Good News, Tacoma Dome, ASB, Levy Funds

Tacoma_Dome_Station_en.wikipedia.orgOur Colville Indian Varsity Football team played for state championship this year for the first time in the history of Colville. While we came in a heartbreaking second, losing only by one point or one inch, whichever way sticks in your mind the most, it was still an overwhelming experience for our whole community. Our family was listening to KCRK 92.1 radio breathlessly from the beginning to the end of the game – except when I had to leave the room to calm down. I found myself shouting at the radio for some of the most absurd calls by officials I have ever heard in a football game. A do-over down because the ref’s weren’t ready? Ummm, they blew the whistle didn’t they? They were always ready when we had a loss in yards … but that’s not really what this post is about, let’s hope our team can get there again soon and beat them by yards.

I would like to give my Congratulations to the entire Colville football community for their hard work, dedication, and for bringing so much excitement and team spirit to our community. This includes the cheerleaders, and marching band because they brought even more pride and enthusiasm to the whole football season.

04_28_49---US-Dollar-Bills_web_freefoto.comWhat I want to present in this post is something that I haven’t ever seen in the Colville school district. The ASB club gave each football athlete, cheerleader and band member a $30 food allowance for the trip. My jaw was on the floor when I heard this money was from levy funds that were given to the Colville High School.

This is a first from my experience and I want to say thank you to Principal Kevin Knight for using our Levy funds for the kids so they could have the experience of a lifetime. Mr. Knight explained that many kids would not have been able to go on the field trip because their families couldn’t afford the food allowance. I think it’s clear that Mr. Knight understands the real issues of many families in this district. He showed a compassion and a kindness I haven’t seen from our school officials in this district for many years. I couldn’t have been happier. Let’s hope we hear more use of our levy funds for important things like this that really mean a lot to our students.

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