Broken Promise by School Board

I am disappointed in our School Board because I believe they did not meet the requirements of the Open Public Meeting laws when hiring our Interim Superintendent. I am doubly disappointed that they went back on their promise to do a full and open search for a permanent Superintendent.

Here is a clip of the job posting for our superintendent.

Job Posting Cropped 2

In the job posting for Interim Superintendent, you will see it says (during which time, the District will conduct a search for a permanent Superintendent). This was voted and passed unanimously 5-0 by the board in the May 28, 2014.

Our board did not just promise the public, they stated publicly in writing that they would do a public search for our superintendent, and then fell back on that promise. In my opinion, we can never trust the word of any sitting board member from this point on.

In the November 24, 2014 school board meeting, the board unanimously approved to cancel the search and hire Mr. Lewis. This broke their promise to our community.



Our school board promised the community they would do a full and open search. Why didn’t they?

Our Board will tell you that they were trying to save us the money, but there is so much distrust with our board already – why go down this path?

Was it really just about the money – or was it something else?

I can understand that they are happy with Mr. Lewis’ job performance as an Interim Superintendent, but why didn’t they do a full, open and transparent search when hiring our Interim Superintendent in the first place?


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