The Letter The Statesmen Examiner would not run!

Over the past six years we have sent letters into the Statesmen Examiner and all but two were printed.  One was rejected for “liability” concerns fair, enough it was a tough letter. The last one was a bit over a year ago.  It was a negative letter about the current Superintendent and the issues in hiring him.  Nothing was a “Liability” issue, it was just Mr. Chris Cowbrough Loved the new Superintendent and refused to print our letter.  In that same paper that our letter would have run Mr. Cowbrough proceeded to insult and defame anyone who had the same views as us.

As a result we started this very Blog!

What follows is an email we just received:

Mr. &Mrs. Martin,

I and many others really appreciate your effort and work.
I am no stranger to these struggles as I have been involved in these same type of political disputes and subversion many times over the past 20+ years.
My training is in Counter Insurgency which is 80% political/social and 20% military conflict. The rules are the same, as subversion is subversion. The tactics being used against the public are based on Counter Intelligence studies and experience of which I am well acquainted.
I submitted a letter to the Statesman Examiner, which normally prints my letters. This time they did not and it was clear that they are supporting the Transgender policy. The editor went out of his way in the paper to deface and disrespect all those who attended and their beliefs.
I have attached the letter that would have informed the public in brief.
As a Marine, I do not believe in defeat, however I have watched over and over traditional American values destroyed because conservative, traditional and Christian American don’t understand the professional tactics that are being employed against them. I pray we will do better with this. You have certainly done a wonderful job of getting information out.
Please see attached.


Transgender Policy: A False Issue

            Having attended the November 18th School Board meeting concerning policy 3211, I was pleased to find that more than 96% of the nearly 300 people in attendance were absolutely opposed to the proposed Transgender policy. A previous meeting had taken place by the Board where all members voted to accept the policy. However, they did not expect such an overwhelming resistance to their attempted coercion of those in attendance.

During the proceedings at least two deceptions and three lies were forwarded by Superintendent Lewis, the Board president and the School attorney. The very fact that the Board desired an attorney to be present at the meeting between the people and those that they elected, is by itself suspicious. It was very obvious to me and others that Attorney Hansen was present to create a false perception of legitimacy for this absurd policy.

The first deception is based on three lies. A question was asked to Mr. Lewis, “why we hadn’t heard about this from other area schools?” He said: “Because they’ve already done it.” Not true, strike one! Secondly, the School attorney told the crowd, that this was required by RCW 28A regarding discrimination. Not true, strike two! Thirdly, the Board President Green proclaimed that it was a State mandate, as did both the attorney and superintendent. Not true, strike three! Only a short time later, Board President Green eluded to a Bill on the Senate floor which would mandate this policy, thus, no Bill was passed as yet giving the policy any enforcement. All three of these public employees lied creating the first deception, “The False Perception of Legitimacy”. This is text book political coercion.

The second deception occurred about 75% of the way through the meeting when Superintendent Lewis realized that the Board was at an impasse with the public. This deception is a professional counter intelligence tactic called, “Flipping the Conversation”. Only a few folks noticed, thus, a great part of the people were drawn into a new conversation that diverted the pressure. The subject was the procedure and implementation of policy 3211. If there is no policy, there is no procedure. Out of this came the idea of a committee of parents to take part in the procedure creation. Another attempted coercion. The meeting ended shortly as the Board under pressure, tabled the issue until December 16th, where-on is the School Christmas concert on the same night. Another devious ploy to reduce attendance.

Why are we letting the School Board use our children as a political tool for an artificially created issue? There is no discrimination, nor any hate in this community for any race, sex or personal belief. If there is any righteous discrimination present, it is against subversive elected servants, state bureaucrats and the creation of emotional crisis that seek to subvert our longstanding morality, customs and culture here in Stevens County. I hope every red blooded, God- honoring American with concern for our families and our future will be in the next meeting on Dec. 16th, to put this rebellion against God and our local dignity down and demand the resignation of the entire board and Mr. Lewis.

Russell Bolton (Addy, WA)

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