In an attempt to know how many people might be in attendance, we would like people to let us know if they plan to attend. You can contact

Scott or Lynette Martin at:

or on our colvilleparents facebook page

If you have any information or suggestions for the meeting, please let us know.

Thank you.

STAND against the Transgender Rule/Law Now in Effect for all Washington State

Picking LockIf bureaucrats want to get something done that they know the public doesn’t want, they have to sneak around and do it behind our backs. That’s what happened. Like a thief at night, the rule/law was placed into effect by the Human Rights Commission and the OSPI Equity and Civil Rights Office behind closed doors and behind everybody’s backs. It was NOT passed by our legislators (although they did foolishly give the Human Rights Commission the authority to do this).


Text of New Human Rights Commission rule/law WAC 162-32

The text is difficult to find because it was passed by a committee, not the legislature and it is not on the government WAC pages yet. Here are a few links to the text of the rule/law:

Permanent Rules Human Rights Commission

Proposed Rules Human Rights Commission

Restroom Access



Here are links that have been extremely helpful to us with information and assistance for the people who are against this rule/law:

Advocates of Natural Rights  are helping us to fight this issue in Washington state.

Family Policy Institute – this link includes an article about the new rule/law.

Alliance Defending Freedom is helping us fight this issue nationally.



There are a few things we can do now:

1. Contact your legislators and ask them to repeal it.

2. Sign a privacy statement for your children and give it to the school. Go to the Pacific Justice Institute  and click on “US (Non-California) Students US Notice of Privacy

There you will find a form to fill out and turn in to your school district. This will provide your school with the responsibility of maintaining your child’s privacy rights regardless of any other laws. The form looks like this:

Notice of Privacy


It’s time that we the people stand up for our rights as a group. We have a lot more power than we think we do. If we stand alone, we may fail, if we stand together, we are a powerful force that they will have to deal with. That’s why the Colville School Board is always trying to shut us down as a group. We need to show them that we stand together and will not back down on this issue.

It’s time to tell them that our rights are more important than their issues. This one is for OUR children. It’s time for us to help our own children instead of expecting others to do it for us, because after all this time of trusting them, they have now become extremely UN-trustworthy.


We are still working to set up a parents meeting to be held shortly. We are looking for a facility to hold the meeting, once we find a building, we can set up a date and time. If anyone has any suggestions for a meeting place. Please let us know.

Contact us here: