A Slap in the Face, and Another, and Another!!!!

THE FIRST SLAP: The Colville School Board decides to create a policy to allow transgender students access to bathrooms of their gender identity choice.

Let me just say that I am short. Very short. It is uncomfortable for me to sit in chairs where my feet dangle – which is almost always. I do not get on a podium and ask people to only manufacture chairs that I am comfortable to sit in so that everyone else is UN-comfortable. That is patently ridiculous – and I’m sorry, but isn’t that what this policy is doing?

ANOTHER SLAP: The Colville School Board changes the wording of the procedure. Here are the changes with explanation:


This is the notice from Superintendent Pete Lewis indicating changes have been made to the Transgender procedure. Don’t get your hopes up folks.

Changes 2

They took one simple sentence and convoluted it into two large, difficult to understand paragraphs.

The old information is lined out. New information changes nothing. The school is going ahead with the transgender use of bathrooms and locker rooms. They changed the wording of WILL to SHOULD which could allow the Principals a choice.

They made the change to include this wording:

Further, all students–transgender or not who have a need or desire for increased privacy, regardless of the under lying reason, should be provided access to an alternative restroom (e.g., staff restroom or health office restroom). This allows students who may feel uncomfortable sharing the facility with the transgender student(s) the option to make use of a separate restroom and have their concerns addressed without stigmatizing any individual student.”

What that says to me, is that they are making bathroom and locker room usage ridiculously complicated. They do now include wording for “students who may feel uncomfortable sharing the facility with the transgender student(s)

– I personally don’t want my child to use the staff restrooms – now they are introducing adults and children into the same bathrooms. Does anyone see a problem with this for either the adult or the child? I see a problem for both.

Another change:

No student, however, should be required to use an alternative restroom because they are transgender or gender nonconforming.

Wow, another transgender option. How wonderful. (sarcasm)

Note: I have known many people and even have friends and family who are of many different alternative lifestyle communities. I am not a “hater”, nor am I against them living their lives in a way that makes them comfortable. I am against these individuals making the lives of the majority uncomfortable because of their own personal issues. Everyone has issues, and normally, we deal with them on our own – we do not ask others to change their way of life because of our own personal issues.

The final paragraph:

“If school administrators have legitimate concerns about the safety or privacy of students as related to a transgender student’s use of the restroom or locker room, school building administrators should bring these concerns to the Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator. Such privacy or safety issues should be immediate and reasonably foreseeable, not speculative. School building administrators should meet with the student and/or parents to determine if there is a need for an alternative facility. The decision to provide an alternative facility for any student should be made on a case-by-case basis.”

This is ridiculously complicated. Putting more than one “should” into the paragraph makes it nearly impossible to put a single definition to it. It seems as if it can be interpreted in multiple ways. Maybe that was their intent.

– Does every student now need to see a compliance officer before they know which restroom to use?

– Will the school provide restrooms/locker rooms that are for use for ONLY those individuals with female gentalia or ONLY those individuals with male gentalia?

– As far as I know, there are no staff locker rooms – so how are they going to work that situation?

Not speculative? Isn’t this whole thing based on a speculative issue?

ANOTHER SLAP – and what I consider to be a very overlooked part of the policy.

Field Trips

Students regularly take field trips where they share hotel rooms.  Transgender does not necessarily mean gay. Need I say more?


In closing, what these changes say to me, is that no matter what opposition they get at the meeting tonight, they plan to pass this procedure.

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