Transgender Students Policy in Colville Update


The New policy shown on the School Board Web Page to be voted on this Wednesday gives more information. There are two new items shown on the procedure, and I will list them and show the information that I have found on them for you, but before I do that, I’d like to make a note that our School Board has not provided any information that shows there is any law that requires them to enact this policy and procedure in our district. Typically a procedure includes laws that require the procedure, but this policy does not include any reference to any state or federal laws. It could be that the new information provided is the board’s way of trying to show that this is “normal” or possibly “what other places are doing” so that we will think it’s ok for our district.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Scott or Lynette Martin at We will do everything we can to help our community.

Here is the first piece of information that has changed on the Transgender Procedure:

Transgender New 1

The data in blue is new. I went to the link and this is what I found:


I downloaded the document and this is the information I found that was pertinent to the procedure:

OSPI Pg 20

This information can be found on page 20 or 21 of the document.

Here is the second change on the Transgender Procedure:

Transgender New 2

Once again, the text in blue is the change.

I went to the link, but there was no information I could find, so I emailed the office and received this data. I was not given a link, only the information. I will share the entire email with you here:




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