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bullying_01_gopixpic.comI believe bullying in the Colville School District is an issue that needs to be addressed. Bullying can come from students, teachers, staff or administration. If you have a story about bullying that you would like posted, please contact me.

For this first post, I would like to discuss a bully situation that was widely discussed in our community. In February of 2013, a very brave student named Paul Brozik addressed an issue he was having on change.org. I have posted the text of the petition at the bottom of this post along with the link.

I think it’s very important to know how our school board addressed this issue. In short, I believe they buried it.

– The board had a “non” meeting to talk with the public. This means that they spoke with members of the public, but did not have a quorum of the board (3 or more members) attending, so that they did not have to post minutes of the meeting.

– The board spoke with Mr. Brozik and his family about the issue in an executive session. Our board members believe that anything they discuss in executive session may never be talked about again, so this is how I believe they muted themselves.

NOTE: Many public organizations will release minutes of their executive sessions, so it is legal for the public to know what goes on in executive session. If a public records request is submitted for executive session documents, those documents fall under the open public meeting laws and they must be turned over to the public. Unfortunately for the public, our board does not take minutes in executive session and doesn’t share the minutes or the documents – at least they have not shared them with me when I have put in a request.

– The board allowed comments in a public meeting and the subject has never been brought up again.

– I don’t have any information about reprimands of any kind. All I know is the teacher is still teaching at Colville.

I personally like the teacher discussed in this bully incident, so I was disappointed to hear she might be bullying other students. During the “non” meeting/public discussion there were several conversations about teachers that some people thought were bullies and other people thought were great teachers, so there seems to be quite a big divide in some cases with individual teachers.

As children, both my husband and I were bullied by teachers. My children have been bullied by teachers. In my opinion, my family and friends are continually bullied by the Colville administrators and school board, so bullying is one of the reasons I started attending school board meetings regularly. I have started this blog to communicate this information to the community. There have been many times that I see one thing happening, but the public is told another by our district, or the information is buried so the public cannot see it. It’s time to have all sides of the stories are out there for everyone to see. This petition is a huge part of getting the word out to the community. The petition explains the bully incident best and the multitude of comments below the petition add quite a bit to the story of bullying in the Colville school district.

Petition Text and Comments https://www.change.org/p/colville-high-school-fix-take-care-of-unprofessional-teaching-and-unjust-practices-at-chs

I am a current senior at Colville High School and quite frankly things at Colville High School have gotten out of hand. Teachers and staff members have been brushing things off to the side like they are no big deal. Students that are somebody, or who’s parents are someone in this town or that are in some sort of sports program get special privileges. Such as not having to work hard for the grades they receive. Teachers will tell students that if they show up each day and get to class on time they will keep their grade up above passing so that these certain students will not get flagged from the team. As well as this issue there is others such as Students are getting bullied and picked on to the point that there afraid to say anything. Especially because the track record with our school is that things will get covered up and not be taken care of. This is a proven fact because with myself as an example I had to have my parents come into the Junior High School to talk to the principal until after the fifth visit by them and me taking matters into my own hands was something finally done. The problem still persist as I have gone through the last four years at CHS and noticed multiple issues that something should have been done and wasn’t. Another example would be that at the beginning of the year we had a school wide assembly and we were told not to bring our pocket knifes to school. No matter what. Not a month and half later I was siting in one of my classes and noticed that a student was using a knife in class while our teacher talked. The teacher noticed and asked the student to bring the knife up to her desk and return to his seat. A few minutes before class ended the teacher returned the knife to the student and asked that it not be brought back and that the teacher did not want to see it again. It was all because of who the student was and that the teachers felt that the policy didn’t apply. For reference here is the policy for weapons straight from our school handbook. Possession of a Dangerous Weapon: Possession or bringing and/or transferring weapons such as, but not limited to: knives, multi-tools, martial arts weapons, or any other weapons, flammables, explosives, and/or any object that poses physical danger to the health and/or safety of students and faculty, including all replicas. This encompasses all school property to include the school bus and any school related activity. The administration reserves the right to determine the degree and level at which the violation will be handled. Consequences for possession of weapons on campus will be determined based on a case by case basis. Consequences can range from confiscation of the weapon to emergency expulsion. Confiscated items will only be released to parents. And here is the link to our schools handbook. http://www.colsd.org/cms/lib6/WA01001008/Centricity/Domain/89/CHS Student Handbook 13-14 final.pdf One other example is that just the other day a student was writing a paper in an English class. At the top a quote was made by the student that was a slur against gay students and that they would like to see them shot. A student that over heard this got very upset and said things to these other students and she was the only one to get in trouble. The other kids escaped free and clear of any ramifications. Last but not least. Teachers at CHS have been part of the harassment issue as well. just today I, along with a fellow student, was told by a substitute teacher that my entire senior class had anger issues and that we all needed mental help. He then for next hour and half asked me if I was still in a bad mood, and continued to not care about what was wrong. I have talked to many student and they feel the same about this teacher and that he is not a professional in the way he acts around the students. At CHS there is also a harassment section in our hand book and we the students at CHS feel that it has not been followed at all. Below is the harassment section along with the link. Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying: The district is committed to a safe and civil educational environment for all students, employees, parents/legal guardians, volunteers, and patrons that is free from harassment, intimidation or bullying. Harassment, intimidation or bullying is any intentional electronic, written, verbal or physical act that: • Physically harms a student or damages the student’s property; or • Has the effect of substantially interfering with a student’s education; or • Is so severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidating or threatening educational environment; or • Has the effect of substantially disrupting the orderly operation of the school. Conduct that may rise to the level of harassment, intimidation and/or bullying may can take many forms, including, but not limited to: slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendos, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, ostracism, physical attacks or threats, gestures, or acts relating to an individual group whether electronic, written, oral, or physically transmitted messages or images. “Intentional acts” refers to the individual’s choice to engage in the act rather than the ultimate impact of the actions. http://www.colsd.org/cms/lib6/WA01001008/Centricity/Domain/89/CHS Student Handbook 13-14 final.pdf This is a big issue and it needs fixed. Please let this be known to the public so that there will be a change. Thank You Student at Colville High School.

Colville High School

Fix/take care of unprofessional teaching and unjust practices at CHS

[Your name]


  1. Reached 250 signatures


Reasons for signing

This is such a touchy subject to bring up but it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. As a junior in the Colville High School I have seen many issues (some I was a part of) not be taken care of correctly or even represented as issues. I think the most important of the issues Paul brought up with this petition is not only do kids get away with actions and failing grades based on their high and mighty title in the town, but teachers and substitute teachers are not only poorly taking care of bullying issues, but they seem to be promoting and acting out on it as well. In my freshman year a substitute teacher (which I believe is the same substitute teacher Paul is talking about) actually hit a student who was laughing at something in class, right across the head. When the principle talked to the substitute teacher about this he was forced to write an apology letter but he told the principle he merely “tapped him on the head” THIS blatantly falls under the harassment section of our student handbook. Another time in my Freshman Year P.E. class we were forced to run around the golf course on a trail called the “P-Loop” but as Freshman we didn’t know which way to go and the teacher did not give very easily followed directions, we got lost and came back a different way than the rest of the students. We were given zero credit for the day and were told to come in on a Friday morning to make up for our lack of following directions. I remember us trying to explain we didn’t know which way to go and the teacher said “You guys are cheaters.” and then she looked at a group of girls she favored out of the class and said “Do they look like cheaters to you?” and they nodded, and we sat their ashamed and mortified. Many of the Freshman who went the wrong way and I came in to speak with the Principal and our parents about how unjust we felt it was. The principal didn’t do a single thing. We came into class and the I, as a junior, still can recall the embarrassment and mortification I felt when she looked us in the face and said “Mr. Knight told me to apologize, but I’m not sorry, you are all lazy ass cheaters and you will still receive a zero for the day.”

Many other issues and favoritism has been blatant throughout the years and it needs to stop. And the way the principal and the teachers don’t do anything about it just promotes the issues all together. The kids see they won’t get in trouble for things they do and they continue, bullying, harassment, physical abuse, it will all continue because no one will do a single thing about it.

Please support this petition as I do.

Thank you


Finally, someone has spoken up. As a recently graduated student from Colville High School, I have noticed all these problems over the years. It is understandable that people are getting fed up. I am very happy that this petition was created and am proud to sign it.

There are allot of bullies at our school and they don’t get in trouble because they have some relation to the supervisors or their parents are something special. I’ve had friends that moved to another school because they got in trouble for getting bullied.

My son went to CHS for one year and I took him out and drove him to KF everyday. Well worth it. No real problems with students , it was the teachers and it was all about the last name and who’s parents has the most money, those kids deffinetly got treated better then others even if they had bad grades. I support this 100%

This is a problem in many schools. I removed my kids from Inchelium school and now drive 40 miles twice a day to take my kids to kettle falls school. This has become a terrible problem in many schools and it needs to be stopped!

I agree with this petition, and believe sine students really want to learn and some teachers have no idea how or desire to teach them…things need to change

This is not just a Junior or Senior High problem, it is also at Fort Colville. I have not personally heard of any problems at Hofstetter, but I would not be surprised it is a problem there as well. This needs to change.

My child goes to CJH and I have one I have transferred to Kettle because of this exact problem. I hope changes can be made.

A few years back an young man shot himself because of the bully that was going on in school. The school district did not take any action and just brushed it off. The school district administration is the problem !!!

I graduated from CHS a few years back and have had some personal experiences similar to these. Everyone complained and we never saw a change. I hope that getting this out will make a difference and not only teachers and the school board will change their ways, also coaches. I was always the best on JV because so and so had a grandpa with higher power. We cant help what family we were born into. A new generation should start new. Good luck!

this is important in every school but some of those students being bullied are my FAMILY. I also have a Granddaughter who lost a friend in Pocatello, Idaho because she was being bullied and picked on. she killed herself. please don’t wait fix this now.

I hope you also send a copy of this petition to the WA Dept of Education, your Congerss men both state and local, your Senators, and the Govoner of WA

This was going on in 1986 when I graduated CHS

I went to CHS and the same things were going on then. I HATED that school!

Same thing happened to me when I went to CHS it would be nice to see it stop

Nobody likes a bully!! Adult teachers should know better!!

Granddaughter goes to CHS

This is easy for me to say since I no longer live in Colville. I left the jazz choir because some of the members were so mean and belittling. That means I did not get to go on those trips! I must say, however, I got the last laugh. I was the piano player so I they were in a real tough spot without me. Also, you can see what I’m doing now at www.Mrs-Eliason.com

everyone should have a chance at the best possible eduation.

Because I have four grandchildren

in this school district and know what this young man has said to be true. How very disappointing and discouraging.

this has been going on at this school for years.my grand kids seen it,s how you are kind of school. this school has always suck!

I am signing this because I have a daughter in CHS and she has had difficulties with both staff and students. Something needs to be done. For those who don’t have the option of sending their kids to Kettle, or a private school. Those children have 4 yrs of hell ( if they last that long without dropping out ) and they wonder why there is so many students that walk away with a sub-par education.

We all have to watch out for the kids!

I used to be a substitute teacher in the Colville school district. I can say I am very proud of this young man. This problem, unfortunately, goes back years to before I was in school. It is indicative of a small town not growing or changing with the times. Students should not be afraid to go to school. People need to learn tolerance and quit the bigotry and redneck behavior. Clean it up, Colville.

Having been a student in the CHS machine, and also having taught in various schools, I can honestly say that I have never experienced bullying in any school like I did, back in my day, at Colville High School, for the same reasons, and with the same results. What perplexes me is that in this day and age of heightened awareness of bullying, with more people speaking out loudly against it, that schools, and especially the one from which I graduated many years ago, are not uniformly adopting measures to end this. Sadly, as has been outlined here, and as I have seen in other schools, many of the worst perpetrators of bullying are the ones who should be protecting the kids from it: the teachers and administrative staff. It is a shameful waste. I am ashamed to say that I graduated from the Colville School District if this is to continue and I will gladly counsel anyone to seek out alternative forms of education for their students.

With sympathy for the CHS victims of abuse,

Denise Adams Lyle

CHS Class of ’86. This is disgraceful, Everyone should be treated equally regardless of status in the community. Fix this NOW. Make CHS great again. FIRE the PRINCIPAL! Find someone who will enforce rules and hire teachers who will encourage learning and stop bullying!

    • 14 days ago
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A bad teacher is someone who is not only getting paid for something they are not doing, but also are having a negative affect on a young persons’ life. There should be no tolerance for such behavior. Teachers should be viewed as a much more important position and action should be taken when teachers aren’t doing their jobs. Teachers should be teaching and inspiring all youth – not ignoring them and playing favorites.

This game by the teachers has been going on for years. My kids were treated horrible by the teachers too. I even caught the great Mr. Jensen flipping my son off behind his back. Its been going on forever the deal with kids having popular parents or the super jock or those who come from wealthy home were shown favor…I saw this 10 years ago and complained about it then. If you go check the my daughters Sr. class pictures that grace the hall, has the wrong picture for her. I have taken 4 different pictures in for them to have them change it…its still wrong. I ended up pulling my 3 kids out and putting them in the CAN program then homeschooled thru the Johnson Christian schools home school program. I had no faith in the ethics of CHS 10 years ago and I see no reason to change my opinion. Now my grandkids are coming up in the district and you better believe I have concerns.

This may not be my school, but this is a problem that has reached every school I believe. If Colville makes the change maybe more schools will make the change–or inspire more students to take a stand. I admire Brozik’s courage to stand up for what’s right, and that was what first made me want to sign, but now it’s personal. Every administrations needs to read this, every school needs to change this.

The same issues existed when I graduated in 1991.

As a parent, I’ve been stating this to the school numerous times!! Was anything done? No! Did the school follow up with my concerns? No! Sad how our youth feel this way.

Proud to sign this.. And so glad that this young man decided to write this and I am sure it took a lot seems how I am sure kids are making fun of him for doing this.. But this is awesome!! Something needs to change in the Colville School District cause it’s bull crap how kids are being treated.. I am happy to say my kids don’t go to colvilke they attend a private school in Colville and I am so very thankful for that school!! Hopefully this can start to change something’s in this district!!

Last year the school district showed me that some families are important and some are not. As said by Clayton Allen “I know these girls and there families and they wouldn’t lie” well I proved him wrong and “those girls ” did lie!

Because students should not have to live in fear of those who should protect them.

Because I went to school at CHS.

im glad someone is speaking up, I have a daughter at CHS and I talked to some of her teachers and I to was un impressed with their reactions to her low grade level. I understand it is just as important on my part at a parent to do everything I can to help my daughter but I expect the teachers to care a little too.

My older son went there. Plus this should not happen everyone should be treated the same just because your doing sports or your parents are or think they are important should not matter. It only will hurt them in the long run they will go to college and have a rude awakening. If they even make it.

I have not only seen but I have experienced this at this school till the day I left. Change is needed. Why not sign? We are being peaceful about it and this is our right.

I know first hand how some kids are allowed to break rules and get away with it while others are picked on by staff. Some teachers play favorites and don’t follow rules.

I have grandchildren who attend Colville schools and I want them to feel safe and comfortable in their learning environment. Consequences for unacceptable behavior should be meted out to students, teachers and any employee of the schools.

I am a parent of four children that attended CHS. My youngest graduated in 2004. All the things this young man writes about was true back then. Even students threatening teachers in the hallways. Such a bad environment. It needs to be investigated and changed.

Good for you!!! About time this was taken care of!!! It was the same way when I was in school 10 years ago!!!

It is because of the teachers that I quit school. I was not a jock or well off.

I was forced to leave CHS due to bullying and teachers ans facility doing nothing about it. I had to find schooling elsewhere. Its time someone take a stand

I agree! Teachera at the highschool forget that just because we’re students, doesnt mean we arent people! Teachers seem to be disrupting my ability to learn more than other students do!

This not only happens in our schools, but it happens in the workforce here. Educated, professional people should be just that…..professional. Bullying and favoritism won’t stop until it stops with the adults first.

Because kettle and colvilles teachers a very hypocritical and judgmental

I suffered through some of the same issues when I went through CHS. Its a serious problem. In one class, I watched as an important basketball player, whose parents also had a name in the community, do nothing in the class, yet still pass with decent grades.

Because We had a daughter that went through the same issues at Kettle Falls High school.

These issues need reviewed. What is going on in this school?

While I won’t entirely discredit this individual’s concerns, there are a few logical errors here. See the example about the knife situation and compare it to the quotation from the handbook. “The administration reserves the right to

determine the degree and level at which the violation will be handled. Consequences for

possession of weapons on campus will be determined based on a case by case basis.” The administration, in this case, was completely within the written policy.

I am a graduate from Inchelium High School and similar things have went on here as well. I had been bullied all through school with nothing ever really being done about it. Now my sone is in Kindergarten. He was pulled down by his coat and kicked in the head twice by a kid in his class. I was not told by the school yet about this issue from his teacher, sup. or prin. a few days later the same kid decides to try and choke him out. The kid was finally suspended for three days. Still have not received a phone call.

Something has to be done. This goes on in several schools and nothing is ever done. I know a young man who is now going to alternative high school because the teacher didn’t like him and the principal or superintendent would listen to him or the parent. And because the parent didn’t want to make her son’s senior year rough on him they both agreed. i know for a fact this kid is a good kid and that this was not right. He does not drink, or do drugs. The same thing happened to my nephew when he was in high school. The first day the new principal met my nephew he decided he didn’t like him and made his four years of high school hell for him didn’t matter how many times the parents came to school in his defense. I never seen a kid so happy to graduate and a great grades despite how the principal felt about him.

In my senior year I got in trouble and was almost raped behind the school the boy who did it walked away with nothing and I got suspended and missed walking and bearly got my deplomia well he sat in class talking about m. The school did nothing when I came back and he was harassed me for mouths all becouse he was joining the milatry and i was a no one by there standards. I would love to see those unjust teachers finally have to won up to all the corrupt actions they’ve done.

I went to colville high school as freshmen and i was bullied. the school did nothing besides talk to me about it and that was after my mother talked to the principle because they were not doing anything about it. everything paul said was true from what i saw.

Because of the way our two adopted sons that have disabilities were treated in school and our complaints fell on deaf ears.

While attending this school as a junior and a very big majority of my senior year I saw many things that I did not agree with. The teacher favoritism was one of the many things. But there is one thing in this petition that I do NOT agree with…the sports section. As a fellow tennis player, I was not given any special treatment

Almost impossible to fire teachers in todays public school system. The teacher unions keep these bad teachers a float and they know it. 100% political.

Good Luck!

Good luck fighting the teacher Unions. Almost impossible to fire teachers now a days. Glad to see someone voicing this, but doubt anything will be done or if something is done it will only be temporally.


Great Job Paul! Don’t wait for a change until someone gets hurt. I love your drive and passion, you will be able to be a blessing to so many people who have lost hope!

I’m A Concerned Citizen

So many get forgotten and then that’s when bigger problems start.

I have seen this with my own student, who is also a senior. I think that it is wrong and if the students are not allowed to be bullies, then why should the teachers be allowed?

I don’t remember this happening when I was a student there, but my head could have been buried in the sand! Either way, I signed it because no one needs to go through crap like this!

Thank you for sharing that Sarah. I am sorry this happened to you and my goal is to make sure it never happens to any other student ever again.

This place made High School HELL for me & would I would NEVER reccomend This district to ANYONE.

(Just to put it out their a close family member of mine works here and i think The staff who work at the high school and have no authority shouldn’t be included)

I Completely agree, they were going to fail/hold me back in p.e during my senior year because I had a 73% and not a 75%. I’ve seen teachers compromise with students and offer as much help as they need to be in sports or clubs but in my case it was like a Fu** you cause I wasn’t involved in those activities. They made high school he’ll for me I hope the administration gets what they deserve.

Students should not feel afraid to attend school for fear of getting bullied or favoritism. Its not right.

This is just not at the high school. It is applicable to all The schools in Colville School District.

The issues raised in the statement definitely need to be examined. I just recently had my ten year class reunion but I decided not to attend for a lot of the same reasons that are stated in this petition. I felt I was a victim of bullying, but nobody seemed to care. Do not get me wrong, I know there are some very good instructors there. Unfortunately, the good will always be overshadowed by the bad. It is the duty of the teachers and administration to provide a safe and fair environment for students. Otherwise the reason for being there practically becomes null and void.

I have gone through so many things with this school just this year alone. The way they treat people is beyond disrespectful.

This has been going on in schools since I was in school. It is a REAL problem.

I grew up in Colville an graduated from CHS and there had always been the problem with students getting special attention and teachers looking the other way or being part of the problem. I had one teacher try her hardest to fail me just because I was a teen mom and she did not like me. Out of all the crap that went on in that school there was one good teacher I knew I could trust and count on and that was Ron Noble. He is a good man and helped me see my true potential. Any way, I am signing this petition because these are serious issues that need to be taken care of not pushed to the side.

Because it is a high school I grew up playing against in school at Newport.

All 4 of my children went to school in the Colville School District and I was continuously at any one of the schools weekly for not only students bullying my kids but teachers, counselors and principles. I was not a rich person by any means but I was not on any state assistance and worked most times 2 to 3 jobs at a time. My kids were clean, healthy and happy. But I taught them to speak their minds. It was a real shame that those adult bullies could dish it out but couldn’t take it what so ever. Just goes to show you what wimps they hired all those years.


Teachers do abuse their power at the school. To the school’s credit there are some great ones but I think a lot of them could use a real attitude adjustment. If you can’t handle your students by normal practices or they really drive you that crazy maybe you should find another job. Favoritism is a problem at CHS. And sometimes I really wondered about how well looked into the substitute teachers were. There were some I felt probably shouldn’t have been allowed around children.

I graduated in 2012 and I have felt this way ever since i was in choir. A lot of the points here are why i’m signing. Many times the choir would have the option to go on trips performing at other schools which was a big deal to all the choir members. Many times these were canceled because the teachers didn’t want us missing school, which was understandable, if it weren’t for sports. Those guys always get to go compete against other schools while everybody else had to stay behind. the kids in choir, were mostly known for having great grades in other classes, while the kids in sports were not… for that reason i am signing this. it needs to be fixed!!

Most of this is the exact reason I left the high school.

I am a student at Colville High School and I have seen some of these things happening and it needs to stop!

This is important because it’s the truth. The public needs to see the truth, and see Colville highschool isn’t as innocent as it seems. As the statement above, the students who are something or whos parents are something in this town, don’t have to do diddly squat to pass. They get to bullshit with their friends, bully, and do as they please. Help it stop.

I endured bullying during my first year at the high school and I believe that everyone has a right to stand up to being bullied. This is a good that people are saying no more to the mistreatment of some and the special privileges of others. Bring back the good in school.

i am i student there

My son went through the same stuff from middle school up to we pulled him out. IMHO If you stop the bullying and harassment in school the gun grabbers would relax

This is important to me because I attended this school and I know what Paul is talking about. I am particularly angry about the way gay-bashing is handled. Or should I say, not handled.


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