Summary of Colville Transgender Policy Meeting

An attendee of the meeting is allowing me to post their summary of the meeting, as I have been very short on time lately. I am very grateful for the help in getting the word out to the community. I have added a few notes:

  • There was a crowd of 300-400 people in attendance –– standing room only. I would say that at least 90% (probably more) were against the School Board.
    • Dozens of people spoke. Only 3 or 4 were in favor of the School Board  policy.
    • The folks who spoke in protest were angry and very articulate in general. A huge percentage were Christians. Many stated they would pull their children from school if the policy was passed.
    • Many made straightforward comments about the insanity of entertaining the idea that a boy can become a girl or vice versa.
    • There were a few in attendance who were in favor of the policy and made their plea to the board to pass the policy.
  • Shortly after a few comments were made, President Sid Green walked over to the podium and took the microphone back to the board table. A member of the public announced that Mr. Green had promised that all people who wanted to speak would be allowed to speak. Mr. Green then walked the microphone back to the podium and the people politely formed a line.
  • The School Board did not respond in any way for at least 2 hours, even when people would directly ask them questions. They timed each speaker, who received 3 minutes to make his/her points.
  • There were quite a few students gathered in the gym dressed in athletic clothing. Several of the girls stated how adamantly opposed they were to the invasion of their privacy and the violation of their modesty. They were clearly supported by the boys who were there.
  • Other kids spoke as well who were also adamantly opposed to this policy. One girl pointed out the far-reaching effects of this policy on any athletic event in which the Colville District is involved.
  • Commissioner Parker spoke and challenged the School Board to do the right thing and represent the people instead of being rubber stamps for the state.
  • Several pastors spoke and challenged the people to reject this policy, recall the School Board members and to begin to get involved and prepare to run for School Board in future elections.
  • There was a lot of cheering and clapping for all who opposed the issue.
  • Then the School Board took the floor.
    • The Superintendent stood up and gave the statist party line –– “There’s nothing we can do. We have to follow the law. It is a law. etc.” The crowd was very hostile.
    • The crowd had been informed that there is no law requiring the school board to enact this policy, so many did not believe Mr. Lewis.
    • He turned it over to an attorney who did the legal-ease, Delphi strategy on the crowd. The crowd went from hostile to bored to tears, but remained very resistant. She said several things that contradicted what the Board had put on their website. Came off as very disingenuous.
    • The Superintendent then took the floor again. the crowd was extremely hostile, and backed him into a corner. He eventually committed to convening a “Citizens’ Committee” to work with the School Board to find an alternative to the Policy proposal. We had to leave, but it was pretty much over. I’m not sure how they intend to follow up on the Citizens’ Committee, but will find out. (Note: Beware of the use of the Delphi Strategy and / or the Board stacking this Committee with people who want to implement this Policy. See article on the use of the Delphi Strategy at (See article on the Delphi Strategy at
    • The School Board did not help their cause at all. They came across as indifferent, bullying bureaucrats with an agenda to corrupt kids.
    • At one point, Director Rob Sumner asked people to contact their representatives to discuss it with them.
    • The board eventually, and very reluctantly tabled the policy for another meeting. After Director Sumner made the motion to table the policy, there was a very long and tense pause before the motion was seconded. Once the vote was made, it was 5-0 for approval to table the policy until another meeting.

Comments and Questions from Scott and Lynette Martin:

– Why does the board need to form a committee? What is the committee going to tell them that was not said at the public meeting we all attended? It certainly seems that they are forming a committee so that they can get people to say what they want.

– In the past, this board has created committee’s with people who agree with their own agenda, and will also put 2 board directors on the committee. One member of the Levy committee told us there was not one opposing view on the committee. When Scott asked Director Sumner about this, Director Sumner said, “Why would we want an opposing view on the committee? That makes no sense.”

– Regarding Director Sumner’s statement about talking to our representatives. THAT IS WHAT WE WERE DOING AT THE MEETING. – – – The best way to solve a problem is at the local level. Director Sumner, YOU are our representative, we were talking to YOU! – Did you not listen to what we were saying? When Scott Martin approached Director Sumner at the end of the meeting, Sumner said, “I’m not going to talk to you. You need to talk to Pete or Sid.”

3 comments on “Summary of Colville Transgender Policy Meeting

    • First of all, I see no discrimination going on at our school district in this regard. The children with female genitals use the girls restrooms and locker rooms; while the children with male genitals use the boys restrooms and locker rooms. Our school district is currently in compliance with all laws regarding discrimination issues, so I see no reason for this policy or procedure to be passed.

      If there is bullying going on at our school district, it should be dealt with immediately and stopped. The only reason that bullying happens is because the people in charge do nothing to stop it. The last bully report I received from the high school did not have one listing of bullying towards LGBT.

      I do not see how putting children of different genders in a room together naked is going to solve any problems, however, I can think of an enormous amount of new problems this would create, and some of these are horrifying.

  1. Sounds like 5 board members “representing” Colville School District are determined to pass their new regulation irregardless of the strong turnout of the public (and their comments) at the last meeting. Their intent is to allow “trangenders” to use bathrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex in a place where our kids are supposed to feel safe – our schools. Three board members’ terms end this month; the other two should step down, or be immediately fired. As public servants, it’s sad that they will not listen. Since they refuse to represent the people, they should be not be allowed to vote on this, or any thing else.…/a-slap-in-the…/

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