Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 2

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

15 Roland Horner15. Roland Horner: Good Evening, can you hear me? (Gives name and address) … Colville, taxpayer. Anybody in the audience that owns property that does not pay taxes?


Anybody take a vaccine and get immune from paying taxes? I haven’t found one of them yet. Your tax money is going into this – I don’t know if you want to call it a program or whatever it is that we are discussing here tonight. They tell us that this is an educational institution and that the people up front of us are the Board of Education. They tell us that this is supposed to be the – this is the implication of education – being academic, moral and what not improvement of the children and the students which they have under their tutelage.

It’s not only come under, to a degree, the Board of Education, but also the school administrators who also claim to be involved in the education of our children. The very fact that this issue has been brought up tells you, or should tell you, it has nothing to do with education. It has everything to do with a political agenda.

(Applause and verbal agreement)

If they cared one iota about your children, they would be more concerned about the SAT scores that have been plummeting every year for 60 years. They’d be more concerned about the American students who – they know the numbers better than I do – maybe in as far as math is concerned on the world level, maybe we’re – I don’t know the exact number – we’re 37th or 38th. We’re so low it’s hardly in the running. We’re almost what we used to call a third world level academically compared to the other nations of the world.

These people claim to be interested in education and they are wasting our time, your time, your money, our money on issues like this that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with improving the academic standards of our children.

(Applause, verbal agreements)

I want to point out one thing that should be obvious to every single person in this room. Every person in this audience has it in their power to stop this kind of asinine stupidity and stealing and plundering of American’s tax dollars. How do you do that? It is elementary. I never hated my children enough to send them to government schools.

(laughter and applause)

And I hope the rest of you really don’t hate your children enough to keep them in the government schools. You have it within your power to pull them out of the government schools, teach them at home. It’s called home schooling, Christian education or any one of many alternatives. You can solve the problem. These people need to understand that what you are doing is against out will, over our objections and it’s without our consent.

Thank you.

16 Shawna Connelly16. ShawnaConnelly: I am your nightmare on Elmstreet.


I’m here. Julie said she was here as a mother. I’m here as a grandmother/adoptive mom. I just adopted my grandchildren. They are two boys, 8 and 11. They’ve been through a lot in those years and so my husband and I are trying to raise them to get past what they’ve already been through in their lives. We’re trying to teach them right from wrong. Drugs, no drugs.

We are Christians. We are. And I do believe that it is wrong. I do believe that bpys are boys and girls are girls. My point that I want to make tonight is I don’t want either one of my grandsons going into the locker room to change and have a girl in there because she believes that in her heart – during those years – anyway, that she is a boy. We moniter their I-pods, we moniter what they watch on You Tube because we want to be the ones to decipher and teach them about sexuality. We don’t want them going in and going to a locker room and seeing a naked girl right there. I don’t think that’s right and I don’t think that it should be forced on them.

I’d also like you to remember that you know we have a football team that’s headed to state and I’m so proud of them. I’m also so proud that splashed all over Facebook following the last game last weekend, that they were all gathered around in a circle and they were praying.


So I’m asking you to please, please you didn’t run this by – if you really do have board meetings that we don’t know about every month, then maybe we’d have known about this ahead of time. I just found out about this yesterday. I don’t have eloquent notes that many of the people did. I ask that you reconsider. I don’t want my grandkids – and when I told them that I was coming to a meeting tonight and they asked why and what meeting, I told them it was a meeting about school.

When they asked why, I told them, I tried to explain it to them and then they both said “What?” My 11 year old grandson said, and I quote, “Are you kidding me? If some girl wants to play football and has to change in our locker room because she thinks she’s a dude, then I don’t want to play.” And my grandson’s a heck of a ball player.

Thank you.

17 Don Robson17. Don Robson: I’ve been attending school board meetings – a majority of the meetings – I think longer than anyone on the board has been attending. Not as long as Mr. Martin though. He’s the expert. This isn’t about hate for any kids including homosexual’s or transgenders. This is not to be derogatory or take anything away from these kids who are growing up and have a lot of mixed up emotions and things they are going through. I’m not here to judge or to be hateful or [intimidating] or anything like this.

What I’m here to address is the way we can go about accommodating. If there’s children that need help or assistance, I’m all for that, but when we’re taking the needs of just a few and displacing a majority and putting them at risk – and a serious safety risk too – I think that’s just the wrong way of going about doing it.

While it would be good to find a solution to these situations, you know I do have concerns about this policy. I don’t believe it’s the way to approach this. I care about these kids, but I also care about the ones that might be put in harms way. For instance, just off the top – a female in the shower room with numerous other boys, you’re just asking for trouble. [Covered by applause]

I brought this policy to the police department as well and informed them. Because the last thing I want is some high school boys to know that yes it would be wrong to do anything such as sexual assault, but at the same time when you are just setting them up for things like this, that’s also very clearly wrong and we need to think about that.

So I’d like this policy to go – basically to throw it out and be revised to come up with something that does help the kids that’s not derogatory to them, not hateful to them, but that’s helpful to them, but at the same time without jeopardizing everyone else.

With that, Mr. Martin – I’d like to thank you for everything that you’ve done. You have been here keeping tabs on the board for many years, even when they criticize you and really did a lot of damage. I appreciate all the help. I’d like to make a note that Mr. Martin did make an attempt to get on the board when somebody had resigned their position, but the board chose another candidate instead.

Anyway, that’s all I want to say, but I’d like to go back and revise that policy and come up with something that we can all live with.

Thank you.

18 Ted Richartz18. Ted Richartz: First I’d like to thank the Board for taking steps forward in trying to address something that’s not going to go away. So I appreciate that and it’s a big deal. The best way to make something worse is to pretend like it’s not going to stick around or it’s a fad or whatever. So I appreciate that.

Second, I appreciate the calls for really just understanding, Jesus and … I’m also, I’m in – I have pretty strong feelings there, but in government and publicly funded facilities, there is a separation of church and state.

Audience: No there’s not. It’s a lie.

Ted Richartz: For some people it’s a lie. I’ve been using restrooms and locker rooms my entire life, and the number of naked penis’s I’ve seen is zero. So if you are worried about people running around naked, I don’t know people that do that in general, so I don’t understand that. But if you do have strong feelings, there’s a gentleman up earlier who suggested maybe going to a private school or homeschooling. Maybe that’s a better alternative for you.

My name’s Ted Richartz. Take a good look. Alright. Ok, so I do appreciate your guys comments and feelings. I disagree with most of you on the grounds that we are all part of a larger society and we have to live together. Also, it’s not less than one percent homosexual population, not that we are talking about homosexuals, but transgender, which is slightly different. But 4 percent of that is transgender.

Also, just as a final note, and I’ll leave you all to hate me. I went to school with 4 homosexual boys right here in Colville High, and zero concern over whether they were using the restroom with me, so I’m wondering why the battle cry when it’s transgender. Who was there to care about me and my protection when I was in high school with gay boys. There was no issue. I’m fine.

Thank you.

19 Jonathan Crane19. Jonathan Crane: Father of two children, female. Really, if a male is to expose his genitalia to a female it would be considered a sexual crime. So [everything being said] should not even be considered allowed in our school district for one. That’s pretty much all I had to say.

20 Lynette Martin20. Lynette Martin: Before I get to my comment, this is a school. I can’t believe you ran out of chairs. There’s plenty of people that need them. I think it’s disrespectful for not supplying enough chairs for these people.

When I was young, I babysat a three year old boy that thought he was a girl, so I understand this condition exists, but if these people are being bullied, you need to deal with the bully situation, you don’t need to make it worse for everyone in the school district.

I also want to say that the gentleman that said the school is spending a lot of money on records requests. It’s the school spending money on their lawyers to keep information from the people.

The last point I want to make, I hope I can make this perfectly clear. If my daughter is exposed to male genitals at any time, in any place, or for any reason. I will report the school district for sexual harassment, indecent exposure, and negligent child care, because that’s what it is.

21 Hugh Fleet21. Hugh Fleet: My wife and I have just celebrated our 49th anniversary, and we just had our 17th grandchild, so I take this quite seriously. Some fellow here earlier mentioned the Northwest Ordinance that was passed in 1787 and Thomas Jefferson, in that Northwest Ordinance set aside one section of land out of every thirty, as this country expanded, for education.

When he did that, Jefferson wrote, he said, “If you expect the people to be ignorant and free, you expect what never was and never will be.”

This has nothing to do with education. We are a republic, where the majority cannot overrule the minority, but for criminey sakes, to have the minority overruling the majority. This is really upside down.

I think that speaking of 1787, that’s when that oath of office came out at the constitutional convention, which you all took. And you, Superintendent took it even though he wasn’t elected, he was appointed, he took an oath to preserve, protect and defend this constitution and I think that you need to read the preamble to it where you are supposed to be promoting harmony.

Thank you.

22 Students 122. Student Names Omitted due to minor status: We are seniors at Colville High School. We are student athletes right now at Colville High School, and all those kids sitting over there right now are student athletes, and we are not ok with showering with the opposite sex [at all].

[Standing Ovation and Applause]

[Covered by applause] … when I’m showering after my basketball game here in a couple of weeks, and a boy walks in to the locker rooms – while I’m showering naked – I am not ok with that. That violates my rights in so many different ways. And not only girls, not only girls, the boys too. Believe it or not. They are not ok with girls walking into their locker room while they’re showering. While they are doing whatever it is they do in there.

(Audience Laughter)

They are not ok with it either.

Today in class when we were talking about this, in CWP – this meeting tonight. Two boys said if this gets passed, they will hold hands and pretend like they’re good with this, just to go into our locker room to see us. And that is not ok in any way. That is not ok.

Thank you.

23 Students 223.Student Names omitted due to minor status:

First Student: I’m not from this school district, but I’m still a student, and I play sports and this affects me too. I feel it’s not right because it violates our rights as girls and as boys. We choose what we do. I mean if they choose to be transgender, that’s fine with them, but they don’t have to push that on us. Like, we don’t have to push our rights on them.


Some people will say this is a necessity to keep other kids safe, but William Pitts said, “Necessity is a plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” And that is completely true.

Second Student: I’m an athlete at the school. I’m on the cheer squad, and although (student name) is on the cheer team, he does identify himself as gay and he does want to be a girl. But I still will not allow him to walk into the changing room, watch me change or shower after cheer practice, or any of my team mates at all. That affects my right to be virtuous and to be safe from anything that is sexually oriented. Ok? So I honestly don’t approve of this also.

Thank you.

24 Janis Simila24. Janis Simila: I am planning on moving here in the future, and I have children in the school system. I think you need to be focusing on how to use those tax dollars to spread for better education and not talking about things that are non issue. We have a very very small percentage of transgenders, and I believe this to be people who think they are the opposite sex, but it’s very easy to tell by what physical organs you have what sex you are.

I believe these people need counseling, we don’t need to make room for them. It’s a very small percentage, maybe one half [of one] percent of the population here. I don’t know why you guys are unanimously coming to the conclusion that it’s a good idea.

If it comes to my school, where my kids go, they will be taken out. Immediately.

25 Roger Nicholson25. Roger Nicholson: Holy Smokes there’s a lot of you guys. I don’t really talk to much in front of a lot of people. In fact, I’m actually kind of new to the area. I don’t know a whole bunch of you. I know coach over there. Wrestling coach, a really cool guy.

I don’t have a whole lot to say on the matter. I do not agree with it by any means. I wish my wife was actually here, she talks a lot better than I do. I came up from Jacksonville, and down there, you know, I had my step kid in school and we had to worry about crime down there a whole lot. People take guns and knives to school and stuff like that is what you had to worry about in the locker room. I never would have thought this would come to appear in a small town.

What worries me the most is this is a new thing. Probably a month from now we are going to try to find a way to prevent people from looking at each other, which means an adult would have to be in the locker room or shower as well. I don’t want my teenager being watched. I live as a Christian, I do not want him looking at other female’s bodies until he is married. I teach him very well in that way.

For everybody that says transgenders are confused and they need counseling and stuff, I’m not too sure. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you are female or male, you look down. But as far as the counseling, I would think – I’m not too much of a smart person – but I would kind of think there would be a whole lot more counseling going on for the people that feel uncomfortable at the school or in the locker rooms, [for] people that actually need the help.

I’m asking you guys please, I don’t know you very well, just don’t pass this.

Thank you.

26 Christine Evans26. Christine Evans: My daughter is a freshman at Colville High School and we just moved to Colville from Columbia [inaudible] Academy and we really like the school. (Student’s name) really likes the school and I really appreciate the school. I know this is an issue that you feel is important, that needs to be dealt with. I don’t know the amount of students that identify as transgender or some other, but regardless of how many there are – if this is something that needs to be addressed…

I do have a son. He has medical issues, and there’s like 2 people with this medical issue in the county, so I know what it’s like to have a kid that is in the minority. But there are accommodations that can be made without disregarding the needs of the general populous of students.

I’m less concerned about a transgender person causing harm in a locker room and more concerned that like the one young lady said, that someone could use that as an excuse to go in. My freshman daughter was talking about it. She was very uncomfortable, but that’s kind of a lame word. It’s stronger than that with the idea of being in the bathroom and some boy can come in.

Not to knock anybody, but I think the issue is what are we going to do. What are you going to do about the bathrooms? If you decide that you are going to allow transgender – I have heard people suggesting using a separate bathroom for transgender – except that that can identify them and cause them to be targets for bullying even more. So maybe if you can make bathrooms that are individual bathrooms that can lock. People can go in and it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, you are in there alone, you don’t have any concern about another gender, or whatever gender. Or if you can have bathrooms for people that are uncomfortable, that they can go and use that separately.

I might suggest to my daughter if this passes that she go to the office and use the office bathroom. Because we don’t want our kids to be going in there with a fear. People with a gender dysphoria might have a fear too and so we have to find a way to allow all of our children to use the bathroom without fear, but we need to consider this and not just pass it.

Thank you.

27 Bert Freeman27. Bert Freeman: I apologize, I’m a little nervous here, but I respect everybody’s belief system. I’m a God fearing man myself. I believe in the love of Jesus Christ. I think that plays a big part of what goes on here.

One thing that comes to mind here is these are children. Your children, our children. All the kids in school are children, even the transgenders. Now, transgender is something that has been heavily researched for a long time now. The greatest minds out of the greatest schools have come to the conclusion that it is a real thing, it’s not a choice. A transgender person does not want to be a transgender, they want to be who they identify as. It’s really hard for them to be that way. Now, I’m getting a little nervous here.

Audience: Push the mike up.

Sorry. My fear … And I know there is a lot of fear, a lot of uncertainty, a lot of doubt. My fear is that if we don’t pass this through, that those children that are transgender are going to be ostracized. They are going to be pointed out and they are going to be bullied physically, mentally. And that’s going to be because they are children that have had the fear instilled in them. Do you want your child to have enough fear that they get angry, they cause somebody else emotional harm or physical harm? Do you want your child to get to that level?

What if your child turned out to be a transgender, and you realize when you go to therapy that it is not a choice? Do you take your child out of society?

Anyway, I pray that you all find love in your heart and the acceptance and the understanding to allow this to go through.

Thank you.

28 Ann Simpson28. Ann Simpson: I did find out via paper that this meeting was happening. I’m a mother of three kids, I’m an aunt of 16. Sixteen kids, ok? Wrestlers, football players, volleyball players, basketball, tennis, you name it. We have heard from our kids what their choices are. We give every sex a choice. We get that.

But you are born a man and you are born a woman, there is no debating that.  So why is this an issue? This is political. This is not educational. Why do we not enforce on – how many parents are ok with the mathematical program at the Fort Colville?

(Audience grumbling)

How many parents understand the mathematical situation at the Fort Colville. Please raise your hands.


There you go. Literacy, math, science. We are struggling as parents and as students to understand where we are in math and academics. Are we there? No we’re not.

So why is a sexual issue, a political issue at this board meeting? Why? Why? Why? Why? This is not educational. You are trying to educate the community on transgender? We are educating you on transgender.

29 Elizabeth Richards29. Elizabeth Richards: I heard about the transgender whatever passing on the internet because my children go to this school and I do my research. I didn’t need somebody to tell me that this meeting was happening, but I approve. I think it’s a great idea.

I want to know who stands at the door in the school and does a genitalia check. How many of your kids are going to the bathroom – male or female bathroom – and going, ‘Look at my parts, I’m a girl and I’m proving it.’ Nobody. Nobody does that because all of you are teaching your children to be decent and not expose themselves.

Who goes into a locker room and says, ‘Check out my junk’?


Well if you’ve seen it, then I don’t know.

But if you’re transgender, you are disgusted with your body, you are born in the wrong body.

(Audience mumbling)

President Sid Green: (Taps the gavel). Let her talk.

Elizabeth Richards: You have those parts that you are born with and you are disgusted with them. If you’re fat, you’re disgusted with your fat. When you go into a locker room, you do not get naked. When you go swimming you wear a T-shirt because you are disgusted with your body.

If you are afraid of going into the girls locker room and seeing a boy, it’s not going to happen, they don’t want to show you. They are ashamed. And they are not ashamed because it’s wrong, they are ashamed because they feel wrong. Because they can’t be who they are and they are not who they are.

[Inaudible] I was really proud to read that Colville is going to pass this. It’s progressive, it’s the world, it’s the way everything is going. People [are learning] this is happening from town to town. Transgender isn’t new. Transgender has been around as long as people. But people have been ashamed to hide it as well as homosexuality. Which brings up – I did drama in high school, in Colville High School. What about the coed changing rooms? Nobody was worried about the coed changing rooms.

I see a bunch of people who heard the word transgender and freaked out a little without doing research.

30 Brad McFarland30. Brad McFarland: My kids went to [CRCA] for a number of years and for their junior and senior years I brought them to Colville High School and I’m glad that I did. The school has been very supportive. I spent 4 years on the school board [4] years ago on the coast and I sympathize and respect the people that sit on those boards.

We’re talking about rights here. The lady referred to progressive and the right thing to do. Boy is that – those are very deceptive terms. We look at progressive and what have we progressed to? My kids are in school and they say gee, I’m having a hard time studying and listening in class. Everybody’s unruly, talking on their cell phones, they give the teacher a hard time.

This transgender thing – when I grew up, I knew people who were transgender or homosexual. I spent a lot of time in the arts and music and playing in pit orchestra for musical’s and stuff. I met gays, but you wouldn’t know it. You know, they weren’t overt. They kept it in the closet, they kept their sexuality at home and I think that’s where it belongs, not up for consideration by a school board.

They have rights, yes. Their right to an education, their right to be safe in schools and the right not to be assaulted or picked on or bullied, but I don’t think they have a right to say, ‘well I want to be a girl, so I’m going to go into the girls bathroom’. And I don’t think of this is right.


There is no law requiring it and I think it’s a waste of funding. Not only of tax dollars, but use of funds. To go through all the legal process is [inaudible]. I think going through legal council [hurts this thing.]

Now if you are in Seattle, this would probably be passed. There’s lots of things that pass in Seattle, but we have enough concerns about learning and our kids being educated to have to worry about this. We’re taking away from our educational [mission] as far as I’m concerned.

Sexuality is best discussed with parents. With children and their parents in their home. If the parents are counseling for illegal activities etcetera … Well, anyway, this is a bad policy and I hope it gets tabled or flushed.

Thank you.

31 Tracy Blogden31. Tracy Blogden: I so appreciate everybody showing up and everything that’s been said, it’s really well expressed. But one thing that’s really been on my heart for a long time is to clarify with the church that separation of church and state was meant to keep the state out of the church. The church is the people. The people need to be involved politically at every level. So please, let’s just stand up and get involved. Pay that price. We’ve been lazy.

We’ve been lazy because of a lie. It starts as a lie and it’s a convenient lie – ‘I can be a little lazy and go on vacation.’ And I just want to say I’m sorry for doing that myself. But anyway, so that’s it. Separation of Church and State does not mean that the people don’t get involved in running and governing the land.

32 Student 332. Student Name omitted due to minor status: I am homeschooled, and to be at this meeting tonight, I am so proud of that.


I did play sports at school and I’ll tell you what; getting dressed in the dressing rooms, if a boy walked in there – that would be disgusting. There is no shower curtains on the showers, so just taking a shower, there is no way to hide yourself. You’re naked and it’s ridiculous.

This is not only affecting the Colville School District, this is affecting all the district’s around. Because when you have a sports game at a school, all of those other school districts come there to play your sports, and if they aren’t aware that a male or a female can come into your restroom, that is surprising and disgusting. This is sick and wrong, and I pray to God that this is not passed.


I would hope that if this does pass, you will pull your kids out of school just like that.

Thank you.

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