Community Alert

It looks like the School Board plans to pass the policy BEFORE they set up a committee. If this happens, they can change the procedures at will no matter what the committee says.

I believe the Board is expecting that very few people will show up at their next board meeting when they plan to pass the policy. This is very typical, people show up for one meeting, voice their concerns and assume the Board will respect those views. The Board then waits till no one is looking and does what they want. It is very important that the people show up and continue to fight this, or it’s going to go through. My view is that this current Board and Superintendent will never stop pushing this one sided agenda.

From my interpretations of the transcripts, the Superintendent will not form a committee until AFTER the policy passes.

Superintendent Lewis: First of all, if the policy passes, then I have an obligation to take that policy and implement that, so I would need to get something put out to the community to build a committee and craft a new procedure as quickly as possible.

Superintendent Lewis: I have – I think I’ve stated very clearly, we will create a committee and we will bring a procedure back, if the policy passes.

Director Sumner: … I am making a motion to table this current policy …

President Green: Ok, we have a motion to table policy 3211. Do I have a second?

As you can see, the Board voted to table the policy, NOT to form a committee.

Please show up at the next board meeting,

December 16, 2015 at 6pm

in the Aster Elementary School Building.

Even though the meeting will be during the school district Christmas Choir concerts, it’s important that people show up. If you can’t attend, and would like your statement entered for the record, please send an email or letter to me at ColvilleParents@yahoo.com and I will make sure they are presented to the Board during the official public meeting.

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