Transgender Students Policy in Colville


The title says it all. Our school board has already approved the first reading of this policy and will officially approve a new policy allowing transgender students use of the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the policy for yourself. You can access it by a ridiculous amount of clicking at the Colville school web page. I will walk you through it. I cannot just give you a link – you have to do the work.

Go to:

Mouse over District and click on School Board

Click on School Board Meeting Agenda’s and Minutes

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click on October 28, 2015 on the left side of the page

Go down to 5.02 Policies – First Reading and click on the Blue Document Icon

Click on 3211.pdf and 3211P.pdf

I will save you some trouble by putting a portion of the policy here:

This first insert is the most worrisome portion of the policy:

Transgender Policy 1

And here is the beginning of the policy:

Transgender Policy 2

You will need to follow the above link to see the policy in it’s entirety  because I have not posted it here.

This policy will be approved by the board during the November 18, 2015 meeting to be held at Aster Elementary school, 217 S. Hofstetter Street, Colville at 6:00pm. Be assured that without a showing of the public at this meeting, this will be passed. It is sad, but the policy will probably be passed even with a showing of the public because in the past, the board has brought in a large volume of individuals who approve their beliefs and they then use those people to justify their actions – which in this case will be the passing of the policy due to “large public agreement or interest”.

Contacting the school via a phone call or an email does not have the same effect as a gathering of people at the board room, but it certainly won’t hurt. I am fairly certain that if the public does not show up – this policy will be enacted by the board.

If you want my opinion – I am not against providing facilities for different needs, however the solution the board is suggesting is out of the question for my own standards. They could easily provide a simple bathroom for the needs of – what will it be just a few children. They don’t have to disrupt the security or comfort of the entire rest of the students in the school. But that’s just one opinion, I’m guessing this community will have many different ideas.


– Was there a survey done of the students prior to this policy being written or voted on by the board?

– Were any parents notified about this prior to the policy being written or voted on by the board?

– Why is burden of comfort being placed on the entire body of students and community instead of on the few that have special requirements?

– When it comes to tolerance, is it being forced onto us – or are we being allowed to show our tolerance in our own way? What I mean is once the policy is in place, anyone who doesn’t agree with it will probably be called intolerant.

– When it comes to a few people – why is it always the entire rest of the population supposed to agree with these few individuals, why can’t the few individuals take steps to make their lives more comfortable without inconveniencing the rest of us?

– Will allowing different sexes to share bathrooms and locker rooms disrupt the safety, security and comfort of our schools?

What does the Colville community want in our schools? I hope we’ll find out at the next meeting. Please feel free to post your comments to this blog – All comments are moderated, however, I will post them as soon as I can.

2 comments on “Transgender Students Policy in Colville

  1. Wow, hard to believe the School Board would try to pass something like this without any thought or consideration to parents of the students or the community. The procedure 3211P even states that school employees should not disclose the students status to the students own parents! How does this board think they can get away with taking over our children.
    It is interesting that this was mixed in with 21 policies/procedures to be voted on when historically they have much fewer than this. Also it is right after their election.
    They have already voted 5-0 at the first reading approving it so unless there is a serious showing of people at this meeting, this will likely be approved.
    Other than abstractly, have they really considered the real-life consequences of this ill-written regulation?
    So many scenarios;
    GRAPHIC – How about the 16-17 year old boy who wants to act/dress like a girl but still likes girls? (supposedly Caitlyn Jenner is still attracted to women), does the boy dress like a girl and then change/shower with the girls? with the 14 y.o. freshmen? Are parents willing to allow an older, naked teen to walk around with an erection in front of their daughters? (yes that is reality)
    What about a girl dressing like a boy? How will the school assure her/his safety while taking a shower with a bunch of boys in a locker room?
    What about the kids in elementary? Junior High? There is natural curiosity, period. I would really not like any show and tell of this sort going on in the bathroom my children are using.
    The school seems very willing to risk putting students at serious risk of sexual assault/rape while in the school building.
    What about adults that use the restrooms at school? Which one will someone claiming transgender use? How will the school handle this without the same “discrimination”? Will an older man be able to walk in to the girls bathroom by claiming transgender? What about sports events? Will bathrooms be posted as “transgender friendly?”
    By trying to “foster an educational environment that is safe and free of discrimination…” they will be plowing right over the rights of the vast majority of students, parents, families. What about my right as a parent to not have my children being forced to shower/change with students with the opposite genitalia? This Colville School Board and Administration really help make a good argument for homeschooling…

  2. I have a freshman daughter. In her words, “A dude could claim to be transgender just to get into the girls bathroom.” She said she was very uncomfortable with this. When I asked why, she said it was really awkward. She does not want to use the bathroom with the possibility of a boy, no matter how he identifies, using it.

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