Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 3

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

33 Jason33. Jason: I don’t speak in front of people very often, so it’s a little bit awkward. But this issue is on transgenders obviously and being transgender, you have issues with your identity. You don’t understand which gender you are.

If you go into the bible, yes I am Christian, the majority of you are Christians. If you go into the bible, the Devil says to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God.” He essentially questions Jesus – ‘Are you the Son of God, or are you not”? What we need to do for transgenders instead of accommodating them, is give them love and understanding and respect. Not the kind of respect we’re arguing about by letting them pick where they change, but by telling them you’re being lied to by the Devil and you don’t need to hate yourself.

Thank you.

34 Steve Parker34. Steve Parker: Steven’s County Commissioner for District 3.

Wiser men than me have said that an informed and involved electorate is necessary for the maintenance of a decent society, and I think we have that here today and it is a heart warming thing.

I want to share a couple of things with the School Board because I know that you are going to make a decision and hopefully you’ll be able to deliberate carefully and studiously. When I ran for Country Commissioner, I sat with some people [inaudible] what is it really that we feel really is the expression of where our society is getting off base. What needs to happen that people can really relate to. So we picked as a campaign thing, ‘bring government back home’.

A school board and county commissioner is the closest elected official that touches the most people’s lives. Today you’ve got a lesson in civics, you are now experiencing local government. You’re accessible, just as much as I’m accessible to people.

I want to leave you with one thought – two thoughts. If this is – and I say if because I haven’t spoken with anyone – if this is a guidance document coming out of Washington D.C., that is not local government. As county commissioner, I spend a great majority of my time resisting ‘guidance’ being kind of forced into the county from outside agencies, whether they are state or federal, because guidance is somebody else’s idea. These people have no access to policy makers or thinkers in Washington D.C. You are not bound to adopt guidance, you are bound to follow law just as we are. [That law is] to protect the rights of the people. I encourage you to do that.

You’ve seen government action today. This is a good town hall meeting that you are experiencing. Please, take it seriously. And I would just add, don’t turn a cold heart. Don’t allow a resistance [spirit] to compel you on course. This population is clearly saying they do not support it.

Thank you.

35 Eric Fitsimmons35. Eric Fitsimmons: I have two students here and I can honestly tell you – it’s funny how I found out – I probably shouldn’t shame myself, I should have found out some other way, but at the same time, what I found out did alarm me and brought me to come in here.

Listening to the comments that have been made, the vast majority have been spot on. For those who have actually fallen, if you will, and want to go ahead with progressive movement, I disagree with. Everything that we do is a clear choice. That choice is a God given right. It’s called free agency. We have the right to choose, and with choosing we do not have a right to choose our consequences. So whether you choose right, or whether you choose wrong, you’ll live with your consequence. It’s an individual thing.

I also like the comments that have been made with regards to the separation of church and state. I being a Christian for one, that that is not what everybody – I shouldn’t say that – in our community I think we have [a worthy handle on it]. It does not mean that we can’t have religious influence in our communities and in our schools and in our actual government. What it means is our government cannot dictate that one religion is better than another.

I disagree with the School Board going forth and stealthily moving forward towards a sexual vote. I would pray to God and I would ask in any way that I could that you could go ahead and reconsider this because this is not right. To force this on students is wrong. Just because something is unpopular, doesn’t make it wrong. I understand that this progressive movement has been going on for years, that there are things that are unpopular that people stand up for that have been better off [for most in] this country and what it was actually founded upon.

But today we stand here with folks telling us what to do and what not to do. If something’s wrong it doesn’t make it right. If something’s right it doesn’t make it wrong just because a few think it’s wrong.

If you want to change something. I’ll make a real simple situation of change at the high school or cheering squad. I believe you guys have what’s called educator staff bathrooms. You could simply make those available to the few and minute individuals who have chosen to identify themselves [covered by applause]


[Inaudible] how they’d been born.

Now I understand that this community – and that they make up part of the community – but the reality is that the few do not dictate to the majority how they should live their lives, how they should raise their children, and how public education should do what they need to do.

I know my times up, but I’ll just say choose the right thing, that’s all I ask for, choose the right thing.

36 Students 436. Student Names Omitted due to minor status: I do not hate transgenders at all and I do not believe that it is right. I do not think it’s right for the 4 percent at our school get rights, but we do not.

As a girl, I do not want boys in the locker room and if there is, I will no longer participate in sports.

Thank you.

37 Cassandra Crow37. Cassandra Crow: I agree with the mass majority of y’all, but I’m going to play Devil’s advocate. If this goes through and you have other locker room accommodations. You have individual stalls or curtain areas as it says in the document. Ok, kids are curious. Why is that kid – girls – ok, why does that girl dress in that area?  Well, how come she gets to be in a private room? That’s just going to make them more curious. You are going to make transgenders even more of a target than they already are.

You guys are trying to push this through to accommodate, but in the process, you’re just going to paint a target on them. Kids are vicious, we all know it. We all went through it. You’re just going to paint a target on them.

I have four boys, one in every school. Boys are going to be boys. You put a girl in that locker room, I don’t care what her attitude is, it ain’t going to be pretty.


38 Nancy Christopher38. Nancy Christopher: I just want to make a note that people who consider themselves transgender don’t decide today to be and tomorrow not to be. They have made this decision, and again I [reflect what was said] they’re not comfortable with it. We have respect for their privacy also, and I understand that you’re trying to find that [gap], but most likely, many of you have been in a bathroom with a transgender person and never known it.

The bathroom allows for privacy. Where we get in a locker room, there’s a difference. People who are transgender do not want to be in the populous. A male would not want to be in the general populous with the females. It would make him uncomfortable too. Just the same as a female who identifies as a male would probably not want to be in the general populous with the males.

So have a separate space where their privacy can be protected also. That way their privacy is protected, the general populous is protected and everybody’s happy in some form.

That’s what I have to say.

39 Debbie Gentry39. Debbie Gentry: I want to say, number one, regarding the issue with the people who say we’ve got to love the transgenders, homosexuals, I’m saying that the ones who are against this – I don’t think anyone is saying we don’t love them.

(Audience agreement)

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t have a friend or family member who is homosexual. I love them just the same. I would never be unkind. I wouldn’t go to their wedding or [inaudible]. I think in this day and age, our society, rather than tolerating, is actually promoting and giving kids a direction they shouldn’t even be thinking about.

(Applause, cheers)

I’m looking at all of your faces on the board and I’m wondering if your mind is already made up. And I hope not. I hope not because this is important to hear everybody.

The issue of the kids, all the kids, like the girls and said the 4 percent. So why should we love the transgenders, or those, above all the others who are going to be affected? And to begin with, I don’t even know why this is an issue. Just build a separate bathroom or something. Why does it have to be ‘Oh, you’re going to have to tolerate these guys because we’ve got to love them’? That’s a bunch of bologna.

I have one more quick thing to say about church and state. I thought that forever. My grandson is being home schooled and he called me and said grandma, that’s not in the constitution. So I just looked it up. It’s regarding a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to …

(Audience member shouts out Danbury Baptist Association)

Yes! Baptist, Danbury Baptist, telling what he meant about it, so they interpreted his intention of what was in the first amendment and for years everybody said, ‘separation of church and state’. It’s not true.

Thank you.

40 Pam McAlister40. Pam McAlister: We recently, my husband and our kids recently moved to Colville, and I’d like to apologize, we haven’t been to our meetings. It is our bad. I’d also like to thank so many people for speaking so eloquently. I actually wasn’t going to come up and speak, but I knew that if I didn’t I’d kill myself later.

I want to say that I’m praying for you guys, because I know this is a heavy responsibility and whether your opinion is on one side or the other, this is a big responsibility for you guys. I’m praying that you see the truth. So I’ve prayed and asked God to show me what He wanted me to say, and this is what He gave me.

The opinions and the truth and the lies are like a big blizzard. If you’ve ever been in a blizzard, a blizzard can be very disorienting. It can be hard to know your right from your left. You can want to walk from your house to your barn and if you don’t have line or a fence, something guiding you, you can literally miss your house by inches and wander off into the cold and die.

God has given us a line of truth, and if we are not connected to that line, we’re going to get lost. We teach our kids this truth at home. My husband and I have home schooled our kids and we’ve put them in public schools.

I’m here to say that we are praying to you for wisdom. Got has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. And I pray that you will see that our kids desperately need you to come up with another solution for this problem because this line is going to be their life. They need to understand truth and I hope that you understand your responsibility and that we are praying for you and I hope you are able to stand up against the lies in this situation and see the truth that our kids deserve better than this resolution.

Thank you.

41 Alisa Mario41. Alisa Mario: I’m not going to stand up here and debate whether someone is or isn’t born this way or this other way, or it’s the wrong way and they have a right to change it. I don’t know who developed the proposal to have this take place, but I just want to throw this out there. If this passes and oh, I don’t know, a couple months, a year goes by, everything seems to be going ok. All of a sudden you have a group of minority students that approach you and say, ‘we have discovered we were born pedophiles.’ I know it sounds totally crazy, but it’s the next thing down the line. Or ‘we are students that were born this way, that way or whatever and we demand separate treatment, we demand that you accommodate our needs because of what we feel and we have a right to feel this way and you have to accommodate us because it’s our right.’ that’s not ok.

I mean we are talking about basic laws here. This building was created by someone. It has a creator. We were all created by someone. We have a creator. I think there is a much deeper issue that’s going on here that needs to be addressed, like multiple people have said.

That being said, I just want to throw that out there for you. I just feel like you’re opening a can of worms. If this one thing goes through, they think it’s ok because were not hurting anyone. Well someone else is going to step up and demand things that will hurt people and they’ll say it’s their right because they were born that way and they feel like they should be able to do it. Just a thought.

NOTE: At this point, our video camera failed, so the rest of the comments will be taken from our audio recording.

42. Lisa Stalp: This is a huge turnout, pretty impressive. I have three kids in Colville schools. I teach my kids to be accepting of others and I just want to let you know that I’ve listened to all their words today and I think that if this helps my kids be more accepting of others, then am in support of that.

Thank you and thank you for all the work that you’ve done.

43. Misty Foster: I’ve heard a lot of religion and I’m a very spiritual person. I’ve also heard tolerance, and I’m a very tolerant person. I had a friend I grew up with who was a boy and all his life he identified as being a girl. Yes, he got bullied at school because he was – well I think he flaunted it. Well, years later he had 10 years of psychotherapy which was required to get a sex change. He became a she. She was very happy for one year.

I did not see her for many years and then I saw her again and she was married to a woman and I said, “What?”

She said, “Oh, but now I identify with a man again, so now I’m a lesbian”.

So people saying they choose this or are born with it – it fluctuates, it’s … anyway …

I believe in tolerance. These kids that are transgender, they need to be protected. I feel no matter what we do … If we put them in the same bathroom, it’s going to take one high school girl to feel offended by it and you’re going to get a bunch of boys that are going to make them a target and they’ll beat him up. If you separate them, you’re putting a target. But never, ever, ever, is it ok for somebody of the opposite sex to come into the bathroom of somebody else of the opposite sex in a school setting. It’s never ok.


And they identify as a woman? That’s their personal view. They have genitalia. They have no business in that girls bathroom. Not at school. It shouldn’t be done. I’d like the solution of opening up the staff bathrooms, because they are monitored.


That’s it.

44. Student 5: I’m a freshman this year and I was really excited [that I was going] to get to be a sophomore at Colville high, but if this happens, I don’t want to be here. It’s wrong. I mean, if you’re going to do this, you might as well open it up to everybody and just have bathrooms that everybody can go into where it doesn’t matter what gender you are. Because there’s man and there’s woman and everybody knows that.

It doesn’t matter if you are a homosexual, if you are bisexual. It doesn’t matter. You have what you are and if you feel violated, that is your problem, because it’s not going to change anything at all. We should not have to deal with that. I don’t want any other kid my age or anybody even a little bit older than me to have to deal with that.

Thank you.

45. Ronny Black: I agree with most of the people here that this shouldn’t happen, but I keep having one thing that keeps going through my mind and I don’t know if this is appropriate to ask you. I think it’s been brought up several times that this is coming from Olympia or something like that. I want to know if this is an agenda with this board. Is that appropriate to ask?

(Audience says yes but board remains stone faced.)

If it is, I think it’s really important that we know this so that we know what to do in the future. So is that appropriate? Board? To ask you? Is this your agenda?

(Audience asks board to answer, but they do not.)

46. Matthew Ford: I have a couple things. First off, I have two different brothers, they don’t necessarily go to CHS, but if this carried into the private school that they are in, which I don’t think it ever will, I would urge my parents, and I would drag them out of that school right away. I don’t want to have to deal with the fact that there are kids going to a school where there is open bathrooms. That is danger to high levels of molestation. One out of 8 boys have been molested, 1 out of 4 girls have been molested, and a lot of them have been from other children.

The other thing I want to say is. I’m a new voter, and I didn’t see this in the election ballot. I don’t mean to say that in a derogatory way, so I’m sorry. But for further stuff, could you please, please put this in the election ballot or anything like this in the election ballot so that the public can decide yes or no. That’s all.

Thank you.

47. Julie McComb: I think you’ve seen and we’ve heard tonight, a variety of opinions. And one of the most important things that I think we’ve heard, is we feel that we have a right to have more input into this type of policy making. I would urge the school board to make that opportunity available by having a parent committee to address this and to not vote on this till a parent committee can put together an opinion. Which I feel like this policy is not representative of a majority of the people in our community. It is not.

So I ask that you live up to your duty and make that available so that you can be advised more carefully, more fully and that parents also can have the opportunity to know and understand what their legal rights are as we know that this is an emotional issue. None of us just want to abandon the school district. I think that would be detrimental to our society, as a culture in upholding the values that we have. So I’m asking you to please live up to that obligation you have as a school board and as a Superintendent.

Thank you.

48. Jim Buck: I don’t know how many people here when they heard about this actually spent some time praying about it. I did. I spent quite a bit of time praying about it actually. There are a couple things that I feel I’m supposed to share with you.

One is this. That as a Board, you do not have the moral authority to make a decision like this for all these parents and all these children. You don’t have that authority, morally. You don’t have that authority.

The other thing is this. When I was praying, I heard the word stand.


You need to know this. If you vote to pass this, I promise you, you are going to unleash hell in this place because these people are going to stand. This is not going to go away.

(Cheers and applause)

[It’s going to get hotter and hotter and hotter]. That’s exactly what’s going to happen here. So I just pray that you take that little ammunition to heart because [inaudible]. You want a war, you’re going to get one and it’s going to start right here. Let the first shot be fired here. Let it be heard all over the United States of America. That we the people are going to stand.

49. Jack Smith: Who would have thought 10 years ago, maybe 15 years ago, I don’t know, we’d be having this conversation. The worst thing I see about this is that you’re trying to push this really twisted ideological agenda on all the rest of the people in this community. Even if you were a majority, you shouldn’t be pushing your own agenda on us.

What are we really doing to our children with this? I hate seeing children’s childhood being taken away from them. You see a young kid will hear it today who deserves something better than that. They don’t deserve to be sexualized by this type of nonsense. I think every one of you needs to take that into account. It’s a very bad thing you are doing.

Like everybody else who was up here today with wonderful things to say. You can pretty much tell that we don’t have any patience for this. You need to make – if you vote for this, then I’m with the gentleman that says you all need to be removed.

(Applause and cheers)

End of comments from the community. The next post will be the transcripts of the Superintendent, the Lawyer and the Board discussing the policy and procedure. There will be additional public comments during this discussion.

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