Documentation for Questionable Interim Superintendent Hiring

This post contains additional documentation showing proof of information in previous post.

April 7, 2014 Pete Lewis was put on paid leave in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Here is the text of the meeting minutes that is applicable:

Lewis Placed on Leave Fairbanks MinutesMay 13, 2014 Michael Cashion announces resignation to ESD 101

2014-05-13 Cashion resignation email to ESD copy

May 15, 2014 Michael Cashion writes resignation letter

– Letter is placed in the Statesman Examiner and you can view it here$file/Resignation%20Letter.PDF

May 16, 2014 Michael Dunn from ESD 101 sends Sid Green Pete Lewis’ resume and contact information.

2014-05-16 Dunn to Green PL Resume copy

May 16, 2014 Sid Green responds to Michael Dunn saying he went online and read all the information about Pete Lewis.

2014-05-16 Sid response to Dunn PL resumeContinued conversation from Mike Dunn to Sid Green

2014-05-16 Dunn to Green PL resume 2

May 21, 2014 Colville posts a job opening for superintendent stating  applications being accepted until June 5th.

2014-.05-21 Heather to ESD Job postingjpgAttachment to above email (in part)

2014-05-21 Heather to ESD Attachment

May 28, 2014 School Board accepts Michael Cashion’s resignation in legal school board meeting.

– Link to May 28, 2014 school board agenda

– Link to resignation letter$file/Resignation%20Letter.PDF

May 28, 2014 In email correspondence (received through a public records request) Michael Dunn ESD 101 asks Sid Green if he can interview Pete on June 6th

2014-05-28 Dunn asks Sid to interview early

May 30, 2014 Michael Cashion writes letter to Michael Dunn stating he spoke with Pete Lewis about hiring employees.

Read number 5 in email below.

2014-05-30 Cashion to Dunn courtesy update

June 9, 2014 Colville School Board Meeting to Evaluate the qualifications of one or more applicants for public employment in an executive session.

– Below I have attached my hand typed notes from the digital recording I took of the Executive meeting before and after the interviews.

2014-06-09 June 9, 2014 Executive Session to interview Candidates for Superintendent

Sid Green Alright, let’s call the meeting to order. Stand for the pledge.

Audience Rumblings

Sid Green Somebody stole the flag. (garbled) it’s in that corner. It’s usually over there. Somebody sto… Oh, it’s out there.

Pledge recitation

Sid Green Alright, we are going into executive session to evaluate the qualifications of one or more applicants for public employment in accordance with RCW 42.31.10. We will be gone, let’s say, three hours. So we’ll try and reconvene again at nine. Got it?

Sandy Moore (garbled) send that word up wise

Scott Martin Do we know what job this is for?

Krista Ohrtman Wasn’t it listed on there?

Scott Martin No.

Krista Ohrtman (garbled) Yea, we just

Sandy Moore Superintendent, I don’t think that (garbled)

Bill Pifer One other question. I’m assuming there is more than one applicant.

Sandy Moore Um

Bill Pifer Are you on a scheduled time?

Sandy Moore Yes, we are.

Bill Pifer So, we would have an applicant coming later?

Sandy Moore We have someone coming at 7,

Bill Pifer Ok, that’s what I wanted to know.

Sandy Moore And another at 8.

Bill Pifer 7 and 8, ok, 6, 7 and 8, alright.

Sandy Moore Three, three.

Audience Ok

Sandy Moore And one of them’s actually. One of them’s actually, is, is a telephone interview, so it’s not somebody that’s (garbled)

Bill Pifer Ok, so

Sandy Moore The 8 o’clock one, so we have a live person at six, a live person at 7 and then a (garbled)


Bill Pifer And they will come directly to your meeting, they won’t come back here?

Sandy Moore They will not come back here as far as I know.

Bill Pifer And you won’t reconvene (garbled)

Sandy Moore We won’t reconvene until 9

Bill Pifer Ok

Sandy Moore Thanks guys.

Interview process

Three hours later at 9pm:

Sid Green We are reconvened.

Sandy Moore We cannot take a vote of any sort tonight so …

Sid Green: Because we didn’t put it on the agenda.

Sandy Moore no decision has been reached. What we did was we went through a process where we had a scoring system that Fred used based on interview questions, interview ambiance, gut feelings, reference checks,

Krista Ohrtman screening of qualifications,

Sandy Moore screening of qualifications, experience, qualifications for the three candidates that we interviewed and there was one candidate that scored at the top and we are willing to release that name tonight, and that candidate was Pete Lewis.

Sid Green He’s out of Fairbanks, AK

Sandy Moore Fairbanks, Alaska, the superintendent of the school.

Sid Green So to formally do this we are going to have to call a special school board meeting for Wednesday at 6.

Kris McKellar Like in two days?

Sid Green Yeah, on the 11th.

Sandy Moore To vote on whether the school board would like to choose the top ranking candidate or some other…

Sid Green Or one of the other two. And in which case we will – if we pick – we will go from there in trying to work a contract.

Kris McKellar What time 6?

Sid Green Six o’clock on Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sandy Moore So, (garbled) this is not how we would like one of the other candidates to find out about the …

Kris McKellar I’m just programming in the school board meeting.

Sandy Moore But you see what I’m saying? If you could use some discretion until …

Kris McKellar I won’t say a word …

Sid Green Well we just released it.

Scott Martin  It’s all public.

Sandy Moore Well, right, but I mean, you could … in the next five minutes call the other two candidates.

Cross talk

Sandy Moore It’s so awkward

Cross talk

Scott Martin It sounds like the decision’s been made and …

Sid Green No that’s just how we went by the scoring points.

Sandy Moore Yeah, I just don’t want it to go out that … you know. I don’t want that/him(?) to find out that … the other candidates to find out that they weren’t the top scoring person by seeing it.

Sid Green Well since one’s in southern Idaho, I don’t think she’ll find out.


Sid Green One’s in southern Idaho, that’s the one we did a phone interview with.

Sandy Moore … respectful of .. A decision has not been made, we can actually … at Wednesday say that we don’t want any of the candidates and start again at that time.

Scott Martin Were there more than the three that were interviewed?

Sandy Moore No, three were interviewed.

Scott Martin Were there more than that that applied?

Sandy Moore Yes.

Kris McKellar And how were they reduced down to the three?

Sandy Moore Because the other two did not, there was a … Fred put together a screening process

Sid Green They didn’t meet the requirements.

Sandy Moore Based on … yeah … the requirements as listed in the description of the job and they did not meet the threshold for interview.

Sid Green Alright, anything else guys? I need a motion to adjourn

Meeting adjourned.

June 9, 2014 Pete Lewis was fired from his position in Fairbanks

Link to Fairbanks meeting minutes

Here is a partial copy of the meeting minutes for the Fairbanks meeting:

2014-06-09 PL Firing Fairbanks minutes

June 11, 2014 Pete Lewis was officially hired in Colville as Interim Superintendent$file/June%2011%2C%202014%20Special%20Board%20Meeting%20Minutes.pdf

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