Safety Forum Photo’s



In order for me to give an honest view point of the Safety Forum held February 13, 2013, I need to show you the charts the community created through a brainstorming session. People listed items they thought were important safety items. After a certain amount of time, the brainstorming session closed and every participant was given several dots to use to place their votes. You can see the dots on the charts.

I am including the photo’s and a listing beneath each one because some of them are difficult to read. Each photo is numbered and named with a word or two from the top of the chart to help with discussion specifics. I have listed the votes for each item on the left and I have numbered each item so that it can also be recognized in a discussion. In some cases I have included two photo’s to help you see the text on the charts.

1 Communication

1 Communication

0      1.1       Communication – website – more info

0      1.2       Reality from kidding “I’ll kill him”

1      1.3       Government agencies already being paid doing security

0      1.4     Law enforcement familiar with all schools floor plans in stevens county

4      1.5     Why were specific kids targeted?

1      1.6     Fort Colville – No open house, no come see the school meet the teachers – no security to enter even the incident

2      1.7     All teachers on same level of communication to students across the district in each school.

1      1.8       Mental/social health concerns

2 Bully Awareness

2 Bully Awareness

5      2.1       More Bullying Awareness – more communication – enforce P & P’s

0      2.2       Consenting – trained – armed educator in place at schools

1      2.3       Expanded behavioral intervention

17    2.4       Increased mental health

1      2.5       More classroom exits

3 Parents Check

3 Parents Check

1      3.1       Parents check their child’s backpack

3      3.2       Follow our policies to stop bullying

3      3.3       Parent participation to help reduce bullying

3      3.4       Pass the levy

1      3.5       Implement gun safety awareness for children at school

1      3.6       Policy for media – what is shown to

1      3.7       Every child that has access to the bus should ride the bus rather than walk to school.

0      3.8       Who decides what an “immediate danger is”

4 Character Counts

4 Character Counts

0     4.0      Character Counts

1      4.1       Eliminate backpacks/bags

1      4.2        If no conceal/packing what about teacher physical training?

9      4.3       More counsel/mental health for students

0      4.4       Details of chills and safety meas. On website

0      4.5       Utilize web – real time

2      4.6       Web Cams to view classrooms

0      4.7       Are we as a school making decisions on worst cases

2      4.8       Parent education/responsibility/know aware

3      4.9       Community Involvement

1      4.10       Retired law enforcement/military random patrol (volunteer)

7      4.11       Random backpack searches

10    4.12       Parent response for bad behavior

4a Character Counts

4a Character Counts

5 Brainstorming

5 Brainstorming

0     5.0      Brainstorming

1      5.1       Mesh backpacks (clear)

6      5.2       More after school activities

9      5.3       Increased security at doors

1      5.4       Metal detectors

13    5.5       Administrators – enforce policies and procedures. Hold families, students and staff/district accountable. 0 tolerance

1      5.6       Invite parents for safety drill practice

1      5.7       Expectation of parental involvement

0      5.8       More opportunities to involve parents who are unavailable during school hours.

6 Gun Safes

6 Gun Safes

2      6.1       Gun safes at each school containing the weapons safely but immediately available to trained personnel

1      6.2       System for district to update information so parents have CORRECT information and don’t have to hear it from news.

0      6.3        A way for children to be able to inform teachers of feeling threatened without being told not to tattle.

1      6.4        No guns for the teachers, I can’t trust every teacher because they lie just as much.

0      6.5       It’s like putting a price tag on our kids.

0      6.6       Soon there won’t be a district when the kids all become home schooled

3      6.7       Parenting sharing classes/info

0      6.8       Common sense

7 Rachel's Challenge

7 Rachel’s Challenge

25         7.1            Rachel’s Challenge Bring it to Colville*

Proactive and reactive security measures

Administrative measures

Solutions involving parents

Improved communication/info sharing

Increased mental health/counseling access

Proactive Interventions

Anti-Bullying/character education (training students)

* Rachel’s Challenge is a national non-profit organization dedicated to creating safe, connected school environments where learning and teaching are maximized. Based on the life and writing of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine tragedy in 1999, Rachel’s Challenge provides a continual improvement process for schools designed to awaken the learner in every child. We motivate and equip students to start and sustain a chain reaction of kindness and compassion that transforms schools and communities.

8 Knife Policy

8 Knife Policy

0      8.1       Knife policy at CHS – pocket knives

1      8.2       Rumor – bully and stealing by Ft. Colville suspects. Why were they not dealt with earlier?

16    8.3       Quicker response to smaller issues to avoid “BIG” ones

1      8.4       Teachers with guns concerns the students – big worry

0      8.5       Limited faculty carrying concealed weapons

9 Strengthen Character

9 Strengthen Character

35         9.1            Strengthen character education

– add content as kids advance through the school system, mental health, safety, behavior social health

– specific content kids can relate to

19    9.2        No armed teachers or volunteers

1      9.3       Educating younger students earlier about situations that arise.

5      9.4       Expand random police visits to schools and include all law enforcement agencies.

6      9.5       Staff schools with more para educators more paras out at recess

0      9.6       Teach kids to tell so everyone is safe

2      9.7       More parent volunteers

22    9.8       Let school staff who are interested carry a firearm

10 JHS No Dialogue

10 JHS No Dialogue

0      10.1       JHS – No dialogue about Sandy Hood Ft. Colville

0      10.2       Radio – “No Harm Done” If no harm was done, then we wouldn’t be here tonight.

0      10.3       Siblings in other buildings, we are a community, communicate to kids

0      10.4      No communication – kids at the fort need to journal to know where they are at (parents and staff)

11 No Teachers

11 No Teachers

0      11.1      No teachers with guns

1      11.2      A law for teachers to carry guns with training and if teachers choose

0      11.3       Training for students in emergency situations

3      11.4       Communication from schools to families – Immediate and updates

7      11.5       Better parenting and parental involvement

2      11.6       Parents check backpacks

2      11.7       Immediate armed response capability in the school

0      11.8       Locked boxes for guns that trained staff know about and have access to (students don’t know where/who)

12 MommyCam

12 MommyCam

4      12.1       Web mommycam in classroom that parents can check during day to reassure that our kids are okay.

7      12.2       Immediate updates on district website

0      12.3       Metal detectors

13 Need Assembly

13 Need Assembly

0      13.1       Need assembly with police to show united front about consequences

3      13.2       Proactive prevention by parents and school and community agencies

0      13.3       Ban all large purses and backpacks

0      13.4       Can parents be charged?

0      13.5       Unarmed interventions for subduing

0      13.6       Increase random property checks Back packs/lockers etc.

14 Armed Guards

14 Armed Guards

0      14.1       Armed guards

1      14.2       Specific, focused info to parents regarding school security practices/procedures

0      14.3       Character education info shared with parents

16    14.4      Be real with kids about what to look for, what to do, dangers, consequences

1      14.5       School help parents understand how they can help at home

15 Retired Police

15 Retired Police

3      15.1       Retired police/military presence (armed) volunteer

4      15.2       Are backpacks necessary?

6      15.3       More security on buses?

3      15.4       Character education: sanctity of life, accountability, respect, kindness

11    15.5       Rachel’s challenge

5      15.6       Schedules to allow Wednesday and Sunday church activities

0      15.7      No guns in school

3      15.8       Harsher penalties for bullying/counseling

0      15.9       Parenting classes

16 All Families

16 All Families

7      16.1      All families aware of family access/skyward – keeping family information up to date with the schools

10    16.2       Development of programs to rebuild/reinforce family values.

3      16.3       Strict liability towards unkind comments

17 Encourage

17 Encourage

0     17.1       Encourage counselors to be made more available

1      17.2       Strict liability for unkind comments and acts for all grade (levels)

1      17.3       Teach principles of loving kindness (Golden Rule)

2      17.4       “Watchdogs” – non-working parents (men) work as playground supervisor and mentors – positive male role models. – seek out volunteers

4      17.5       More observations of what kids are doing

5      17.6       Parental volunteers as bus monitors

9      17.7       Teachers need to be stricter about bullying

0      17.8       Communication prior to and during a situation

0      17.9      K-12 mental health program – needs $$$$

8      17.10       Partnership with mental health professionals

11    17.11       Closer eye on siblings of children who have a history of problems

0      17.12       Provide parenting classes

1      17.13       Higher level of discipline

7      17.14       Lockboxes with guns throughout the schools for use as needed

17a Encourage

17a Encourage


18 Metal Detectors

18 Metal Detectors

19    18.1       Metal detectors

1      18.2       Border Patrol – Dogs

7      18.3       Armed police/guard at every school

30    18.4      No armed teachers

3      18.5       Teachers at all schools notified immediately of threats – not through just emails

0      18.6       Conversations on how to get officers and military personnel more presence in schools.

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