December 16, 2015 School Board Meeting Transcripts – Part 1

*** Agenda Item 1.01 Pledge of Allegiance ***

President Green: Let’s call the meeting to order. Would you all rise for The Pledge of Allegiance. Remove your hats, turn off your cell phones.

Audience Recites The Pledge of Allegiance

*** Agenda Item 2.01 Oath of Office ***

Superintendent Lewis: We have three board members that were elected and we need to swear you into office. Should I do this individually, or would you like me to do this all together?

(They decide they would prefer all together)

Superintendent Lewis: Some of these sentences are long, so we’ll go in order here and have you speak your names as we go, so if you would please raise your right hand.

Mr. Lewis and Board Members recite oath:

“I, Sid Green, Sarah Newman, Krista Ohrtman, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and laws of the state of Washington. That I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of the Colville School District number 115 Board of Directors as such duties are prescribed by law to the best of my abilities. “

Superintendent Lewis: District …

President Green: One

Superintendent Lewis: District …

Director Newman: Two

Superintendent Lewis: And district …

Director Ohrtman: Three

Superintendent Lewis: Congratulations.


*** Agenda Item 3.01 Agenda/Recognition ***

President Sid Green: Dr. Sumner is running about five minutes late. He’ll be here in a couple of minutes.

Ok. Agenda. Changes, Corrections, Additions to the Agenda? (Silence from other members.) Alright. Agenda stands approved as is.

Ok. Recognition of public comments. If you want to make a public comment, fill out the card, make sure that (inaudible). I see that we have evening and to let you know that if you are speaking here on policy 3211 on transgender students, we are willing to hear from you on this topic if you did not speak at the last meeting on November 18th. If you spoke at the last board meeting and have a desire to speak on another topic, you are welcome to do so. The board is not going to discuss or take action on this policy at this meeting. We will wait to hear back from the superintendent’s Non-Discriminatory Task Force before moving forward. I would anticipate it would be several months at the soonest before this happens. There is an application process with that force. Look for it on the district website if you want to fill it out, but we are absolutely not going to discuss the transgender program or policy at all tonight. Ok? Continue reading

December 16 School Board Meeting Summary


Colville School Board Discriminates

Against people speaking out on the Non-Discrimination Policy!

I would like to thank everyone who showed up to endure the abuse by our school board. It was not an easy thing to sit through while the board showed a blatant disrespect and disregard towards the people attending the meeting. Your presence at the meeting was very much appreciated and while the board may not have any respect for us, I certainly have an enormous amount of respect for the people of this community. When we show up in numbers, it absolutely has an effect on the board even though they try to pretend it doesn’t.

The board refused to bring in more chairs for the people standing during the meeting.

The board refused to bring in more chairs for the people standing during the meeting.

Before the meeting started, the police were called. Two officers responded, and joked about the lack of rowdiness of the crowd. They left shortly after arriving.

  1. The meeting was held in a room too small for every attendee to fit into.  With standing room only, many people spilled into the break room and out into the hall where they could neither see or hear the meeting. Some left in disgust which is probably what the board wanted in the first place.
  2. When asked, President Sid Green refused to move to a larger room or to provide more chairs, which were easily available.
  3. There was no microphone, so the speakers were difficult or impossible to hear for those outside the meeting room.
  4. President Green made an announcement about public comments: “If you are speaking about the Policy 3211 on the transgender students, we are willing to hear from you on this topic if you did not speak at the last meeting on November 18th. If you spoke at the last board meeting and have a desire to speak on another topic, you are welcome to do so. “
  5. President Green told people they would not be allowed to applaud the speakers – Several times when people tried to applaud, he rapped his gavel – no Applause, no applause!
  6. This is only about a quarter of the number of people who were trying to listen from the hallway.

    This is only about a quarter of the number of people who were trying to listen from the hallway.

    Director Moore insistently tried to silence one speaker because he spoke at the last meeting, however, he was eventually allowed to speak.

  7. The board was so inattentive to the people speaking, that one person had to ask for the boards attention.
  8. After 8 public comments, the board went on with their regular meeting.
  9. When department updates were presented, the board was courteous, laughed and giggled with them, engaged in multiple conversations with them, and then the board themselves led APPLAUSE for the people. Yes, the BOARD APPLAUDED their own invitees multiple times. (This is not something they normally do – it was a show put on for the public.)

The mood of the public before the meeting was excited, friendly and upbeat with quiet anticipation, but after the meeting was outright anger at the boards utter contempt and condescension of the people in our community. This is the same board that is completely puzzled why they can’t get more attendees to their meetings when they are trying to pass a levy.

I have seen this same treatment of the public several times over the past 6 years. This board seems to do everything they can to discredit and discourage people in the hopes that these people don’t return to future meetings and it usually works. I sure hope this time the people will stand up and not back down.

I will post the complete transcripts of the meeting as soon as I can type them up.

A photo of the board ignoring and disrespecting speakers. Directors Sumner, Newman and Green are looking at their laptop computers during an impassioned speech about keeping our children safe from rape. You can even see Director Newman manipulating her keyboard. The elbow of the woman speaking is shown in the bottom left corner of the photo with the black leather jacket.

A photo of the board ignoring and disrespecting speakers. Directors Sumner, Newman and Green are looking at their laptop computers during an impassioned speech about keeping our children safe from rape. You can even see Director Newman manipulating her keyboard. The elbow of the woman speaking is shown in the bottom left corner of the photo with the black leather jacket.

The same directors listening to a board invited speaker. They have all turned in their seats and are looking intently at the speaker. Director Newman is even smiling.

The same directors listening to a board invited speaker. They have all turned in their seats and are looking intently at the speaker. Director Newman is even smiling.

Directors Ohrtman and Moore have also turned in their seats to listen to the same speaker.

Directors Ohrtman and Moore have also turned in their seats to listen to the same speaker.

Public Comments

The public meetings of our elected officials are FOR THE PUBLIC. That is why there is a public comment section during the meeting, to have a spot in the agenda where the public can can have a voice. While the board does have the option to limit your time, they CANNOT shut you down because of the topic you bring up. To prove this, several speakers talked about the Transgender policy, and the board sat quietly listening.

In future meetings, I would suggest that anyone who wants to speak, fill out one of the half slips at the table with the sign in sheet, present it to the board, and then the board HAS TO LISTEN to whatever it is you want to say.


A parent spoke with me last night about getting some community meetings together with just the public where everyone can speak who wants to speak. We are hoping our community can coordinate together in finding ways to deal with the board in future meetings, or maybe discuss other options that we have at our disposal. I think it’s a great idea, and hope that others will stay with us on this topic so that our children won’t be bull dozed by a handful of apparent activists who have occupied our schools. I will be putting up a post when we have organized a time and place for the meeting.

School Board Meeting with Legislators Friday, December 18th at 10am

It appears that our continued Colville grass roots efforts on the transgender policy have been extremely successful. Our school board has a meeting with the 7th District Legislators. The link to the meeting is listed on the Colville School District home page, however, it was buried far down on the page, so we just learned about it and this is the soonest we could post it. Here is the letter and Link


The Board of Directors of Colville School District will be attending an Onion Creek School District meeting on Friday, December 18th from 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Onion Creek School, 2006 Lotze Creek Road, Colville, WA. The purpose is to meet with the 7th District Legislators to give and recieve input on legislative issues. No final action will be taken.

This is a great opportunity for people to meet their representatives before and after the meeting (the public may not be allowed to speak during the meeting).

We are going to assume that they will be discussing the hot topic of the Transgender policy at some point during the meeting. There is no agenda available, so we don’t know anything more. Rest assured, we will be attending, and we will provide a summary of the meeting for the public. If I can find time, I will also try to type up transcripts.

Here is a map of the meeting place for anyone able to attend.


The Letter The Statesmen Examiner would not run!

Over the past six years we have sent letters into the Statesmen Examiner and all but two were printed.  One was rejected for “liability” concerns fair, enough it was a tough letter. The last one was a bit over a year ago.  It was a negative letter about the current Superintendent and the issues in hiring him.  Nothing was a “Liability” issue, it was just Mr. Chris Cowbrough Loved the new Superintendent and refused to print our letter.  In that same paper that our letter would have run Mr. Cowbrough proceeded to insult and defame anyone who had the same views as us.

As a result we started this very Blog!

What follows is an email we just received:

Mr. &Mrs. Martin,

I and many others really appreciate your effort and work.
I am no stranger to these struggles as I have been involved in these same type of political disputes and subversion many times over the past 20+ years.
My training is in Counter Insurgency which is 80% political/social and 20% military conflict. The rules are the same, as subversion is subversion. The tactics being used against the public are based on Counter Intelligence studies and experience of which I am well acquainted.
I submitted a letter to the Statesman Examiner, which normally prints my letters. This time they did not and it was clear that they are supporting the Transgender policy. The editor went out of his way in the paper to deface and disrespect all those who attended and their beliefs.
I have attached the letter that would have informed the public in brief.
As a Marine, I do not believe in defeat, however I have watched over and over traditional American values destroyed because conservative, traditional and Christian American don’t understand the professional tactics that are being employed against them. I pray we will do better with this. You have certainly done a wonderful job of getting information out.
Please see attached.


Transgender Policy: A False Issue

            Having attended the November 18th School Board meeting concerning policy 3211, I was pleased to find that more than 96% of the nearly 300 people in attendance were absolutely opposed to the proposed Transgender policy. A previous meeting had taken place by the Board where all members voted to accept the policy. However, they did not expect such an overwhelming resistance to their attempted coercion of those in attendance.

During the proceedings at least two deceptions and three lies were forwarded by Superintendent Lewis, the Board president and the School attorney. The very fact that the Board desired an attorney to be present at the meeting between the people and those that they elected, is by itself suspicious. It was very obvious to me and others that Attorney Hansen was present to create a false perception of legitimacy for this absurd policy.

The first deception is based on three lies. A question was asked to Mr. Lewis, “why we hadn’t heard about this from other area schools?” He said: “Because they’ve already done it.” Not true, strike one! Secondly, the School attorney told the crowd, that this was required by RCW 28A regarding discrimination. Not true, strike two! Thirdly, the Board President Green proclaimed that it was a State mandate, as did both the attorney and superintendent. Not true, strike three! Only a short time later, Board President Green eluded to a Bill on the Senate floor which would mandate this policy, thus, no Bill was passed as yet giving the policy any enforcement. All three of these public employees lied creating the first deception, “The False Perception of Legitimacy”. This is text book political coercion.

The second deception occurred about 75% of the way through the meeting when Superintendent Lewis realized that the Board was at an impasse with the public. This deception is a professional counter intelligence tactic called, “Flipping the Conversation”. Only a few folks noticed, thus, a great part of the people were drawn into a new conversation that diverted the pressure. The subject was the procedure and implementation of policy 3211. If there is no policy, there is no procedure. Out of this came the idea of a committee of parents to take part in the procedure creation. Another attempted coercion. The meeting ended shortly as the Board under pressure, tabled the issue until December 16th, where-on is the School Christmas concert on the same night. Another devious ploy to reduce attendance.

Why are we letting the School Board use our children as a political tool for an artificially created issue? There is no discrimination, nor any hate in this community for any race, sex or personal belief. If there is any righteous discrimination present, it is against subversive elected servants, state bureaucrats and the creation of emotional crisis that seek to subvert our longstanding morality, customs and culture here in Stevens County. I hope every red blooded, God- honoring American with concern for our families and our future will be in the next meeting on Dec. 16th, to put this rebellion against God and our local dignity down and demand the resignation of the entire board and Mr. Lewis.

Russell Bolton (Addy, WA)

Are they Listening or Plotting? Transgender Committee/Task Force

One thing I have learned in dealing with this school district in the last six years is this:

  • If they say something, you better get it in writing.
  • If they put it in writing, you better read every word of it, because chances are their lawyer wrote it.
  • If they make it public, you better get your own lawyer to look at it.

Trust me. I’ve seen this district twist every word of what is written to achieve their own goals, so I am going to point out some very important details.

Take a look at the letter accompanying the “Non-discrimination Task Force” Application  LinkHere.

1. THE STATEMENT REFERS TO A “Task Force” NOT A “Committee“.

This is a crucial detail. Keep in mind during the November board meeting “Committee” was referenced 19 times, “Task Force” was referenced Zero times. In fact, this statement even says, “a committee should be formed”.

A task force is organized to deal with a specialized task within a short time period. When the stated task is completed, the task force is disbanded.

A committee is usually appointed for a larger general function, and usually for a longer period of time with broader objectives.

What this means is this task force will only deal with a very specific detail and a narrowly defined goal. Once the task force makes their recommendation, they will be disbanded and cannot be consulted for any future policy or procedure changes – related or not.


According to the letter, “The Task Force will review state and federal law, Office of Civil Rights and Department of Education guidelines, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) material and other relevant information.”

Note the Task Force will NOT:

  • Review public comments already made
  • Accept petitions in opposition to the policy
  • Seek further public input of any kind
  • Consider district correspondence (phone calls,  email, or letters)
  • Review outside opposing legal references
  • Review court challenges and victories to existing laws.

Every one of the above bullets would fall outside the stated “Task”.

– Next, the additional stated task is, “The Task Force will review existing and proposed district policy, as well as the procedures that support these policies, and will offer recommendations to the Board of Directors for potential policy changes and adoption“.

– This Task Force will ONLY be allowed to recommend:

  • POLICY changes”

It will NOT be allowed to recommend:

  • Changes to any PROCEDURE
  • REJECTION of any policy or procedure

Remember the policy was only three sentences while the Procedure was five pages of conflicting, convoluted statements and definitions forcing students of opposite gender to share showers. I think this proves the board wants to pass the policy so they can change the procedure at will and without future community input.

3. WHO WILL BE ON THIS COMMITTEE? Continue reading

How Well Does Colville Know Superintendent Pete Lewis?


It’s important to know the people taking care of the safety and education of our children. That’s why school districts do background checks on their employees. So as parents, we should know as much as we can about the number one person in charge of our children, Superintendent Pete Lewis.

Last Position Held before Colville: Superintendent in Fairbanks, Alaska

June 9, 2014 Lewis was FIRED from Fairbanks North Borough School District

  • “… he exhibited a total failure of leadership leading up to the sexual abuse of a student on school property.” (Link)
  • “demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to perform the duties expected of a superintendent, which has resulted in potential liability to the district …” (Link)

Fairbanks School Board President Haas went on to say Mr. Lewis had knowledge of:

  • 1. significant allegations of employee misconduct towards students
  • 2. failed to ensure others took appropriate action; and
  • 3. took inappropriate action himself.


The superintendent’s unwillingness to perform his duties or inability to do them exposed students to harm and the district to legal vulnerability, the board said. Despite inappropriate student contact, Fowlkes received a glowing recommendation, Haas said.

Lewis allowed an employee to routinely work mornings and nights without being paid, putting the district out of compliance with federal wage and hour laws, Haas said, and fostered an attitude of disrespect toward the board that has permeated down to other staff members, Haas said. Link


Mr. Fowlkes has been convicted of 3 counts of sexual abuse of a minor and is now serving time in jail. Fowlkes has also been charged with seven counts of sexual abuse of a minor regarding allegations made by a student at Hutchinson High School in 2014. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District has agreed to pay $920,00 to the family of this student.

*****Heidi Haas Video

Here is a video of the Fairbanks School Board Director talking about the Investigation of Claude Fowlkes III and showing her concern that the Colville School Board did not contact them for information about Mr. Lewis before hiring him. Link to Video


June 11, 2014 Pete Lewis was HIRED by Colville School District as their Interim Superintendent (only two days after he was fired from Fairbanks).

December 2014 Pete Lewis was HIRED by Colville School District as their Superintendent. Normally a school district will keep an Interim Superintendent for a full year before hiring them full time. It is a curious thing that our Board chose to hire Mr. Lewis early.

Continue reading

Transgender Committee Application On Colville Website

Transgender Committee 2015-12-04The application for the Committee regarding the Transgender Procedure is now up and available on the Colville Website: Please visit:

or click these links:



We are still looking into the school selection process, and we will update you when we get an answer back from Mr. Lewis.


Please be aware that this will not stop the board from voting the policy in during their December meeting. They have already voted to pass the first reading, and may still be planning to pass the second reading to make it permanent in our schools during the December 16th meeting.


Also be aware that depending on the selection process for the committee, that you may not have another opportunity to voice your opinion on this matter.


If you can’t attend the December meeting, please be sure to send a letter with a friend to be submitted during the meeting, or send it to us at so that we can present it for public record.



Community Alert

It looks like the School Board plans to pass the policy BEFORE they set up a committee. If this happens, they can change the procedures at will no matter what the committee says.

I believe the Board is expecting that very few people will show up at their next board meeting when they plan to pass the policy. This is very typical, people show up for one meeting, voice their concerns and assume the Board will respect those views. The Board then waits till no one is looking and does what they want. It is very important that the people show up and continue to fight this, or it’s going to go through. My view is that this current Board and Superintendent will never stop pushing this one sided agenda.

From my interpretations of the transcripts, the Superintendent will not form a committee until AFTER the policy passes.

Superintendent Lewis: First of all, if the policy passes, then I have an obligation to take that policy and implement that, so I would need to get something put out to the community to build a committee and craft a new procedure as quickly as possible.

Superintendent Lewis: I have – I think I’ve stated very clearly, we will create a committee and we will bring a procedure back, if the policy passes.

Director Sumner: … I am making a motion to table this current policy …

President Green: Ok, we have a motion to table policy 3211. Do I have a second?

As you can see, the Board voted to table the policy, NOT to form a committee.

Please show up at the next board meeting,

December 16, 2015 at 6pm

in the Aster Elementary School Building.

Even though the meeting will be during the school district Christmas Choir concerts, it’s important that people show up. If you can’t attend, and would like your statement entered for the record, please send an email or letter to me at and I will make sure they are presented to the Board during the official public meeting.