December 16, 2015 School Board Meeting Transcripts – Part 1

*** Agenda Item 1.01 Pledge of Allegiance ***

President Green: Let’s call the meeting to order. Would you all rise for The Pledge of Allegiance. Remove your hats, turn off your cell phones.

Audience Recites The Pledge of Allegiance

*** Agenda Item 2.01 Oath of Office ***

Superintendent Lewis: We have three board members that were elected and we need to swear you into office. Should I do this individually, or would you like me to do this all together?

(They decide they would prefer all together)

Superintendent Lewis: Some of these sentences are long, so we’ll go in order here and have you speak your names as we go, so if you would please raise your right hand.

Mr. Lewis and Board Members recite oath:

“I, Sid Green, Sarah Newman, Krista Ohrtman, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and laws of the state of Washington. That I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of the Colville School District number 115 Board of Directors as such duties are prescribed by law to the best of my abilities. “

Superintendent Lewis: District …

President Green: One

Superintendent Lewis: District …

Director Newman: Two

Superintendent Lewis: And district …

Director Ohrtman: Three

Superintendent Lewis: Congratulations.


*** Agenda Item 3.01 Agenda/Recognition ***

President Sid Green: Dr. Sumner is running about five minutes late. He’ll be here in a couple of minutes.

Ok. Agenda. Changes, Corrections, Additions to the Agenda? (Silence from other members.) Alright. Agenda stands approved as is.

Ok. Recognition of public comments. If you want to make a public comment, fill out the card, make sure that (inaudible). I see that we have evening and to let you know that if you are speaking here on policy 3211 on transgender students, we are willing to hear from you on this topic if you did not speak at the last meeting on November 18th. If you spoke at the last board meeting and have a desire to speak on another topic, you are welcome to do so. The board is not going to discuss or take action on this policy at this meeting. We will wait to hear back from the superintendent’s Non-Discriminatory Task Force before moving forward. I would anticipate it would be several months at the soonest before this happens. There is an application process with that force. Look for it on the district website if you want to fill it out, but we are absolutely not going to discuss the transgender program or policy at all tonight. Ok?

*** Agenda Item 4.01 Presentation of Minutes ***

Alright. Minutes. November 18, 2015 regular school board meeting, any corrections or additions? (Pauses to hear from other board members. None speak.) Ok, minutes stand approved as is.

(As a note to the readers – the school board just approved the public comments from the November meeting. Below is a screen shot of the entirety of what the minutes reflect of the 3 hours we spoke last month.)

Nov mtg minutes clip

*** Agenda Item 5.01 Reorganization of the Board ***

President Green: Ok. Nominations for president of the board. Nominations are now open for president.

Director Moore: I’d like to nominate Director Green.

Director Newman: I second.

President Green: Any other nominations? Ok, it has been moved and seconded to nominate Sid Green for president. It’s a roll call vote. Sarah Newman.

Director Newman: Aye.

President Green: Sid Green.

President Green: Aye.

President Green: Krista Ohrtman.

Director Ohrtman: Aye.

President Green: Sandy … Moore.

Director Moore: (Giggling) Don’t forget my name. Aye.

President Green: Ok, Passes 4-0. Nominations for vice president are now open. Do I hear a nomination?

Director Moore: Well, I’d like to nominate myself (inaudible). Can I do that?

President Green: We have a nomination for Sandy Moore. Second?

Director Newman: I second.

President Green: Ok, it’s been moved and seconded. Roll call vote, Sarah.

Director Newman: Aye.

President Green: Sid.

President Green: Aye.

President Green: Krista.

Director Ohrtman: Aye.

President Green: Sandy.

Director Moore: Aye.

President Green: You are now the vice president.

Director Moore: Alright.

*** Agenda Item 6.01 Programs/Awards/Recognition/Public Comments ***

President Green: Ok, public comments. Since we can’t get to the podium, just stand up where you are at, tell us your name and your address and we’ll start with Sue Bray. Oh yeah, and keep your comments to three minutes.

(Note: The room was so crowded, that people were unable to walk to the podium, so it was difficult to get photo’s of them. Several secretaries of the Colville School District attended the meeting and stood up together during this speech. Once again I am very sorry for any wrong names or mis-spellings, I will be happy to correct them if you contact me.)

Sue Bray

1. Sue Bray: My name is Sue Bray and thank you for this opportunity to speak tonight. I am the Co-President of the Colville CAEOP which stands for  Colville Association of Educational Office Professionals. We represent 10 secretaries working for the district. Our workload has grown substantially over the last several years. We are the front line for students and families when they walk through our doors each day, we continue to touch and make an impact on people’s lives each day with just a smile, saying a kind word, or by just looking to their needs.

We take care of staff needs, no matter how small they might be. We cover classrooms as needed for teachers on a short basis or bathroom break. We dispense medications for those students who need them everyday. Not to mention taking care of any cuts, scrapes or sick students who walk into our office. We start each day tending all the needs of students, parents and staff. As administrators and staff alike have said that without us our buildings would fall apart. We are the glue that keeps everything together.

As of this year we have been working for the same wages for the last seven years. That was at least understandable when our state and country was in a severe recession and the district funding was cut or frozen. Those days are over. The state economy has recovered a great deal, we are no longer in a recession. As some have said, the tide was going out, but is now coming back in. The tide is coming back in for teachers in the Colville school district. State funding for the district has been increased by almost $1.3 million or 10.8 percent for this year.

Maintenance and Operations funding has been increased by about $547,000 or over 40 percent for this year. We wish the legislators or legislature had funded more of the cost of living increases that they suspended for six years. Instead, they only funded a total of three percent for the next two years, however, they have dramatically increased state funding for the district operations by over 40 percent. In effect, they must give to us (inaudible) bargaining, additional wage increases from those times and try to catch up at least partially with inflation.

We know that some of the funds should be used to restore programs and services that were cut during the recession, but at least some of those funds should go to restoring our wages. We have been offered a very small increase above state funded core, which would still leave us almost 10 percent behind the wages we earned in 2008. If those wages were fair and reasonable in 2008, almost 10 percent less would no longer be fair and reasonable. We are being asked to

(3 Minute timer rings)

Was that your ringer?

President Green: Mmm-hmm.

Sue Bray: Can I …

(crosstalk between directors)

Sue Bray: We have been unable to come to an agreement with the bargaining team and are about to begin mediation through the State Public Employment Relations Commission. It is now time to show us that we are valued and respected. We urge you to negotiate with us for a fair and substantial increase in our wages so that we can all get on with our jobs and continue to serve the students and the community that we love.

President Green: Thank you Sue. If you want to leave, you can go if you want – if you don’t want to stay for the meeting.

Director Moore: It’s up to you (giggles).

President Green: It’s up to you.

Ok. Mr. Martin.

With no room for people to get to the podium, this is the view of the cameraman.

With no room for people to get to the podium, this is the view of the cameraman.

2. Scott Martin: Hi, Mr. Martin from Colville.

Director Moore: We need an address. Please.

Scott Martin: (recites address) I want to clear up a few things regarding the transgender policy. There is no local state or federal law that requires this.

(Board is engaged in quiet conversation) May I get the boards attention please? Thank you.

There are no existing decisions by state courts, federal district courts in Washington, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, or the US Supreme Court. There is nothing that would require a transgender policy to be enacted. Nothing. The Board should vote no on it and move on.

But I’m not here to talk about the stupid policy. I’m here to talk about something more troubling. This Board and our Superintendent’s actions over the last few months. Let me start by saying they work for us. They are entrusted with our tax dollars, the education of our children, and most importantly, they are entrusted with the safety and morality of our kids. If they lie, misinform, intentionally hide anything, fail to inform us properly of any of those functions, then you should question whether they are fit to serve any further.

Did they inform the public of this policy and procedure and work to involve the public?

No. They voted 5-0 and never once tried to involve the public.

When they realized how many people were going to show up for a meeting, did they reach out to the public?

No. They hired a lawyer to distance themselves from us at a cost of almost $8,000.

When they found out that we were upset about their procedure, did they work with us and try to include us?

No. They vowed to never let the public see a procedure at a board meeting again.

When more than 50 people spoke for close to three hours, did they acknowledge their existence in the meeting minutes that they just approved?

No. All they said in the minutes was quote, The board took public comment … from a number of citizens. That’s all that’s reflected in the meeting minutes.

And here tonight, knowing full well that people would show up wanting to talk about policy, did they put it on the agenda as a discussion item?

Noooo. Because if they put it on the agenda, they would have to talk about it.

With state test scores for this district hovering around 50 percent failure rate, have they reached out to the public to fix this?

No. But they had time to create two new policies and re-write 11 others. Oh yeah, and write secret procedures for all of them.

So now I ask you, do you feel these people are working in the best interest of your children and you and your tax dollars? I say no, I think it’s clear they are working on their own agenda.

Thank you.


Audience Member: Amen

(Continued applause)

Audience Member: I think that should get a standing ovation.

President Green: Allen?

Allen3. Allen: Recites address.

Director Moore: Name please.

Allen: (Speaks name, but I can’t spell it). You school board members all took an oath to serve this school district, not to overrule over it. Take a good look at these people here. You have to face these people that elected you to serve them. You all make your living here, NOT in Olympia.

The overwhelming majority of these people want this proposed policy tabled permanently. If you decide to turn against these people and serve Olympia, these people will, I repeat, WILL turn against you. You will have shown yourselves not worthy to represent us any longer.

Audience Member: (Speaking softly) Amen.

Allen: We will do everything in our power to replace you with qualified people whose hearts are in Colville, not in Olympia. So you have to decide if you are going to serve the good people of Colville, or the corrupt establishment Olympia.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing, and we here in Colville are going to do everything within our power to replace you if you decide to serve new masters in Olympia.

Audience Member: (Speaking softly) Amen.

Allen: When you change the meaning of a word, you change the direction of a whole nation. You can kill or murder a baby as long as it’s called a fetus.

The definition of the word gender is and always will be the sex of an individual, either male or female, nothing in between.

My daughter who is a counselor for troubled youth says that they either have an inney or an outey. Not both, or anything in between.

The vehicle you drove up here tonight is either a straight stick or an automatic. It is not both, or something in between.

So the word transgender is a mute issue, it is still gender, one or the other, male or female. So what we really have here is a transmission problem, not a transgender problem.

(Soft laughter from audience)

They either have an inney or an outey, not both or something in between, as my daughter says.

So if you school board members see something other than a male or female in this issue, you will have to prove to the people in the Colville school district that you are not fit to serve us any longer, and you will be replaced.

I have carried this quote from Martin Niemöller in my pocket for 25 years, and this is what he said,

“In Germany they came first for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was Protestents. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up.”

We’re speaking up tonight.

Audience: Amen! (applause) Hallelujah brother!

President Green: (Rapping Gavel … Rapping Gavel) They’ll be no Applause. They’ll be no cat calling, this is public comments.

Allen: He spent 7 years in a German prison for speaking out against …

President Green: It’s been three minutes.

Allen: Oh. Alright.

Audience Member: (Speaking Softly) Sounds like a kangaroo court here.

President Green: Scott Simon.

Scott Simmons4. Scott Simmons: Simmons. (Recites name and address).

President Green: Where?

Scott Simmons: Inchelium, Washington. I’m the founding director of Advocates of Natural Rights put together to deal with the issue that you’re facing, and additionally, I have four grandchildren here in your district.

I’m not going to speak about that issue tonight. I’ll honor your desire not to talk about that, but I do want to talk about the apparent change in procedure where you are no longer going to allow procedures that your school is going to be implementing to be viewed by the public at a Board hearing. That’s problematic at best in that if you are not reviewing the procedures that your staff and administration are going to be utilizing, and doing so deliberately, it creates potential liability for the Board individually for negligent oversight.

Audience Member: (Speaking softly) Amen.

Scott Simmons: Additionally, if you are viewing them, not in a public forum/hearing and approving them passively outside of the public process, then we have open meeting procedures issues. So prior tonight to adopting, passing, first reading any of those policies that do have accompanying procedures to go with them, I would respectfully suggest that you consult with your attorney about those two points before doing so.

Superintendent Lewis: Let’s address that. The Board has always had responsibility to vote on and pass policy. Procedure comes from administration. Policy … procedures are not accompanying those policies tonight to clear up any confusion, because at the last Board meeting, it was mentioned, that if that procedure there – that they are approving both, then in essence, the Board does not have – it’s not their responsibility to approve the procedure. Procedures are adjusted and modified on a regular basis, and looked at and worked with administration as well as council, and also come to us from the Washington State School Directors Association (WSSDA).

Scott Simmons: I am familiar with procedures that come from WSSDA. I just wanted to point out that historically this Board has approved those procedures and moving away from that process right now does absolutely nothing to try and deal with what happened last month.

Superintendent Lewis: I can only speak for the last 14 – 15 months, and during that time, they have not approved procedures, they have seen procedures, but they have not approved them, they have approved policy.

Scott Simmons: I believe the blanket votes two months ago did, and the one that approved the first time approved it in your minutes.

Superintendent Lewis: … about for policy. But the way the agenda was written showed that the procedure was with it. So to eliminate that confusion, we are trying to clear that up.

Scott Simmons: Thank you. It’s your choice.

President Green: Thank you. Eric.

Eric Schweitzer5. Eric Schweitzer: (Recites address). The editor of our local reality distortion rag, The Statesman Examiner,

(soft laughter)

Eric Schweitzer: seems to think that we were nothing more than a hockey crowd. Bombastic and lacked common sense, like we were all over zealous and overwrought all because we choose not to trust this School Board’s decision on this transgender matter. That we need to trust the process, not our fear and loathing of public officials. All of this coming from someone who wasn’t even there at the meeting. He felt justified with ramblings concerning his bathroom etiquette that had absolutely nothing to do with our rightful indignation due to the lack of transparency from this board, including his blatant blasphemy in our God and mocking those of us of Christian faith because we refuse to throw our kids under the political correctness bus and allow this obvious liberal agenda to go any further.

We’re not a bunch of myopic morons as the editor would have you believe. Quite the opposit. We’re parents and grand parents who love our kids, our God and His precepts in Holy scripture. We care enough to want to be a part of our kids lives, their emotional stability and doing our best to teach them integrity, and the value of life and to love others – even those who may be different than them. How to be kind to everyone along the way in life.

Last meeting there were some students who bravely stood up and said boldly, they do not want any transgender boys in their shower rooms. PERIOD! And we as their parents, we as taxpayers agreed with them one hundred percent! This is not what our kids need for their emotional stability at this time in their lives. This will only open the doors for further nonsense down the road. What’s next? Muslim prayer rooms with prayer rugs provided freely? Maybe our liberal editor can pay for them.

Stop using our kids as political pawns to further your liberal agenda and pet projects, and proving grounds for your own means. You’ve stepped on a land mine on this issue, and I would humbly advise you to think clearly of your next steps and to LISTEN to what we, the parents are telling you. See we are not ASKING you, we are TELLING YOU. Ok – as well as the students that were here. No means NO! We’re not giving in an inch on this, so don’t discuss options, or building another bathroom, or separate shower stalls et cetera.

We’re not having it shoved down our throats any longer. This entire notion that boys turn into girls is nothing more than demonic deception at best. And not a single person here personally attacked any transgender, only the process.

I for one could care less what the Board, the Superintendent, your lawyer, or even the local editor think of me personally. I will only warn you that my God will not be mocked. He doesn’t make mistakes, nor does he apologize for your confusion on these matters, nor of your ignorance of His holy word. If you choose to do so, He will mock you when your fear comes.

Final thought. You move forward on this to your own detriment. How can we possibly respect or honor any unGodly proposal as this made by the Board. It won’t happen. You pass this and you will be replaced at the next election or sooner.

Audience Collectively: Amen


President Green: We’re not doing the applause thing. This is not a review or something like that, this is serious stuff so … Russ

Audience Member: That’s why we’re here.

Russell Bolton6. Russell Bolton: (States address)

Director Moore: Is he speaking about the policy because he spoke last time.

(Director Moore and President Green speak quietly to each other)

NOTE: This is clear intimidation by Director Moore, they cannot stop the public from commenting on whatever issue they bring up during public comments.

Russell Bolton: I just want to point out some facts. I want to bring out RCW 28A.150.211 that’s out of the educational part of the RCW’s in our state. It’s a section called Values and Traits Recognized. I’m going to read right from it, and I quote:

The legislature also recognizes that certain basic values and character traits are essential to individual liberty, fulfillment, and happiness. However, these values and traits are not intended to be assessed or be standards for graduation. The legislature intends that local communities have the responsibility for determining how these values and character traits are learned as determined by consensus at the local level. These values and traits include the importance of:
(1) Honesty, integrity, and trust;
(2) Respect for self and others;
(3) Responsibility for personal actions and commitments;
(4) Self-discipline and moderation;
(5) Diligence and a positive work ethic;
(6) Respect for law and authority;
(7) Healthy and positive behavior; and
(8) Family as the basis of society.

That’s the end of that part of the RCW – that section.

It was the lawful intention of the Washington state legislature that the people of Colville and every local community determine the values and moral traditions of the local education system. This is in keeping with the mandate of law and article 1 section 1 of the Washington state constitution which guarantees that people retain all political power over their elected government.

United States law also reiterates this fact in its fiduciary requirements for elected and appointed public servants. This is publicized in the 63 am jurisprudence manual 2nd edition under public officers and employees section 247 if you care to do some more research on it.

In short, every public official and or servant has a fiduciary duty to their principal – which is the public, the people – and to violate this federal duty under oath is a felony and thus, criminal in nature.

If the Board and Superintendent add to the deceptive behavior and false information witnessed at the last meeting on November 18th and insist on forwarding the artificially and fabricated transgender publicly or covertly, then we are prepared to initiate a recall according to RCW 29A.56.160

There is no such entity and a transgender, however, they are socially engineered to confuse children who have been falsely educated and have no real leadership in their lives. The word gender still carries the same definition it always has; male or female, there is nothing else.

What is truly taking place here is a much larger agenda stemming from the west side of this state in the form of a socially and politically motivated attack on the traditional American moral values of Eastern Washington. Targeting a larger role of school districts scrupulously using children as political weapons in their own community with the goal of political dynamic change.

President Green: Taps Gavel (Russel went 7 seconds over his time limit)


James: Me?

President Green: James?

James7. James: Yeah. (States address) Probably not on the agenda too. I am appalled that we are even talking about this policy. It stinks to high heaven. This transgender is the worst child abuse ever. People that promote this should go out and get counseling or go to the jailhouse. This is pedophiles garbage. You cannot change God’s design. If that person is a male, he’s always a male. If that person is a woman, she’s always a woman.

You are putting that child in danger, and ruining this person’s life. You cannot change the DNA period. That person is still a male or that person is still a female. Any nation that has promoted this has never survived, they have always went down. This garbage has always brought judgement on that nation and/or that person. You cannot and will not escape His judgement. Whether good or bad, this law has worked all the time.

If that parent wants a daughter, they should have tried another one; not changed the son into a female. It don’t work. This is for homosexuals and pedophiles. End of story.

President Green: Ok. (Said speakers name – but I am withholding it for privacy).

Note the directors disrespect of the speaker by looking away and not paying attention to her.

Note the directors disrespect of the speaker by looking away and not paying attention to her.

NOTE: Before the meeting, President Green tried to inform this speaker that she would not be allowed to speak if it was about the transgender policy, but by filling in the form, and handing it into the board, they were forced to let her speak.

8. Speaker #8: Thank you for letting me speak. I direct this to everyone in the room.

Director Moore: Name and address please.

Speaker #8: (States name and address) I direct this to everyone in the room. If you have never been raped, you don’t know what it’s like. But if you have you know what it’s like. Do not put your child in jeopardy.

Audience Member: (Speaking softly) That’s right.

Speaker #8: If you (pointing to board) as a grandfather, you maybe as a father, you as a mother – would you let your children go into a situation where there is a possibility that it could happen. Would you want that?

Would you comfort that child because you allowed them to go in there because you placed a law for them to be hurt?

Audience Member: (Speaking softly) Amen.

Speaker #8: It is not normal. It is not right. The only thing I can say is I pray that the good Lord will touch your heart to understand the safety of our children.

I know what it’s like to be raped. I had no one. But would you be there if it was your grand daughter? Would you be there for your daughter or your son? Think about what you are doing to create our world after you’re gone.

It’s our children that we want to have integrity, honor, respect, dignity, kindness. All of us want to be kind. But this kind of thing that you are incorporating or wanting to incorporate, or wanting to allow, instead of standing up and being an American and saying no.

My brother died for this country. He put his life on the line for my grand daughters to live a good, healthy, clean life. To become successful. To be kind. To be encouraging. But if you allow this and go on your own conscience, I an tell you you are going to pay for it in some form or another.

Audience Collectively: Amen

President Green: Ok, last one. Nick Harris

Nick Harris: I spoke at the last meeting, I’ll stay out of this one.

NOTE: It appears that because of pressure by the Board, this person was silenced.

*** Agenda Item 7.01 Policies First Reading ***

President Green: Alright, let’s move on to 7.01 Policy’s First Readings. Any questions, changes, additions that anyone wants to bring up?

Director Moore: No Sid, I’ll hold my comments until later.

NOTE: This is a potential open meeting violation. Director Moore does not want her comments made in a public meeting because that will put them on public record. THIS IS A POSSIBLE OPEN MEETING VIOLATION.

President Green: Rob?

Director Sumner: (Whispers too quietly for audience to hear.)

NOTE: Director Sumner whispers quietly to the board so the audience cannot hear. THIS IS A POSSIBLE OPEN MEETING VIOLATION.

President Green: Sarah?

Director Newman: (Speaks too quietly for audience to hear.)

NOTE: Director Newman whispers quietly to the board so the audience cannot hear. THIS IS A POSSIBLE OPEN MEETING VIOLATION.

President Green: Ok, remember, we are only approving the first reading, you’ve got until next month to go make any kind of changes you want to make and discuss it at the next meeting before we vote on it for approval.

Director Moore: One of the things I asked Pete to make a change to was sometime back we had reviewed the policy (inaudible) and somehow, I think accidentally, the line that we had inserted about economic (inaudible). I think when (inaudible) compared to policy (inaudible).

NOTE: Director Moore is speaking very quietly to the board – she was not easily heard by the audience. THIS IS A POSSIBLE OPEN MEETING VIOLATION.

President Green: In fact

Director Moore: In fact (inaudible) yeah … called to attention. I know we all shared the view that (inaudible).

NOTE: Again speaking quietly to board members THIS IS A POSSIBLE OPEN MEETING VIOLATION.

NOTE: It is not my mistake – there was no audible from President Green asking Director Ohrtman for information, although she may have whispered information to him. THIS IS A POSSIBLE OPEN MEETING VIOLATION.

President Green: Any other questions? I need a motion.

Director Moore: I move that we accept policy’s for first reading.

President Green: Keep in mind in January they will be up for the second reading, so do your homework and go over them if we need to we can table them.

President Green: Do I have a second?

Director Newman: I second.

President Green: It’s been moved and seconded we approve the policies for first reading. All those in favor say aye.

All Directors in Unison: Aye.

President Green: Those opposed?


President Green: Motion Carries 5-0

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