Thank You Colville!

Thank You

Transgender Mtg Photo

We’d like to thank all the good people of the community for showing up at the board meeting to stop the Transgender policy tonight. We know that with the storm damage and difficulties that it was not easy for everyone to show up.

It was one of the most heartwarming things to see so many good, decent, well spoken, well informed, kind,  honest people commenting tonight in an effort to save the morality, safety and decency in our schools.

Thank you to everyone who helped to get out the word to everyone they know – it was a group effort and we could not be more appreciative of everything this community did to help stop this policy from being passed. It’s a small victory because it was obvious the board desperately wants to pass it, but if we stick together, we may be able to keep the policy AND procedure out of our district. This could be a very long hard fight.

We will keep you updated to the best of our ability to what sneaky things the district might be up to – as much as we can find out. If there is anyone in the community that has information that can help, please let us know and we will post it. We will cheerfully keep a person’s identity anonymous if you ask us – as long as we can verify that the information is truthful.

Thanks again for everything!


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