Transgender Transcripts Part 4

Lewis and Rockie

The second part of the meeting consisted of Superintendent Pete Lewis speaking along with the school Lawyer, Rockie Ulrich Hansen. After the last parent spoke, Superintendent Pete Lewis took the podium.

Superintendent Lewis: Good Evening, I am Pete Lewis, Superintendent of Colville School District.

President Green and members of the Board, Policy 3211 Transgender Students is before you for second reading. This policy provides additional clarity to our non-discrimination policy and I would like to point out to the Board that after posting the draft procedure on the website, we have heard from several families expressing concerns to the privacy interests of their students who may be impacted by allowing other students to utilize facilities that correspond with their gender identity. In light of these concerns, I have amended the procedure to recognize that any student who has a desire for increased privacy may be allowed to access an alternative restroom or changing area. In most cases we already have private areas within each facility that will allow a student more privacy. As the procedure says, this is done on a case by case basis.

I also want to point out that the Board approves policy, procedure is something that comes from the administration, and is something that can be changed and can be adjusted to meet the needs and to be able to comply with the law.

This is a Washington State School Directors generated Policy. It is in compliance with the Revised Code of Washington, specifically RCW 28A.642.010 ( and with the Washington Administrative Code WAC 392.190, Unlawful Discrimination ( This policy is also in compliance with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Guidelines and is consistent with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association rules.

It has also put us as a community and as a Board in a dilemma. A dilemma about how we go about crafting an appropriate policy and procedure that can meet the needs of our students and follow the laws of the state of Washington, which I am obligated to do, just as you are obligated to do.

It is important because of our discrimination policy and something that will be recognized by the state of Washington as something that we have to follow. We have protected classes. Gender identity is a protected class, like it or not. We have an obligation to make sure that all of our students and all of our classes are protected. We want to make sure that we craft a policy and procedure that allows us to do that, but does not stigmatize, it does not bring attention to, allows kids to be comfortable, allows kids to be safe.

It is not an easy place to sit there. It is not an easy place to be here.

1. Audience Member: Protect my daughter! Continue reading

Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 3

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

33 Jason33. Jason: I don’t speak in front of people very often, so it’s a little bit awkward. But this issue is on transgenders obviously and being transgender, you have issues with your identity. You don’t understand which gender you are.

If you go into the bible, yes I am Christian, the majority of you are Christians. If you go into the bible, the Devil says to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God.” He essentially questions Jesus – ‘Are you the Son of God, or are you not”? What we need to do for transgenders instead of accommodating them, is give them love and understanding and respect. Not the kind of respect we’re arguing about by letting them pick where they change, but by telling them you’re being lied to by the Devil and you don’t need to hate yourself.

Thank you.

34 Steve Parker34. Steve Parker: Steven’s County Commissioner for District 3.

Wiser men than me have said that an informed and involved electorate is necessary for the maintenance of a decent society, and I think we have that here today and it is a heart warming thing. Continue reading

Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 2

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

15 Roland Horner15. Roland Horner: Good Evening, can you hear me? (Gives name and address) … Colville, taxpayer. Anybody in the audience that owns property that does not pay taxes?


Anybody take a vaccine and get immune from paying taxes? I haven’t found one of them yet. Your tax money is going into this – I don’t know if you want to call it a program or whatever it is that we are discussing here tonight. They tell us that this is an educational institution and that the people up front of us are the Board of Education. They tell us that this is supposed to be the – this is the implication of education – being academic, moral and what not improvement of the children and the students which they have under their tutelage.

It’s not only come under, to a degree, the Board of Education, but also the school administrators who also claim to be involved in the education of our children. The very fact that this issue has been brought up tells you, or should tell you, it has nothing to do with education. It has everything to do with a political agenda. Continue reading

Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 1

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

Board President Sid Green: (This statement is summarized to the best of my memory.)  Mr. Green asked everyone speaking to stand at the podium, keep their comment to 3 minutes, to refrain from personal attacks and asked that people keep their comments civil.

Scott Martin1. Scott Martin: I would like to thank my wife Lynette, my dear friend Don Robson, and my other dear friend Jean Papst for spreading the word on this. If you got information on it, it’s probably because one of those people got it to you, not because of the board here.

When we first told people of this new policy, one of the most frequent comments we recieved was, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” The simple answer is the district didn’t want you to know about it. Alright? The only reason any of you know about it is because Colville community pulled together and informed the public, not because of the school district. They did not want to inform you.

This board and the Superintendent have eroded public involvement and public input down to next to nothing. Even with existing laws and policies in place requiring the district to include and inform the public, they clearly have failed.

The list of their own policies that require them to inform and involve the public is long

Policy #1005

Policy #1710

Policy #2005

Policy #2180

Policy #4000

Policy #4005

All of those policies they currently have [require them to be informing the public] of what’s going on. They require the public to be involved in the decision making process. None of those policies have been followed for years. Even when the district, years ago, did create some form of public input, it was always tainted by a process of intentionally hand selecting only people with certain beliefs or political views and excluding others.

If you ask me who the intolerant people are here, it’s not most of the people coming here tonight, it’s the board. The lack of communication with the public from this district can not get much worse. The secrecy has expanded even more than when Ken Emmil was here. Over the last 8 months, this board has had 13 closed door public meetings, or meetings without the public being involved. They’re even having one tonight after this. They will leave, close the door and have a meeting. But those same 8 months, the district has not had one Superintendent’s Kitchen article in the paper, they have not had one public forum, they have not had one public involvement meeting. They have done no outreach to the public of any kind. Nothing.

In closing, instead of discussing why half of the kids attending 3 through 8th grade have failed their last state assessment test in math, and the language tests aren’t much better; we’re here discussing a transgender policy which is not even required by law.

Get back to teaching teaching our kids.

Julie Paris2. Julie Paris: I’m not here to debate the policies. I’m here as a mother of three children in three schools, whose raising her kids to be moral, upright kids like me. I don’t want my daughter, or my sons exposed to the opposite sex. We’ve tried to raise them morally. We’ve tried to raise them to safe things. And it exposes them all to things that – we’ve not sheltered them from – but we have discussed in our own home. Continue reading

Summary of Colville Transgender Policy Meeting

An attendee of the meeting is allowing me to post their summary of the meeting, as I have been very short on time lately. I am very grateful for the help in getting the word out to the community. I have added a few notes:

  • There was a crowd of 300-400 people in attendance –– standing room only. I would say that at least 90% (probably more) were against the School Board.
    • Dozens of people spoke. Only 3 or 4 were in favor of the School Board  policy.
    • The folks who spoke in protest were angry and very articulate in general. A huge percentage were Christians. Many stated they would pull their children from school if the policy was passed.
    • Many made straightforward comments about the insanity of entertaining the idea that a boy can become a girl or vice versa.
    • There were a few in attendance who were in favor of the policy and made their plea to the board to pass the policy.
  • Shortly after a few comments were made, President Sid Green walked over to the podium and took the microphone back to the board table. A member of the public announced that Mr. Green had promised that all people who wanted to speak would be allowed to speak. Mr. Green then walked the microphone back to the podium and the people politely formed a line.
  • The School Board did not respond in any way for at least 2 hours, even when people would directly ask them questions. They timed each speaker, who received 3 minutes to make his/her points.
  • There were quite a few students gathered in the gym dressed in athletic clothing. Several of the girls stated how adamantly opposed they were to the invasion of their privacy and the violation of their modesty. They were clearly supported by the boys who were there.
  • Other kids spoke as well who were also adamantly opposed to this policy. One girl pointed out the far-reaching effects of this policy on any athletic event in which the Colville District is involved.
  • Commissioner Parker spoke and challenged the School Board to do the right thing and represent the people instead of being rubber stamps for the state.
  • Several pastors spoke and challenged the people to reject this policy, recall the School Board members and to begin to get involved and prepare to run for School Board in future elections.
  • There was a lot of cheering and clapping for all who opposed the issue.
  • Then the School Board took the floor.
    • The Superintendent stood up and gave the statist party line –– “There’s nothing we can do. We have to follow the law. It is a law. etc.” The crowd was very hostile.
    • The crowd had been informed that there is no law requiring the school board to enact this policy, so many did not believe Mr. Lewis.
    • He turned it over to an attorney who did the legal-ease, Delphi strategy on the crowd. The crowd went from hostile to bored to tears, but remained very resistant. She said several things that contradicted what the Board had put on their website. Came off as very disingenuous.
    • The Superintendent then took the floor again. the crowd was extremely hostile, and backed him into a corner. He eventually committed to convening a “Citizens’ Committee” to work with the School Board to find an alternative to the Policy proposal. We had to leave, but it was pretty much over. I’m not sure how they intend to follow up on the Citizens’ Committee, but will find out. (Note: Beware of the use of the Delphi Strategy and / or the Board stacking this Committee with people who want to implement this Policy. See article on the use of the Delphi Strategy at (See article on the Delphi Strategy at
    • The School Board did not help their cause at all. They came across as indifferent, bullying bureaucrats with an agenda to corrupt kids.
    • At one point, Director Rob Sumner asked people to contact their representatives to discuss it with them.
    • The board eventually, and very reluctantly tabled the policy for another meeting. After Director Sumner made the motion to table the policy, there was a very long and tense pause before the motion was seconded. Once the vote was made, it was 5-0 for approval to table the policy until another meeting.

Comments and Questions from Scott and Lynette Martin:

– Why does the board need to form a committee? What is the committee going to tell them that was not said at the public meeting we all attended? It certainly seems that they are forming a committee so that they can get people to say what they want.

– In the past, this board has created committee’s with people who agree with their own agenda, and will also put 2 board directors on the committee. One member of the Levy committee told us there was not one opposing view on the committee. When Scott asked Director Sumner about this, Director Sumner said, “Why would we want an opposing view on the committee? That makes no sense.”

– Regarding Director Sumner’s statement about talking to our representatives. THAT IS WHAT WE WERE DOING AT THE MEETING. – – – The best way to solve a problem is at the local level. Director Sumner, YOU are our representative, we were talking to YOU! – Did you not listen to what we were saying? When Scott Martin approached Director Sumner at the end of the meeting, Sumner said, “I’m not going to talk to you. You need to talk to Pete or Sid.”

Thank You Colville!

Thank You

Transgender Mtg Photo

We’d like to thank all the good people of the community for showing up at the board meeting to stop the Transgender policy tonight. We know that with the storm damage and difficulties that it was not easy for everyone to show up.

It was one of the most heartwarming things to see so many good, decent, well spoken, well informed, kind,  honest people commenting tonight in an effort to save the morality, safety and decency in our schools.

Thank you to everyone who helped to get out the word to everyone they know – it was a group effort and we could not be more appreciative of everything this community did to help stop this policy from being passed. It’s a small victory because it was obvious the board desperately wants to pass it, but if we stick together, we may be able to keep the policy AND procedure out of our district. This could be a very long hard fight.

We will keep you updated to the best of our ability to what sneaky things the district might be up to – as much as we can find out. If there is anyone in the community that has information that can help, please let us know and we will post it. We will cheerfully keep a person’s identity anonymous if you ask us – as long as we can verify that the information is truthful.

Thanks again for everything!

A Slap in the Face, and Another, and Another!!!!

THE FIRST SLAP: The Colville School Board decides to create a policy to allow transgender students access to bathrooms of their gender identity choice.

Let me just say that I am short. Very short. It is uncomfortable for me to sit in chairs where my feet dangle – which is almost always. I do not get on a podium and ask people to only manufacture chairs that I am comfortable to sit in so that everyone else is UN-comfortable. That is patently ridiculous – and I’m sorry, but isn’t that what this policy is doing?

ANOTHER SLAP: The Colville School Board changes the wording of the procedure. Here are the changes with explanation:


This is the notice from Superintendent Pete Lewis indicating changes have been made to the Transgender procedure. Don’t get your hopes up folks. Continue reading

Colville is Seeing Double on Transgender Policies

Seeing Double

There’s a little more to the story than meets the eye. We have found out that East Valley School District in Spokane already has the Transgender Policy approved. It seems to have been slipped through without parental notice.

The odd part about it, is that the East Valley Policy and the proposed Colville Policy are word for word the same. If you ask me, it looks as if someone is coordinating this. It also appears that they are trying to slip it in behind parents backs. At least in Colville, there was no public notice that I am aware of to inform the parents or public about this policy.

Here is the link for the East Valley Policy: Continue reading

Transgender Students Policy in Colville Update


The New policy shown on the School Board Web Page to be voted on this Wednesday gives more information. There are two new items shown on the procedure, and I will list them and show the information that I have found on them for you, but before I do that, I’d like to make a note that our School Board has not provided any information that shows there is any law that requires them to enact this policy and procedure in our district. Typically a procedure includes laws that require the procedure, but this policy does not include any reference to any state or federal laws. It could be that the new information provided is the board’s way of trying to show that this is “normal” or possibly “what other places are doing” so that we will think it’s ok for our district.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Scott or Lynette Martin at We will do everything we can to help our community.

Here is the first piece of information that has changed on the Transgender Procedure:

Transgender New 1

The data in blue is new. I went to the link and this is what I found:


I downloaded the document and this is the information I found that was pertinent to the procedure:

OSPI Pg 20

This information can be found on page 20 or 21 of the document.

Here is the second change on the Transgender Procedure:

Transgender New 2

Once again, the text in blue is the change.

I went to the link, but there was no information I could find, so I emailed the office and received this data. I was not given a link, only the information. I will share the entire email with you here:




End of Post

God Bless our Veterans

090311-N-0696M-097 A lone U.S. Army bugler plays Taps at the conclusion of the First Annual Remembrance Ceremony in Dedication to Fallen Military Medical Personnel at Arlington National Cemetery,  March 11, 2009.(DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley/Released)

A lone U.S. Army bugler plays Taps at the conclusion of the First Annual Remembrance Ceremony in Dedication to Fallen Military Medical Personnel at Arlington National Cemetery, March 11, 2009.(DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley/Released)

Thank you to every Veteran and to every Veteran’s family

Transgender Students Policy in Colville


The title says it all. Our school board has already approved the first reading of this policy and will officially approve a new policy allowing transgender students use of the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the policy for yourself. You can access it by a ridiculous amount of clicking at the Colville school web page. I will walk you through it. I cannot just give you a link – you have to do the work.

Go to:

Mouse over District and click on School Board

Click on School Board Meeting Agenda’s and Minutes

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click on October 28, 2015 on the left side of the page

Go down to 5.02 Policies – First Reading and click on the Blue Document Icon

Click on 3211.pdf and 3211P.pdf

I will save you some trouble by putting a portion of the policy here:

This first insert is the most worrisome portion of the policy:

Transgender Policy 1

And here is the beginning of the policy:

Transgender Policy 2

You will need to follow the above link to see the policy in it’s entirety  because I have not posted it here.

This policy will be approved by the board during the November 18, 2015 meeting to be held at Aster Elementary school, 217 S. Hofstetter Street, Colville at 6:00pm. Be assured that without a showing of the public at this meeting, this will be passed. It is sad, but the policy will probably be passed even with a showing of the public because in the past, the board has brought in a large volume of individuals who approve their beliefs and they then use those people to justify their actions – which in this case will be the passing of the policy due to “large public agreement or interest”.

Contacting the school via a phone call or an email does not have the same effect as a gathering of people at the board room, but it certainly won’t hurt. I am fairly certain that if the public does not show up – this policy will be enacted by the board.

If you want my opinion – I am not against providing facilities for different needs, however the solution the board is suggesting is out of the question for my own standards. They could easily provide a simple bathroom for the needs of – what will it be just a few children. They don’t have to disrupt the security or comfort of the entire rest of the students in the school. But that’s just one opinion, I’m guessing this community will have many different ideas.


– Was there a survey done of the students prior to this policy being written or voted on by the board?

– Were any parents notified about this prior to the policy being written or voted on by the board?

– Why is burden of comfort being placed on the entire body of students and community instead of on the few that have special requirements?

– When it comes to tolerance, is it being forced onto us – or are we being allowed to show our tolerance in our own way? What I mean is once the policy is in place, anyone who doesn’t agree with it will probably be called intolerant.

– When it comes to a few people – why is it always the entire rest of the population supposed to agree with these few individuals, why can’t the few individuals take steps to make their lives more comfortable without inconveniencing the rest of us?

– Will allowing different sexes to share bathrooms and locker rooms disrupt the safety, security and comfort of our schools?

What does the Colville community want in our schools? I hope we’ll find out at the next meeting. Please feel free to post your comments to this blog – All comments are moderated, however, I will post them as soon as I can.