Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, January 27, 2015 was Parent Teacher Conference day. On the afternoon of January 26, 2015, I received a phone message reminder. It’s nice that the school sent a reminder, but sad that it was the night before.

I remember a day when schools actually had parents attend these days. They gave the parents a written notice with plenty of time for the parents to rearrange their schedule. Parents can’t just drop everything and take off with a moments notice, they need time to arrange with their boss, so they can take off work.

I’m also assuming the teachers can’t see every parent at the same time, so it seems like it would be more beneficial to give at least a weeks notice so that everyone could arrange their schedule.

But that’s just me.

I’m sure the school will say that the conference days are listed on the school calendar, so parents have already had plenty of notice and that’s a fair argument.

My point is that if the school is going to send a notification, it would be nice to have it at the very least on Monday, so parents have a couple of days notice instead of getting a phone message on the night before the scheduled day. It’s kind of hard to call your boss to get permission for a day off when your boss isn’t at work. Parents have very busy schedules, and don’t always put every date in their calendar, especially when it’s several months off.

In my mind, when the school sends a message the night before, it seems as if they don’t actually want to have parents attend.

7071223009_3c49174fcc_bThe school also says that less and less parents attend every year. Why is this?

– Is it because parents don’t care how their children are doing in school?

– Is it because parents are not properly informed?

– Is it because parents trust the schools more now than they did years ago?

– Is it because standards based grading means nothing to the parents or the children and nobody understands what’s going on anyway?

– Is it because conferences are during the day when parents can’t attend instead of at night when parents have free time?

– Is it because parents have much busier schedules now and can’t drop everything on a minutes notice?