Inspirational Post – You Are Never Too Old!

Old_People__close_up_by_mellisea_deviantart.comEducation is not just for the young and neither is pursuing your goals, no matter what they might be or what your age. I’ve put several links about inspirational elderly people at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment.

I don’t remember where I heard this story, but it goes something like this: A 70 year old man was in college and his 20 year old classmates were asking him questions about why he would want to start college at such an advanced age. One of the youths asked him if he knew he’d be 74 years old when he graduated. The elderly man looked his classmate in the face and said, “Son, I’m going to be 74 years old anyway.”
In A Fisherman’s Language: An Autobiography by Captain James Arruda Henry

All of these photos have been sourced from the inspiring facebook page, “Growing Bolder”.  Here’s their mission statement: “We share the real stories of ordinary people who are living extraordinary lives and prove that it’s never too late to discover your purpose and passion; never too late to reinvent yourself, begin a new relationship, start a new business, learn a new skill or make a difference in your community. Our products are hope, inspiration and possibility. Our message is dream, believe and persist.”

There’s no reason to stop learning or growing just because you have reached a certain number of years or because someone else doesn’t think it’s proper. Go out there, follow your heart, find your joy, believe in your goals and live your dream in spite of anything else.

All you have to do to get to where you want to go is to keep taking that next step, solving that next problem. No matter how hard your project is, or how many obstacles you have to overcome, if you keep going, you will eventually finish what you started and be a better person for it.

7132623549_901941826f_flickr.comWe all falter or give in to our own self doubts at times, but that’s ok, everyone stumbles. Sometimes you have to step back, work through your issues, and pick up your project again when you’ve dusted yourself off. Sometimes the best way to find your courage is to tackle another project, but keep the old ones for when you want to pick them up again. The people around you will benefit from your efforts too – but not always in ways that you might expect.

I believe the things we make with our own hands or the things we do and share with those we love are by far the best things in life. My grandfather was a carpenter and my grandmother was a seamstress and a gardener. They didn’t buy things, they made them. Our grocery store was in our back yard. Next time you think you need to buy something, see if you can make it or produce it on your own instead. You’d be surprised what you can learn in the process. Incidentally, my grandmother received her master gardener’s degree in her late 60’s.

Never forget that when you are doing something you love, it’s not always about the finished product, it’s about loving what you are doing while filling in the moments. God doesn’t make mistakes, He made you perfect in every way, so go out there, be yourself and enjoy your life instead of sitting around wishing you had done something else with it.



As promised, here are some links to some amazingly inspirational stories about the elderly doing what they love and/or excelling in their lives in ways that may astound some the most emboldened critics.

Growing bolder: Hope, inspiration & possibility for the 45+ generation.

Helping You Care: Helping you care for senior loved ones, and yourself.

10 Inspiring Educational Trends Among Senior Citizens:

15 Superhuman Feats Performed by Senior Citizens:

7 Inspiring People Over 100 Years Old:

Super Seniors.Org: A one-of-a-kind — first ever database featuring inspiring,true stories of ordinary people aging in extraordinary ways.

These stories are just the tip of the iceberg, so feel free to look for other inspirational people of all ages and subjects that interest

Psalms 92:14 – They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing;

Psalms 91:16 – With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

Psalms 71:18 – Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto [this] generation, [and] thy power to every one [that] is to come.

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