Colville School Board Positions Available

There are three Colville school board positions available at this time. These positions are up for election – so the school board can’t just put in anyone they want. These positions are available for the community to vote in this November. We are urging anyone who wants to run for the school board to please apply for these.
There is a very tight timeline to apply:
May 1st through May 19th you can apply online
May 15 through May 19th you can apply in person.
After May 19th – you will not be able to apply – so make sure you apply NOW before it is too late.
We hope you can see the absolute opportunity we have here. With three school board positions up at the same time, we have the opportunity to overturn the votes from this school board and put the school district in the direction we want to turn it to. For so long this school board has been going against what the people of this community want – we need to act now to take our schools back.
There is a map in the Aster Elementary Building where you can see what district you would be able to apply. You can only apply for the district you live in.
Aster Elementary
217 S. Hofstetter
Colville WA 99114
I was told that it is free to apply – so we would rather you apply now and drop out later than to not get your application for candidacy in.
Here is the link to apply:
You can also go down to the courthouse and talk to the elections office there.
The three districts you can apply for are:
District 3
District 4
District 5
Here are some photo’s I took of the map – though they are not very good. Wouldn’t you know, the school district used to have the map online, but they took it down. Go figure.
Zone 3 is red, zone 4 is green and zone 5 is purple.
Here is a close up of zone 3
Please spread the word to apply now so that we can get the candidates in office that this community wants instead of having the school board always putting in people behind our backs.
We will help candidates by posting them on our web page if they would like. We reserve the right to post candidates we stand behind but not necessarily all candidates.

Laws and Rules Don’t Seem to Apply to the Colville School District!

Breaking the Law

by Scott Martin

This is a follow up from my article What Does 20 Million Dollars Get the Colville School District where I revealed over half of the students tested in Colville School District are FAILING their state math assessment and almost as many are failing in language at a cost of $20 Million.

In this current time in US history, Rules and Laws don’t seem to apply to politicians or the Government much, but they sure apply to us tax-paying “peasants”! Try to not pay your property tax, and the government will take your house away. Fail to stop at a stop sign and you are fined while your driving record is damaged. If a student fails to follow the rules at school they are disciplined or expelled.

Fail to follow laws, rules and policies as a school board director, superintendent, or school district and what happens? Usually nothing.

So what are these laws, rules, and policies I believe Colville is violating? Here is a list of Washington laws WAC’s (Washington Administrative Code), RCW’s (Revised Code of Washington), and some of Colville School districts own rules/policies. (Links and some text from these are listed at the bottom of this article)

  • WAC 180-105-020
  • RCW 28A.655.100
  • RCW 28A.655.115
  • Policy No.2004
  • Policy No.2090
  • Policy No.2080

Why does any of this matter? Well every one of these laws/rules/policies require the Colville School District to create a yearly “District Improvement Plan”, “District Goals and Objectives” and to “involve the public in the decision making process”, yet the Colville School District has done none of these.

Let me repeat, by law, all of these should be done YEARLY.

For the last three years our Superintendent Mr. Pete Lewis and our School Board appear to have failed to follow any of these laws, rules, or policies. Not one District improvement plan has been made or even presented to the public. Not one!

Our kids are failing at an astounding rate, yet the District has failed to ask the public our opinion, failed to involve the public in any meaningful way and they have no District plan what so ever to improve our children’s test scores.

Don’t believe me? Ask them for a printed copy of a “District Improvement Plan”

Colville School Board is getting ready to spend $21 million of our tax dollars;

  • Without having a District plan to improve our children’s education,
  • Without a District plan to improve our children’s safety,
  • Without a plan that states what the District goals and objectives are,
  • Without asking the public what we want for our children,
  • Without presenting any of this information in a Board meeting open to the public.

Where is the District improvement plan? Where is that money going? Why is Colville not more effective in teaching our kids? Where do they plan to spend the money to improve our kids’ education?

Maybe the more important questions are;

  • Why does Colville School District not follow the law?
  • Why don’t they follow their own policies?
  • Why don’t they ask us “peasants” where and how we want the money spent?
  • Why don’t they tell us their plan?
  • Why hasn’t Colville bought books in three years?
  • Why haven’t we hired more teachers?
  • Why have teachers been fired, while several NEW overpaid Administrators have been hired?

I must say some of the teachers and employees in Colville are by far the best people I have ever known. They are some of the most decent, dedicated, and likable people you could hope to have involved in the education of your children. I am proud to call many of them my friend. As good as many of the people are, they have not been given the tools or environment to do their job as well as they could or should. The best auto mechanic can’t repair your car with only a hammer and a shovel.

School Board Meeting

Colville will be adopting their new 2016-17 $21 Million budget. By law (this law they kind of follow) Colville must allow members of the public to ask ANY and ALL questions about the budget they have and I will be there asking my questions.

Please join me at the next Colville School Board meeting:

Wed, July 27, 2016 at 5:15in the Aster Elementary building, 217 S. Hofstetter

Scott Martin


Performance Improvement Goals  WAC 180-105-020:

This requires Colville School District to, “adopt district-wide performance improvement goals using the federal requirements”

Performance Goals-Reporting Requirements  RCW 28A.655.100:

This requires Colville to “Annually report to parents and the community in a public meeting and annually report” ”district-wide and school-level plans to achieve the goals, including curriculum and instruction, parental or guardian involvement, and resources available to parents and guardians to help students meet the state standards”.

Outreach and Feedback  RCW 28A.655.115:

“each school shall conduct outreach and seek feedback from a broad and diverse range of parents, other individuals, and organizations in the community” and, “summarize the results in its annual report”

 Accountability Goals  Colville School District Policy No. 2004:

Requires, the Board to, “annually adopt district-wide goals and direct each school to annually establish goals and action plans that include the achievement of all students”.

It also requires, “The district and all schools shall demonstrate satisfactory progress toward the performance improvement goals”

It continues; “Once a year the Board shall issue to parents and present it in a public meeting”

  1. The district and buildings’ improvement goals.
  2. Student performance relative to the goals.
  3. District and building plans to achieve the goals, including curriculum and instruction, parents and guardian involvement”

Further, “Annually, the district will report in a news release the district’s progress toward meeting the district and building goals.

Program Evaluation  Colville School District Policy No.2090:   

“The Superintendent will prepare an annual program evaluation report, which reflects the degree to which district goals and objectives are being accomplished along with recommendations for future adjustment and planning”

Comprehensive Student Assessment System  Colville School District Policy No.2080:  

Requires Colville to, “utilize a variety of assessment procedures and measures to assess student performance including norm-reference tests, District-level and classroom-based performance assessments”






What Does 20 Million Dollars Get the Colville School District?

(And How can you fix it?)


By Scott Martin

When stories break about government spending $500 on hammers or $750 on toilet seats, people get furious. When the government spends millions of dollars to prop up Solyndra or corporate bank bailouts, people feel that their hard earned tax dollars are being wasted. They feel cheated, conned, and exploited and it always seems like there is nothing you, as a citizen, can do about it. After all, those things happen in some other state or at some government level that the average citizen could never possibly get involved in.

Well our local Colville School district just spent $20 Million last year to, “Educate” our kids. I have received a preliminary report from the Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program (WCAP) whose job is to report Washington State Schools, “Smarter Balanced” test results.

Are you ready…?

42% of all students tested in the Colville School District failed to meet the basic Literacy standard. That is only a 58% pass rate in Literacy. That was the good news.

The bad news… 55% of all students failed the basic Math test. That’s right over half of all students taking the test at the Colville School District are failing to meet their state math standard. Just a 45% pass rate! This is a clear FAIL for the Colville School District Report Card.

Here are the test results from the report.

  • Literacy
  • Grade   3 – 52% Pass
  • Grade   4 – 65% Pass
  • Grade   5 – 55% Pass
  • Grade   6 – 53% Pass
  • Grade   7 – 51% Pass
  • Grade   8 – 67% Pass
  • Grade 10 – 75% Pass
  • Grade 11 – 13% Pass
  • Mathematics
  • Grade 3 – 55% Pass
  • Grade 4 – 59% Pass
  • Grade 5 – 39% Pass
  • Grade 6 – 44% Pass
  • Grade 7 – 40% Pass
  • Grade 8 – 59% Pass
  • Grade 10 – 26% Pass
  • Grade 11 – 42% Pass

My wife and I were the only members of the public that attended the “Special Board Meeting” held June 22nd at 3:00, in which the public was not allowed to talk. At that meeting this WCAP test document was presented to Colville School Administrators. After briefly looking at these horrendous test results the new highly paid Curriculum director Sherry Clark informed the board that these numbers were, “not that bad” to which the board all nodded in agreement. I was thinking are you kidding me? Are you reading the same numbers?!

When asked what could be done to improve these scores one administrator suggested that, get this, “the reason district test scores were low was because parents did not educate their kids well enough before they enter school at the Kindergarten level”.

That’s right, it’s not the Colville School’s fault it’s yours!

The most talked about “solution” at that meeting was, “the students are not getting enough sleep”. Yep, the parents fault again!

Not once was the thought brought up of the Colville School’s failing to actually educate properly, or how they might change the system that clearly is NOT working. That was it. Discussion over. Keep in mind there was more than a $1 Million worth of administration at that meeting and five Board members, and this was the best they could do.

What Can You Do?

1) Ask for a copy of the “Colville School District improvement Plan”, and ask to be part of the Improvement Plan process. This is a plan that MUST be developed, “With participation and meaningful input by building staff, STUDENTS, PARENTS, and COMMUNITY MEMBERS”

Here is a link from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI):

Quoted from OSPI Web Page:

“The Washington State Board of Education in WAC 180-16-220 requires that each school district receiving state basic education funds MUST develop a school improvement plan or process based on a self-review of the school’s program for the purpose of annual building approval by the district. The self-review required by the state shall include active participation and meaningful input by building staff, students, parents, and community members.”

2) Ask for your own copy of test results. Ask for the “Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program (WCAP) report for Colville School District for the year of 2015/2016. This data will not be made public for some time, if at all, so if you don’t ask for it, you may never see it.

3) Come to the next Colville School Board meeting July 27 6:00pm in the Aster Elementary school building where the Board will adopt the 2016/17 $20 Million budget. (Additional meetings may happen so keep checking) Ask them what they plan to do different this year to correct the failures of last year.

Colville web page: for notice of all board meetings:

Colville’s, “Boarddocs” page for the Agenda of upcoming meetings:

4) Ask for a copy of the upcoming 2016/17 budget.

5) Talk with the Superintendent and school board directors.

  • Superintendent Pete Lewis –
  • Board President Sid Green –
  • Board Vice President Sandy Moore –
  • Board Director Rob Sumner –
  • Board Director Krista Ohrtman –
  • Board Director Sarah Newman –

I know this post applies specifically to the Colville School District, however, every school district budget in Washington state is required by law to be presented over the next couple of months. Don’t let your school waste your tax dollars. Contact them. Get involved in your children’s future.

Upcoming Future posts:

  • What laws and policies Colville School District is NOT following and why.
  • How Colville School Board has passed over 35 text books and reading materials without any recommendation by the Districts “Instructional Materials Committee” as required by law including the new “Gender Identity” health Curriculum.

Please feel free to email me:

Student Safety Meeting in Colville

Board meeting Tomorrow 6:00pm

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Aster Elementary building, 217 S. Hofstetter, Colville

We would like to invite our community to show up at the school board meeting tomorrow, which we are dubbing a Student Safety Meeting while this transgender policy is an issue. When it comes to the school district making policy that affects the safety of our children, we ask that you show up and show your presence.

We are asking for only 30 minutes to an hour of your time once a month. You don’t have to stay for the entire meeting, just show up to let them know we are still here.

If you would like to speak, understand that:


By law the board cannot shut you down for any reason


The catch is that you have to fill in a sheet of paper located at the sign in sheet at the door, and be at the meeting during the public comments section of their agenda.


But you want to make a statement:

Then show up and let them see your presence.

Just for the record, there was only a very few people from the community at the last board meeting. This is what the school board wants. They have been trying to drive the community away from their meetings. We have seen them use these same tactics for six years when people show up who don’t agree with them. This issue is too important for us to turn our backs.

Talking points:

We need to demand that our school board speak to this community as a whole, not behind closed doors or individually. They need to be open, honest and communicative with the process. They need to answer our questions, explain their actions and be HONEST with the people that they serve.


not the other way around!

The board needs to put the transgender policy on their agenda and include the public in this discussion instead of hiding from the issue. They should explain to us what the Nondiscrimination Task Force is working on. They should be updating us every month.

This issue is about the safety and morality of the children in our schools. Do not let the board run you off. We need to keep on this issue and we would really appreciate people showing up and letting the board know that we will not back down. Not this time!

Hope to see you there.

School Board meeting:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 6:00pm

Aster Elementary building, 217 S. Hofstetter, Colville

Petition to Repeal Transgender HRC Rul

Please consider printing and sharing this petition. This is a statewide petition to repeal the Transgender ruling by the Human Rights Commission (WAC CHAPTER 162-32).

Reason for Petition: WAC Chapter 162-32 should be repealed on the grounds that the rule conflicts with other state and federal laws and the rule was not adopted according to all applicable provisions of law.



Colville Community Meeting on Transgender Issue in our Schools

This is a community meeting for the people to speak freely in opposition to the transgender issue. It is being set up by concerned parents.

When we set up our last meeting, we had very few people let us know they wanted to attend, so we cancelled it. Now we are asking for input before we set up the meeting, so we can better prepare.

We are planning to set a date for the second week in February – February 8 through 12 and we are thinking a good time will be between 6 and 8pm. It would really help if people contact us to let us know the days and times they could attend. If only a few people want to attend, we will set it up in a smaller location than if a lot of people want to attend.

Please contact us at or on our colvilleparents facebook page

******* LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES!!!!! *******

THE Colville School District LIED!!!!!!!

Transgender Policy in Full Effect NOW!

The school board said they would table the transgender policy until the Nondiscrimination Task Force came to a conclusion. That was a complete lie!

It was brought to our attention during the Nondiscrimination Task Force that there is already a transgender individual using the bathroom of the opposite genitalia at the Colville Junior High School.

Make no mistake. The proposed transgender policy 3211p that the board claimed to table is currently in full force and effect in the Colville School District.

What can we do now?

1. Board meeting tonight 6:00pm

Aster Elementary building, 217 S. Hofstetter, Colville

Come voice your concerns again because apparently they weren’t listening to you the first time!

2. Protect your children. Contact every school that any of your children attend. Demand that your children be allowed to use the faculty bathrooms starting immediately. Make sure that you state that the only bathroom you want your children to use is the private faculty bathrooms, and that they be allowed complete privacy during the usage. I would also suggest that you put it in writing so that there is no question as to what it is you are requesting.

If any child has an accident at school, is reprimanded for being late for a class because of bathroom usage, or misses any part of their education because of this, then the district is discriminating against or denying your child’s education, personal safety and/or medical needs.

3. Fill out a privacy form for every one of your children and hand it in to the school district immediately. Linked here. After you get to the page, click on “US (Non California) Students” to download the document.

When we fill out the privacy form, then the school is legally liable for any incidents that happen to our children on school property.

4. We as a community can boycott every community school bathroom. Whenever you go to a school district function, insist that you use the faculty bathroom. Line up at the bathroom even if you don’t have to go and make a scene every time you go in to the school district. Any sporting event needs to have the faculty bathroom available for use for every member of the public at all times. They cannot deny it to us.

Some Good News and a Call for Help

Here is the wording of the bill to fix the transgender bathroom rule. We need to keep flooding Olympia with our phone calls and emails! If you haven’t already called the legislative hotline to voice your concerns, please do so at 800-562-6000. You can also email your legislators using the following link:

Don’t think you are without worth in this battle. We have heard from our legislature, and they welcome your help through calls, emails and prayers. They tell us prayers are very helpful.

We can make a difference, every one of us – don’t give up hope.

Colville Parents Meeting February 3, 2016 6 – 8pm

Announcing a Colville Parents meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd at the Colville High School Cafeteria from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.

We will be holding an open and very informal meeting for all concerned citizens of the Colville School District in regards to the new transgender policy as well as any other Colville School related issues. Although this is a Colville Parents meeting – we invite any and all people from outside Colville to attend and, in fact, we encourage your presence and input.

Please note – this is NOT a Colville School District function, this is a meeting put together by the concerned parents and citizens of our community.

The purpose of this meeting is to:

– Give the community a place to have an open, respectful discussion regarding the new transgender rule.

– Idea Exchange: Brainstorm options and discuss possible solutions – learn what the people in our community want and are willing to do on this issue.

– Bring and share all information that you feel will be useful or helpful to others. If you have the ability to print out paperwork, we will have a sharing table set up. If you can’t print, then we still would like you to bring the information so that we can find a way to share it.

– Questions, answers, comments, discussions. It may be that there are more questions than answers at this time, but we are hoping with enough people sharing, we will be able to find answers together.

– Gather and share contact information for anyone who wishes to do so.

Rough Schedule:

6:00 – 6:15 Meet and greet and make connections.

6:15 – 6:25 A short update regarding the transgender rule and how it affects our community and our schools.

6:25 – Open discussion with our community. We will give each person who wants to speak time to speak. We want to keep the conversation moving along and to get as many people speaking as possible, so we ask that the comments be brief.

7:50 – Clean up, return chairs and tables. (We only have the room reserved until 8:00)

We would like to keep the discussion mainly about the transgender issue. We welcome questions along with any ideas or solutions people may have.

Task Force: We are hoping that at least one person chosen for the Colville School Board Nondiscrimination Task Force will be in attendance and be able to update our community and gather information they can share with the Task Force at the next meeting.

RSVP: In an attempt to know how many people might be in attendance, we would like people to let us know if they plan to attend. You can contact

Scott or Lynette Martin at:

or on our colvilleparents facebook page

If you have any information or suggestions for the meeting, please let us know.

Thank you.

STAND against the Transgender Rule/Law Now in Effect for all Washington State

Picking LockIf bureaucrats want to get something done that they know the public doesn’t want, they have to sneak around and do it behind our backs. That’s what happened. Like a thief at night, the rule/law was placed into effect by the Human Rights Commission and the OSPI Equity and Civil Rights Office behind closed doors and behind everybody’s backs. It was NOT passed by our legislators (although they did foolishly give the Human Rights Commission the authority to do this).


Text of New Human Rights Commission rule/law WAC 162-32

The text is difficult to find because it was passed by a committee, not the legislature and it is not on the government WAC pages yet. Here are a few links to the text of the rule/law:

Permanent Rules Human Rights Commission

Proposed Rules Human Rights Commission

Restroom Access



Here are links that have been extremely helpful to us with information and assistance for the people who are against this rule/law:

Advocates of Natural Rights  are helping us to fight this issue in Washington state.

Family Policy Institute – this link includes an article about the new rule/law.

Alliance Defending Freedom is helping us fight this issue nationally.



There are a few things we can do now:

1. Contact your legislators and ask them to repeal it.

2. Sign a privacy statement for your children and give it to the school. Go to the Pacific Justice Institute  and click on “US (Non-California) Students US Notice of Privacy

There you will find a form to fill out and turn in to your school district. This will provide your school with the responsibility of maintaining your child’s privacy rights regardless of any other laws. The form looks like this:

Notice of Privacy


It’s time that we the people stand up for our rights as a group. We have a lot more power than we think we do. If we stand alone, we may fail, if we stand together, we are a powerful force that they will have to deal with. That’s why the Colville School Board is always trying to shut us down as a group. We need to show them that we stand together and will not back down on this issue.

It’s time to tell them that our rights are more important than their issues. This one is for OUR children. It’s time for us to help our own children instead of expecting others to do it for us, because after all this time of trusting them, they have now become extremely UN-trustworthy.


We are still working to set up a parents meeting to be held shortly. We are looking for a facility to hold the meeting, once we find a building, we can set up a date and time. If anyone has any suggestions for a meeting place. Please let us know.

Contact us here:

December 16, 2015 School Board Meeting Transcripts – Part 1

*** Agenda Item 1.01 Pledge of Allegiance ***

President Green: Let’s call the meeting to order. Would you all rise for The Pledge of Allegiance. Remove your hats, turn off your cell phones.

Audience Recites The Pledge of Allegiance

*** Agenda Item 2.01 Oath of Office ***

Superintendent Lewis: We have three board members that were elected and we need to swear you into office. Should I do this individually, or would you like me to do this all together?

(They decide they would prefer all together)

Superintendent Lewis: Some of these sentences are long, so we’ll go in order here and have you speak your names as we go, so if you would please raise your right hand.

Mr. Lewis and Board Members recite oath:

“I, Sid Green, Sarah Newman, Krista Ohrtman, do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the United States and laws of the state of Washington. That I will faithfully and impartially perform and discharge the duties of the office of the Colville School District number 115 Board of Directors as such duties are prescribed by law to the best of my abilities. “

Superintendent Lewis: District …

President Green: One

Superintendent Lewis: District …

Director Newman: Two

Superintendent Lewis: And district …

Director Ohrtman: Three

Superintendent Lewis: Congratulations.


*** Agenda Item 3.01 Agenda/Recognition ***

President Sid Green: Dr. Sumner is running about five minutes late. He’ll be here in a couple of minutes.

Ok. Agenda. Changes, Corrections, Additions to the Agenda? (Silence from other members.) Alright. Agenda stands approved as is.

Ok. Recognition of public comments. If you want to make a public comment, fill out the card, make sure that (inaudible). I see that we have evening and to let you know that if you are speaking here on policy 3211 on transgender students, we are willing to hear from you on this topic if you did not speak at the last meeting on November 18th. If you spoke at the last board meeting and have a desire to speak on another topic, you are welcome to do so. The board is not going to discuss or take action on this policy at this meeting. We will wait to hear back from the superintendent’s Non-Discriminatory Task Force before moving forward. I would anticipate it would be several months at the soonest before this happens. There is an application process with that force. Look for it on the district website if you want to fill it out, but we are absolutely not going to discuss the transgender program or policy at all tonight. Ok? Continue reading

December 16 School Board Meeting Summary


Colville School Board Discriminates

Against people speaking out on the Non-Discrimination Policy!

I would like to thank everyone who showed up to endure the abuse by our school board. It was not an easy thing to sit through while the board showed a blatant disrespect and disregard towards the people attending the meeting. Your presence at the meeting was very much appreciated and while the board may not have any respect for us, I certainly have an enormous amount of respect for the people of this community. When we show up in numbers, it absolutely has an effect on the board even though they try to pretend it doesn’t.

The board refused to bring in more chairs for the people standing during the meeting.

The board refused to bring in more chairs for the people standing during the meeting.

Before the meeting started, the police were called. Two officers responded, and joked about the lack of rowdiness of the crowd. They left shortly after arriving.

  1. The meeting was held in a room too small for every attendee to fit into.  With standing room only, many people spilled into the break room and out into the hall where they could neither see or hear the meeting. Some left in disgust which is probably what the board wanted in the first place.
  2. When asked, President Sid Green refused to move to a larger room or to provide more chairs, which were easily available.
  3. There was no microphone, so the speakers were difficult or impossible to hear for those outside the meeting room.
  4. President Green made an announcement about public comments: “If you are speaking about the Policy 3211 on the transgender students, we are willing to hear from you on this topic if you did not speak at the last meeting on November 18th. If you spoke at the last board meeting and have a desire to speak on another topic, you are welcome to do so. “
  5. President Green told people they would not be allowed to applaud the speakers – Several times when people tried to applaud, he rapped his gavel – no Applause, no applause!
  6. This is only about a quarter of the number of people who were trying to listen from the hallway.

    This is only about a quarter of the number of people who were trying to listen from the hallway.

    Director Moore insistently tried to silence one speaker because he spoke at the last meeting, however, he was eventually allowed to speak.

  7. The board was so inattentive to the people speaking, that one person had to ask for the boards attention.
  8. After 8 public comments, the board went on with their regular meeting.
  9. When department updates were presented, the board was courteous, laughed and giggled with them, engaged in multiple conversations with them, and then the board themselves led APPLAUSE for the people. Yes, the BOARD APPLAUDED their own invitees multiple times. (This is not something they normally do – it was a show put on for the public.)

The mood of the public before the meeting was excited, friendly and upbeat with quiet anticipation, but after the meeting was outright anger at the boards utter contempt and condescension of the people in our community. This is the same board that is completely puzzled why they can’t get more attendees to their meetings when they are trying to pass a levy.

I have seen this same treatment of the public several times over the past 6 years. This board seems to do everything they can to discredit and discourage people in the hopes that these people don’t return to future meetings and it usually works. I sure hope this time the people will stand up and not back down.

I will post the complete transcripts of the meeting as soon as I can type them up.

A photo of the board ignoring and disrespecting speakers. Directors Sumner, Newman and Green are looking at their laptop computers during an impassioned speech about keeping our children safe from rape. You can even see Director Newman manipulating her keyboard. The elbow of the woman speaking is shown in the bottom left corner of the photo with the black leather jacket.

A photo of the board ignoring and disrespecting speakers. Directors Sumner, Newman and Green are looking at their laptop computers during an impassioned speech about keeping our children safe from rape. You can even see Director Newman manipulating her keyboard. The elbow of the woman speaking is shown in the bottom left corner of the photo with the black leather jacket.

The same directors listening to a board invited speaker. They have all turned in their seats and are looking intently at the speaker. Director Newman is even smiling.

The same directors listening to a board invited speaker. They have all turned in their seats and are looking intently at the speaker. Director Newman is even smiling.

Directors Ohrtman and Moore have also turned in their seats to listen to the same speaker.

Directors Ohrtman and Moore have also turned in their seats to listen to the same speaker.

Public Comments

The public meetings of our elected officials are FOR THE PUBLIC. That is why there is a public comment section during the meeting, to have a spot in the agenda where the public can can have a voice. While the board does have the option to limit your time, they CANNOT shut you down because of the topic you bring up. To prove this, several speakers talked about the Transgender policy, and the board sat quietly listening.

In future meetings, I would suggest that anyone who wants to speak, fill out one of the half slips at the table with the sign in sheet, present it to the board, and then the board HAS TO LISTEN to whatever it is you want to say.


A parent spoke with me last night about getting some community meetings together with just the public where everyone can speak who wants to speak. We are hoping our community can coordinate together in finding ways to deal with the board in future meetings, or maybe discuss other options that we have at our disposal. I think it’s a great idea, and hope that others will stay with us on this topic so that our children won’t be bull dozed by a handful of apparent activists who have occupied our schools. I will be putting up a post when we have organized a time and place for the meeting.

School Board Meeting with Legislators Friday, December 18th at 10am

It appears that our continued Colville grass roots efforts on the transgender policy have been extremely successful. Our school board has a meeting with the 7th District Legislators. The link to the meeting is listed on the Colville School District home page, however, it was buried far down on the page, so we just learned about it and this is the soonest we could post it. Here is the letter and Link


The Board of Directors of Colville School District will be attending an Onion Creek School District meeting on Friday, December 18th from 10:00am – 1:00pm at the Onion Creek School, 2006 Lotze Creek Road, Colville, WA. The purpose is to meet with the 7th District Legislators to give and recieve input on legislative issues. No final action will be taken.

This is a great opportunity for people to meet their representatives before and after the meeting (the public may not be allowed to speak during the meeting).

We are going to assume that they will be discussing the hot topic of the Transgender policy at some point during the meeting. There is no agenda available, so we don’t know anything more. Rest assured, we will be attending, and we will provide a summary of the meeting for the public. If I can find time, I will also try to type up transcripts.

Here is a map of the meeting place for anyone able to attend.


The Letter The Statesmen Examiner would not run!

Over the past six years we have sent letters into the Statesmen Examiner and all but two were printed.  One was rejected for “liability” concerns fair, enough it was a tough letter. The last one was a bit over a year ago.  It was a negative letter about the current Superintendent and the issues in hiring him.  Nothing was a “Liability” issue, it was just Mr. Chris Cowbrough Loved the new Superintendent and refused to print our letter.  In that same paper that our letter would have run Mr. Cowbrough proceeded to insult and defame anyone who had the same views as us.

As a result we started this very Blog!

What follows is an email we just received:

Mr. &Mrs. Martin,

I and many others really appreciate your effort and work.
I am no stranger to these struggles as I have been involved in these same type of political disputes and subversion many times over the past 20+ years.
My training is in Counter Insurgency which is 80% political/social and 20% military conflict. The rules are the same, as subversion is subversion. The tactics being used against the public are based on Counter Intelligence studies and experience of which I am well acquainted.
I submitted a letter to the Statesman Examiner, which normally prints my letters. This time they did not and it was clear that they are supporting the Transgender policy. The editor went out of his way in the paper to deface and disrespect all those who attended and their beliefs.
I have attached the letter that would have informed the public in brief.
As a Marine, I do not believe in defeat, however I have watched over and over traditional American values destroyed because conservative, traditional and Christian American don’t understand the professional tactics that are being employed against them. I pray we will do better with this. You have certainly done a wonderful job of getting information out.
Please see attached.


Transgender Policy: A False Issue

            Having attended the November 18th School Board meeting concerning policy 3211, I was pleased to find that more than 96% of the nearly 300 people in attendance were absolutely opposed to the proposed Transgender policy. A previous meeting had taken place by the Board where all members voted to accept the policy. However, they did not expect such an overwhelming resistance to their attempted coercion of those in attendance.

During the proceedings at least two deceptions and three lies were forwarded by Superintendent Lewis, the Board president and the School attorney. The very fact that the Board desired an attorney to be present at the meeting between the people and those that they elected, is by itself suspicious. It was very obvious to me and others that Attorney Hansen was present to create a false perception of legitimacy for this absurd policy.

The first deception is based on three lies. A question was asked to Mr. Lewis, “why we hadn’t heard about this from other area schools?” He said: “Because they’ve already done it.” Not true, strike one! Secondly, the School attorney told the crowd, that this was required by RCW 28A regarding discrimination. Not true, strike two! Thirdly, the Board President Green proclaimed that it was a State mandate, as did both the attorney and superintendent. Not true, strike three! Only a short time later, Board President Green eluded to a Bill on the Senate floor which would mandate this policy, thus, no Bill was passed as yet giving the policy any enforcement. All three of these public employees lied creating the first deception, “The False Perception of Legitimacy”. This is text book political coercion.

The second deception occurred about 75% of the way through the meeting when Superintendent Lewis realized that the Board was at an impasse with the public. This deception is a professional counter intelligence tactic called, “Flipping the Conversation”. Only a few folks noticed, thus, a great part of the people were drawn into a new conversation that diverted the pressure. The subject was the procedure and implementation of policy 3211. If there is no policy, there is no procedure. Out of this came the idea of a committee of parents to take part in the procedure creation. Another attempted coercion. The meeting ended shortly as the Board under pressure, tabled the issue until December 16th, where-on is the School Christmas concert on the same night. Another devious ploy to reduce attendance.

Why are we letting the School Board use our children as a political tool for an artificially created issue? There is no discrimination, nor any hate in this community for any race, sex or personal belief. If there is any righteous discrimination present, it is against subversive elected servants, state bureaucrats and the creation of emotional crisis that seek to subvert our longstanding morality, customs and culture here in Stevens County. I hope every red blooded, God- honoring American with concern for our families and our future will be in the next meeting on Dec. 16th, to put this rebellion against God and our local dignity down and demand the resignation of the entire board and Mr. Lewis.

Russell Bolton (Addy, WA)

Are they Listening or Plotting? Transgender Committee/Task Force

One thing I have learned in dealing with this school district in the last six years is this:

  • If they say something, you better get it in writing.
  • If they put it in writing, you better read every word of it, because chances are their lawyer wrote it.
  • If they make it public, you better get your own lawyer to look at it.

Trust me. I’ve seen this district twist every word of what is written to achieve their own goals, so I am going to point out some very important details.

Take a look at the letter accompanying the “Non-discrimination Task Force” Application  LinkHere.

1. THE STATEMENT REFERS TO A “Task Force” NOT A “Committee“.

This is a crucial detail. Keep in mind during the November board meeting “Committee” was referenced 19 times, “Task Force” was referenced Zero times. In fact, this statement even says, “a committee should be formed”.

A task force is organized to deal with a specialized task within a short time period. When the stated task is completed, the task force is disbanded.

A committee is usually appointed for a larger general function, and usually for a longer period of time with broader objectives.

What this means is this task force will only deal with a very specific detail and a narrowly defined goal. Once the task force makes their recommendation, they will be disbanded and cannot be consulted for any future policy or procedure changes – related or not.


According to the letter, “The Task Force will review state and federal law, Office of Civil Rights and Department of Education guidelines, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) material and other relevant information.”

Note the Task Force will NOT:

  • Review public comments already made
  • Accept petitions in opposition to the policy
  • Seek further public input of any kind
  • Consider district correspondence (phone calls,  email, or letters)
  • Review outside opposing legal references
  • Review court challenges and victories to existing laws.

Every one of the above bullets would fall outside the stated “Task”.

– Next, the additional stated task is, “The Task Force will review existing and proposed district policy, as well as the procedures that support these policies, and will offer recommendations to the Board of Directors for potential policy changes and adoption“.

– This Task Force will ONLY be allowed to recommend:

  • POLICY changes”

It will NOT be allowed to recommend:

  • Changes to any PROCEDURE
  • REJECTION of any policy or procedure

Remember the policy was only three sentences while the Procedure was five pages of conflicting, convoluted statements and definitions forcing students of opposite gender to share showers. I think this proves the board wants to pass the policy so they can change the procedure at will and without future community input.

3. WHO WILL BE ON THIS COMMITTEE? Continue reading

How Well Does Colville Know Superintendent Pete Lewis?


It’s important to know the people taking care of the safety and education of our children. That’s why school districts do background checks on their employees. So as parents, we should know as much as we can about the number one person in charge of our children, Superintendent Pete Lewis.

Last Position Held before Colville: Superintendent in Fairbanks, Alaska

June 9, 2014 Lewis was FIRED from Fairbanks North Borough School District

  • “… he exhibited a total failure of leadership leading up to the sexual abuse of a student on school property.” (Link)
  • “demonstrated an inability or unwillingness to perform the duties expected of a superintendent, which has resulted in potential liability to the district …” (Link)

Fairbanks School Board President Haas went on to say Mr. Lewis had knowledge of:

  • 1. significant allegations of employee misconduct towards students
  • 2. failed to ensure others took appropriate action; and
  • 3. took inappropriate action himself.


The superintendent’s unwillingness to perform his duties or inability to do them exposed students to harm and the district to legal vulnerability, the board said. Despite inappropriate student contact, Fowlkes received a glowing recommendation, Haas said.

Lewis allowed an employee to routinely work mornings and nights without being paid, putting the district out of compliance with federal wage and hour laws, Haas said, and fostered an attitude of disrespect toward the board that has permeated down to other staff members, Haas said. Link


Mr. Fowlkes has been convicted of 3 counts of sexual abuse of a minor and is now serving time in jail. Fowlkes has also been charged with seven counts of sexual abuse of a minor regarding allegations made by a student at Hutchinson High School in 2014. The Fairbanks North Star Borough School District has agreed to pay $920,00 to the family of this student.

*****Heidi Haas Video

Here is a video of the Fairbanks School Board Director talking about the Investigation of Claude Fowlkes III and showing her concern that the Colville School Board did not contact them for information about Mr. Lewis before hiring him. Link to Video


June 11, 2014 Pete Lewis was HIRED by Colville School District as their Interim Superintendent (only two days after he was fired from Fairbanks).

December 2014 Pete Lewis was HIRED by Colville School District as their Superintendent. Normally a school district will keep an Interim Superintendent for a full year before hiring them full time. It is a curious thing that our Board chose to hire Mr. Lewis early.

Continue reading

Transgender Committee Application On Colville Website

Transgender Committee 2015-12-04The application for the Committee regarding the Transgender Procedure is now up and available on the Colville Website: Please visit:

or click these links:



We are still looking into the school selection process, and we will update you when we get an answer back from Mr. Lewis.


Please be aware that this will not stop the board from voting the policy in during their December meeting. They have already voted to pass the first reading, and may still be planning to pass the second reading to make it permanent in our schools during the December 16th meeting.


Also be aware that depending on the selection process for the committee, that you may not have another opportunity to voice your opinion on this matter.


If you can’t attend the December meeting, please be sure to send a letter with a friend to be submitted during the meeting, or send it to us at so that we can present it for public record.



Community Alert

It looks like the School Board plans to pass the policy BEFORE they set up a committee. If this happens, they can change the procedures at will no matter what the committee says.

I believe the Board is expecting that very few people will show up at their next board meeting when they plan to pass the policy. This is very typical, people show up for one meeting, voice their concerns and assume the Board will respect those views. The Board then waits till no one is looking and does what they want. It is very important that the people show up and continue to fight this, or it’s going to go through. My view is that this current Board and Superintendent will never stop pushing this one sided agenda.

From my interpretations of the transcripts, the Superintendent will not form a committee until AFTER the policy passes.

Superintendent Lewis: First of all, if the policy passes, then I have an obligation to take that policy and implement that, so I would need to get something put out to the community to build a committee and craft a new procedure as quickly as possible.

Superintendent Lewis: I have – I think I’ve stated very clearly, we will create a committee and we will bring a procedure back, if the policy passes.

Director Sumner: … I am making a motion to table this current policy …

President Green: Ok, we have a motion to table policy 3211. Do I have a second?

As you can see, the Board voted to table the policy, NOT to form a committee.

Please show up at the next board meeting,

December 16, 2015 at 6pm

in the Aster Elementary School Building.

Even though the meeting will be during the school district Christmas Choir concerts, it’s important that people show up. If you can’t attend, and would like your statement entered for the record, please send an email or letter to me at and I will make sure they are presented to the Board during the official public meeting.

Transgender Transcripts Part 4

Lewis and Rockie

The second part of the meeting consisted of Superintendent Pete Lewis speaking along with the school Lawyer, Rockie Ulrich Hansen. After the last parent spoke, Superintendent Pete Lewis took the podium.

Superintendent Lewis: Good Evening, I am Pete Lewis, Superintendent of Colville School District.

President Green and members of the Board, Policy 3211 Transgender Students is before you for second reading. This policy provides additional clarity to our non-discrimination policy and I would like to point out to the Board that after posting the draft procedure on the website, we have heard from several families expressing concerns to the privacy interests of their students who may be impacted by allowing other students to utilize facilities that correspond with their gender identity. In light of these concerns, I have amended the procedure to recognize that any student who has a desire for increased privacy may be allowed to access an alternative restroom or changing area. In most cases we already have private areas within each facility that will allow a student more privacy. As the procedure says, this is done on a case by case basis.

I also want to point out that the Board approves policy, procedure is something that comes from the administration, and is something that can be changed and can be adjusted to meet the needs and to be able to comply with the law.

This is a Washington State School Directors generated Policy. It is in compliance with the Revised Code of Washington, specifically RCW 28A.642.010 ( and with the Washington Administrative Code WAC 392.190, Unlawful Discrimination ( This policy is also in compliance with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction Guidelines and is consistent with the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association rules.

It has also put us as a community and as a Board in a dilemma. A dilemma about how we go about crafting an appropriate policy and procedure that can meet the needs of our students and follow the laws of the state of Washington, which I am obligated to do, just as you are obligated to do.

It is important because of our discrimination policy and something that will be recognized by the state of Washington as something that we have to follow. We have protected classes. Gender identity is a protected class, like it or not. We have an obligation to make sure that all of our students and all of our classes are protected. We want to make sure that we craft a policy and procedure that allows us to do that, but does not stigmatize, it does not bring attention to, allows kids to be comfortable, allows kids to be safe.

It is not an easy place to sit there. It is not an easy place to be here.

1. Audience Member: Protect my daughter! Continue reading

Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 3

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

33 Jason33. Jason: I don’t speak in front of people very often, so it’s a little bit awkward. But this issue is on transgenders obviously and being transgender, you have issues with your identity. You don’t understand which gender you are.

If you go into the bible, yes I am Christian, the majority of you are Christians. If you go into the bible, the Devil says to Jesus, “If you are the Son of God.” He essentially questions Jesus – ‘Are you the Son of God, or are you not”? What we need to do for transgenders instead of accommodating them, is give them love and understanding and respect. Not the kind of respect we’re arguing about by letting them pick where they change, but by telling them you’re being lied to by the Devil and you don’t need to hate yourself.

Thank you.

34 Steve Parker34. Steve Parker: Steven’s County Commissioner for District 3.

Wiser men than me have said that an informed and involved electorate is necessary for the maintenance of a decent society, and I think we have that here today and it is a heart warming thing. Continue reading

Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 2

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

15 Roland Horner15. Roland Horner: Good Evening, can you hear me? (Gives name and address) … Colville, taxpayer. Anybody in the audience that owns property that does not pay taxes?


Anybody take a vaccine and get immune from paying taxes? I haven’t found one of them yet. Your tax money is going into this – I don’t know if you want to call it a program or whatever it is that we are discussing here tonight. They tell us that this is an educational institution and that the people up front of us are the Board of Education. They tell us that this is supposed to be the – this is the implication of education – being academic, moral and what not improvement of the children and the students which they have under their tutelage.

It’s not only come under, to a degree, the Board of Education, but also the school administrators who also claim to be involved in the education of our children. The very fact that this issue has been brought up tells you, or should tell you, it has nothing to do with education. It has everything to do with a political agenda. Continue reading

Transgender Meeting Transcripts Part 1

I am posting typewritten notes of the meeting for your convenience. I do not have everything, but am posting what I have recorded, however, I have excluded people’s addresses for privacy concerns. When there is a portion that I am not sure of the interpretation, I have listed it in brackets [ ]. Please forgive me for any wrong names or spellings. I will be happy to correct them if you contact me at

Board President Sid Green: (This statement is summarized to the best of my memory.)  Mr. Green asked everyone speaking to stand at the podium, keep their comment to 3 minutes, to refrain from personal attacks and asked that people keep their comments civil.

Scott Martin1. Scott Martin: I would like to thank my wife Lynette, my dear friend Don Robson, and my other dear friend Jean Papst for spreading the word on this. If you got information on it, it’s probably because one of those people got it to you, not because of the board here.

When we first told people of this new policy, one of the most frequent comments we recieved was, “Why haven’t I heard of this before?” The simple answer is the district didn’t want you to know about it. Alright? The only reason any of you know about it is because Colville community pulled together and informed the public, not because of the school district. They did not want to inform you.

This board and the Superintendent have eroded public involvement and public input down to next to nothing. Even with existing laws and policies in place requiring the district to include and inform the public, they clearly have failed.

The list of their own policies that require them to inform and involve the public is long

Policy #1005

Policy #1710

Policy #2005

Policy #2180

Policy #4000

Policy #4005

All of those policies they currently have [require them to be informing the public] of what’s going on. They require the public to be involved in the decision making process. None of those policies have been followed for years. Even when the district, years ago, did create some form of public input, it was always tainted by a process of intentionally hand selecting only people with certain beliefs or political views and excluding others.

If you ask me who the intolerant people are here, it’s not most of the people coming here tonight, it’s the board. The lack of communication with the public from this district can not get much worse. The secrecy has expanded even more than when Ken Emmil was here. Over the last 8 months, this board has had 13 closed door public meetings, or meetings without the public being involved. They’re even having one tonight after this. They will leave, close the door and have a meeting. But those same 8 months, the district has not had one Superintendent’s Kitchen article in the paper, they have not had one public forum, they have not had one public involvement meeting. They have done no outreach to the public of any kind. Nothing.

In closing, instead of discussing why half of the kids attending 3 through 8th grade have failed their last state assessment test in math, and the language tests aren’t much better; we’re here discussing a transgender policy which is not even required by law.

Get back to teaching teaching our kids.

Julie Paris2. Julie Paris: I’m not here to debate the policies. I’m here as a mother of three children in three schools, whose raising her kids to be moral, upright kids like me. I don’t want my daughter, or my sons exposed to the opposite sex. We’ve tried to raise them morally. We’ve tried to raise them to safe things. And it exposes them all to things that – we’ve not sheltered them from – but we have discussed in our own home. Continue reading

Summary of Colville Transgender Policy Meeting

An attendee of the meeting is allowing me to post their summary of the meeting, as I have been very short on time lately. I am very grateful for the help in getting the word out to the community. I have added a few notes:

  • There was a crowd of 300-400 people in attendance –– standing room only. I would say that at least 90% (probably more) were against the School Board.
    • Dozens of people spoke. Only 3 or 4 were in favor of the School Board  policy.
    • The folks who spoke in protest were angry and very articulate in general. A huge percentage were Christians. Many stated they would pull their children from school if the policy was passed.
    • Many made straightforward comments about the insanity of entertaining the idea that a boy can become a girl or vice versa.
    • There were a few in attendance who were in favor of the policy and made their plea to the board to pass the policy.
  • Shortly after a few comments were made, President Sid Green walked over to the podium and took the microphone back to the board table. A member of the public announced that Mr. Green had promised that all people who wanted to speak would be allowed to speak. Mr. Green then walked the microphone back to the podium and the people politely formed a line.
  • The School Board did not respond in any way for at least 2 hours, even when people would directly ask them questions. They timed each speaker, who received 3 minutes to make his/her points.
  • There were quite a few students gathered in the gym dressed in athletic clothing. Several of the girls stated how adamantly opposed they were to the invasion of their privacy and the violation of their modesty. They were clearly supported by the boys who were there.
  • Other kids spoke as well who were also adamantly opposed to this policy. One girl pointed out the far-reaching effects of this policy on any athletic event in which the Colville District is involved.
  • Commissioner Parker spoke and challenged the School Board to do the right thing and represent the people instead of being rubber stamps for the state.
  • Several pastors spoke and challenged the people to reject this policy, recall the School Board members and to begin to get involved and prepare to run for School Board in future elections.
  • There was a lot of cheering and clapping for all who opposed the issue.
  • Then the School Board took the floor.
    • The Superintendent stood up and gave the statist party line –– “There’s nothing we can do. We have to follow the law. It is a law. etc.” The crowd was very hostile.
    • The crowd had been informed that there is no law requiring the school board to enact this policy, so many did not believe Mr. Lewis.
    • He turned it over to an attorney who did the legal-ease, Delphi strategy on the crowd. The crowd went from hostile to bored to tears, but remained very resistant. She said several things that contradicted what the Board had put on their website. Came off as very disingenuous.
    • The Superintendent then took the floor again. the crowd was extremely hostile, and backed him into a corner. He eventually committed to convening a “Citizens’ Committee” to work with the School Board to find an alternative to the Policy proposal. We had to leave, but it was pretty much over. I’m not sure how they intend to follow up on the Citizens’ Committee, but will find out. (Note: Beware of the use of the Delphi Strategy and / or the Board stacking this Committee with people who want to implement this Policy. See article on the use of the Delphi Strategy at (See article on the Delphi Strategy at
    • The School Board did not help their cause at all. They came across as indifferent, bullying bureaucrats with an agenda to corrupt kids.
    • At one point, Director Rob Sumner asked people to contact their representatives to discuss it with them.
    • The board eventually, and very reluctantly tabled the policy for another meeting. After Director Sumner made the motion to table the policy, there was a very long and tense pause before the motion was seconded. Once the vote was made, it was 5-0 for approval to table the policy until another meeting.

Comments and Questions from Scott and Lynette Martin:

– Why does the board need to form a committee? What is the committee going to tell them that was not said at the public meeting we all attended? It certainly seems that they are forming a committee so that they can get people to say what they want.

– In the past, this board has created committee’s with people who agree with their own agenda, and will also put 2 board directors on the committee. One member of the Levy committee told us there was not one opposing view on the committee. When Scott asked Director Sumner about this, Director Sumner said, “Why would we want an opposing view on the committee? That makes no sense.”

– Regarding Director Sumner’s statement about talking to our representatives. THAT IS WHAT WE WERE DOING AT THE MEETING. – – – The best way to solve a problem is at the local level. Director Sumner, YOU are our representative, we were talking to YOU! – Did you not listen to what we were saying? When Scott Martin approached Director Sumner at the end of the meeting, Sumner said, “I’m not going to talk to you. You need to talk to Pete or Sid.”

Thank You Colville!

Thank You

Transgender Mtg Photo

We’d like to thank all the good people of the community for showing up at the board meeting to stop the Transgender policy tonight. We know that with the storm damage and difficulties that it was not easy for everyone to show up.

It was one of the most heartwarming things to see so many good, decent, well spoken, well informed, kind,  honest people commenting tonight in an effort to save the morality, safety and decency in our schools.

Thank you to everyone who helped to get out the word to everyone they know – it was a group effort and we could not be more appreciative of everything this community did to help stop this policy from being passed. It’s a small victory because it was obvious the board desperately wants to pass it, but if we stick together, we may be able to keep the policy AND procedure out of our district. This could be a very long hard fight.

We will keep you updated to the best of our ability to what sneaky things the district might be up to – as much as we can find out. If there is anyone in the community that has information that can help, please let us know and we will post it. We will cheerfully keep a person’s identity anonymous if you ask us – as long as we can verify that the information is truthful.

Thanks again for everything!

A Slap in the Face, and Another, and Another!!!!

THE FIRST SLAP: The Colville School Board decides to create a policy to allow transgender students access to bathrooms of their gender identity choice.

Let me just say that I am short. Very short. It is uncomfortable for me to sit in chairs where my feet dangle – which is almost always. I do not get on a podium and ask people to only manufacture chairs that I am comfortable to sit in so that everyone else is UN-comfortable. That is patently ridiculous – and I’m sorry, but isn’t that what this policy is doing?

ANOTHER SLAP: The Colville School Board changes the wording of the procedure. Here are the changes with explanation:


This is the notice from Superintendent Pete Lewis indicating changes have been made to the Transgender procedure. Don’t get your hopes up folks. Continue reading

Colville is Seeing Double on Transgender Policies

Seeing Double

There’s a little more to the story than meets the eye. We have found out that East Valley School District in Spokane already has the Transgender Policy approved. It seems to have been slipped through without parental notice.

The odd part about it, is that the East Valley Policy and the proposed Colville Policy are word for word the same. If you ask me, it looks as if someone is coordinating this. It also appears that they are trying to slip it in behind parents backs. At least in Colville, there was no public notice that I am aware of to inform the parents or public about this policy.

Here is the link for the East Valley Policy: Continue reading

Transgender Students Policy in Colville Update


The New policy shown on the School Board Web Page to be voted on this Wednesday gives more information. There are two new items shown on the procedure, and I will list them and show the information that I have found on them for you, but before I do that, I’d like to make a note that our School Board has not provided any information that shows there is any law that requires them to enact this policy and procedure in our district. Typically a procedure includes laws that require the procedure, but this policy does not include any reference to any state or federal laws. It could be that the new information provided is the board’s way of trying to show that this is “normal” or possibly “what other places are doing” so that we will think it’s ok for our district.

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to contact Scott or Lynette Martin at We will do everything we can to help our community.

Here is the first piece of information that has changed on the Transgender Procedure:

Transgender New 1

The data in blue is new. I went to the link and this is what I found:


I downloaded the document and this is the information I found that was pertinent to the procedure:

OSPI Pg 20

This information can be found on page 20 or 21 of the document.

Here is the second change on the Transgender Procedure:

Transgender New 2

Once again, the text in blue is the change.

I went to the link, but there was no information I could find, so I emailed the office and received this data. I was not given a link, only the information. I will share the entire email with you here:




End of Post

God Bless our Veterans

090311-N-0696M-097 A lone U.S. Army bugler plays Taps at the conclusion of the First Annual Remembrance Ceremony in Dedication to Fallen Military Medical Personnel at Arlington National Cemetery,  March 11, 2009.(DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley/Released)

A lone U.S. Army bugler plays Taps at the conclusion of the First Annual Remembrance Ceremony in Dedication to Fallen Military Medical Personnel at Arlington National Cemetery, March 11, 2009.(DoD photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley/Released)

Thank you to every Veteran and to every Veteran’s family

Transgender Students Policy in Colville


The title says it all. Our school board has already approved the first reading of this policy and will officially approve a new policy allowing transgender students use of the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. Don’t take my word for it, take a look at the policy for yourself. You can access it by a ridiculous amount of clicking at the Colville school web page. I will walk you through it. I cannot just give you a link – you have to do the work.

Go to:

Mouse over District and click on School Board

Click on School Board Meeting Agenda’s and Minutes

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Click on October 28, 2015 on the left side of the page

Go down to 5.02 Policies – First Reading and click on the Blue Document Icon

Click on 3211.pdf and 3211P.pdf

I will save you some trouble by putting a portion of the policy here:

This first insert is the most worrisome portion of the policy:

Transgender Policy 1

And here is the beginning of the policy:

Transgender Policy 2

You will need to follow the above link to see the policy in it’s entirety  because I have not posted it here.

This policy will be approved by the board during the November 18, 2015 meeting to be held at Aster Elementary school, 217 S. Hofstetter Street, Colville at 6:00pm. Be assured that without a showing of the public at this meeting, this will be passed. It is sad, but the policy will probably be passed even with a showing of the public because in the past, the board has brought in a large volume of individuals who approve their beliefs and they then use those people to justify their actions – which in this case will be the passing of the policy due to “large public agreement or interest”.

Contacting the school via a phone call or an email does not have the same effect as a gathering of people at the board room, but it certainly won’t hurt. I am fairly certain that if the public does not show up – this policy will be enacted by the board.

If you want my opinion – I am not against providing facilities for different needs, however the solution the board is suggesting is out of the question for my own standards. They could easily provide a simple bathroom for the needs of – what will it be just a few children. They don’t have to disrupt the security or comfort of the entire rest of the students in the school. But that’s just one opinion, I’m guessing this community will have many different ideas.


– Was there a survey done of the students prior to this policy being written or voted on by the board?

– Were any parents notified about this prior to the policy being written or voted on by the board?

– Why is burden of comfort being placed on the entire body of students and community instead of on the few that have special requirements?

– When it comes to tolerance, is it being forced onto us – or are we being allowed to show our tolerance in our own way? What I mean is once the policy is in place, anyone who doesn’t agree with it will probably be called intolerant.

– When it comes to a few people – why is it always the entire rest of the population supposed to agree with these few individuals, why can’t the few individuals take steps to make their lives more comfortable without inconveniencing the rest of us?

– Will allowing different sexes to share bathrooms and locker rooms disrupt the safety, security and comfort of our schools?

What does the Colville community want in our schools? I hope we’ll find out at the next meeting. Please feel free to post your comments to this blog – All comments are moderated, however, I will post them as soon as I can.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, January 27, 2015 was Parent Teacher Conference day. On the afternoon of January 26, 2015, I received a phone message reminder. It’s nice that the school sent a reminder, but sad that it was the night before.

I remember a day when schools actually had parents attend these days. They gave the parents a written notice with plenty of time for the parents to rearrange their schedule. Parents can’t just drop everything and take off with a moments notice, they need time to arrange with their boss, so they can take off work.

I’m also assuming the teachers can’t see every parent at the same time, so it seems like it would be more beneficial to give at least a weeks notice so that everyone could arrange their schedule.

But that’s just me.

I’m sure the school will say that the conference days are listed on the school calendar, so parents have already had plenty of notice and that’s a fair argument.

My point is that if the school is going to send a notification, it would be nice to have it at the very least on Monday, so parents have a couple of days notice instead of getting a phone message on the night before the scheduled day. It’s kind of hard to call your boss to get permission for a day off when your boss isn’t at work. Parents have very busy schedules, and don’t always put every date in their calendar, especially when it’s several months off.

In my mind, when the school sends a message the night before, it seems as if they don’t actually want to have parents attend.

7071223009_3c49174fcc_bThe school also says that less and less parents attend every year. Why is this?

– Is it because parents don’t care how their children are doing in school?

– Is it because parents are not properly informed?

– Is it because parents trust the schools more now than they did years ago?

– Is it because standards based grading means nothing to the parents or the children and nobody understands what’s going on anyway?

– Is it because conferences are during the day when parents can’t attend instead of at night when parents have free time?

– Is it because parents have much busier schedules now and can’t drop everything on a minutes notice?

School Board Meeting 1-28-2015 Short Summary

Meetings Notes 1-28-15The January 28, 2015 meeting agenda can be viewed here:

Clicking on the little blue document icons will open up information related those subjects.

4.01 Board Recognition

January is School Board Recognition month. Mr. Lewis arranged for cake and drinks for everyone at the meeting and gave a thank you to the board.

Madison Fitzsimmons was welcomed as the ASB Student School Board Representative for this year. She will sit in on all board meetings for the rest of the year.

4.02 Public Comments

Parent Scott Martin commented on the decision made by the school district on January 5th when a portion of the district received heavy snow, but the bus schedule was not delayed. He admonished the board for not calling the Steven’s County Public Works Department to check for road conditions before making the decision to run the buses on schedule without a two hour delay.  He felt it caused a safety hazard for the buses and for families. He asked the board to contact Public Works to check road conditions in the future.

Director Sid Green said only one bus was late to school that day. When Mr. Martin asked how many students missed school, Mr. Green told him he could not ask any questions.

Mr. Martin also asked about the school district improvement plan for 2014-2015. The board did not give a response.

Personal Note: My daughter informed me that there were several buses late to school because several of her friends were late, and they rode different buses.

5.01 Art History Trip

The board approved a trip for the Art History Class to Italy to be taken April 1, 2015.

5.02 High School Interact Club Trip to Ecuador

The board approved a trip for the Interact Club to Ecuador. There is an open invitation for anyone who would like to tag along on the trip. They are currently actively fund raising for the trip.

5.03 Policy 1400

School board approved changing the regular school board meetings to start at 6pm instead of 6:30pm.

5.04 POLICIES FIRST READING Continue reading

Superintendent Pete Lewis Fired from Previous Position in Fairbanks

Fired_stamp_commons.wikimedia.orgThis post is informational for the good people of Colville. I believe it is important for this community to understand as much as we can about our new Superintendent. I find it important for people to know that Mr. Pete Lewis was fired from his last position in Fairbanks, Alaska for

“significant allegations of employee misconduct towards students”

handcuffs-294516_640To put it more bluntly, an employee named Claude Fowlkes III was arrested for allegedly raping a student multiple times on campus.

Prior to this, Mr. Lewis was made aware of multiple complaints that Mr. Fowlkes was grooming students. The action Mr. Lewis allegedly took was to transfer Mr. Fowlkes to another building without informing the principal of his past behaviors. This action by Mr. Lewis is what allegedly led to the rapes and to Mr. Lewis’ own firing.

Here is an excerpt from a Fairbanks article written on the website

The board cited a “total failure of leadership” by Lewis in the investigation and retention of employees, including Claude Fowlkes III, 34, a tutor at Hutchison High School who was arrested in March and charged with six counts of abusing a student at the school.

“Significant allegations and observations of ‘grooming’ and other alarming behavior with students were either not understood or were not dealt with in a serious manner,” Haas said in a statement signed by all board members.

Problems began at Fowlkes’ previous assignment at another Fairbanks school, Haas said, but the Hutchison principal was not made aware of them, Haas said.

Fowlkes from 2008 to 2014 was the subject of at least three complaints regarding conduct toward male students or minors. He violated district policy and engaged in inappropriate behavior with a male student at Tanana Middle School, the board said, but remained employed.

The superintendent’s unwillingness to perform his duties or inability to do them exposed students to harm and the district to legal vulnerability, the board said. Despite inappropriate student contact, Fowlkes received a glowing recommendation [by Mr. Lewis], Haas said.

You can find links to more informative articles at the bottom of this page.


– Do you as a parent feel our school board was honest with us in every way?

– Why did the school board hire Mr. Lewis two days after he was fired from Fairbanks, AK?

– Why did our board feel the need to rush in a superintendent to our district that had been fired for “significant allegations of employee misconduct towards students”?

– Should this community have been properly informed of Mr. Lewis’ past mistake before he was hired?

– Did our school board do a thorough hiring process, or was Mr. Lewis rushed in? (See post ‘Questionable Interm Superintendent Hiring’ )

– Did our school board skip the steps in their own policies that require them to inform the public of a superintendent or interim superintendent search? (Once again, see “Questionable Interim Superintendent Hiring post). If so, why?

– Did our school board rush Interim Superintendent Pete Lewis into a permanent position without a proper Superintendent search (according to school policies) before the public could be informed of Mr. Lewis’ past? (See post ‘Superintendent Hiring Procedures’ )

– Do you, as a parent, feel comfortable with Mr. Lewis in charge of your children?

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11 Inches of Snow and No Bus Delay?

Nature Photography

The decisions by the administration at this school district never stops amazing me. Our community gets 11 inches of snow and the school says there will be no bus delay? Really? What were they thinking?

Does this community feel that 11 inches of snow is a no-brainer keep the same bus schedule or a two hour bus delay situation?

There was only about 3 to 5 inches of snow in Colville with deeper accumulations in the outlying areas. So since the city folk didn’t have any trouble getting to school, did they decide that it wouldn’t matter if the rural areas made it to school safely? Is that what they were thinking? This smells a lot like discrimination against some of the students in our district.

Not everyone has quick snow removal equipment. I have a friend that needs 9 hours to plow from their home to the highway. It takes us 3 hours to plow our driveway. We have to catch the bus at 7 am, so we would have to start plowing at 3:30 am to make the bus on time. We  were up at 5 am to plow which would have been plenty of time to make a 9 am bus.

If the school put in a 2 hour delay for the buses, like they normally do on a deep snow day, we could have made the bus at 9 am. But here’s the catch. They don’t put up the notice for the bus schedule until 7 am, which is long after rural people need to make decisions. So as hard as we worked to catch the bus, it seemed like the school chose to completely ignore the rural families.

Steven’s County Department of Public Works

aka “The Guys who Plow the Roads”

8488922849_50d4cf6a43_flickr.comDon’t take my word for it. We were very upset with having to drive in to town, so we stopped to talk to the Steven’s County Department of Public Works,  here’s their web page

The people we talked to in their office were very upset that nobody from the Colville school district called them to ask about the road conditions. They were so upset that they had already called the school to make sure they had the contact information. The school assured them they did, but the Public Works people weren’t going to take their word for it and were in the middle of writing a letter to make sure the school had a written record of all their contact information.

It is important for the public to know that every other school district called into the Steven’s County Department of Public Works to check road conditions. The only school district that did not contact their office was Colville. Apparently Colville doesn’t seem to care about the safety of our community members. This includes, students, families, staff and teachers.

You see, these guys bust their behinds to clear the roads in time for the buses. As a matter of fact, they make a whole schedule around clearing the roads specifically for the school buses. They don’t just clear the highways, they have to clear up many county roads too. On Monday, January 5, 2015 they could not clear all the roads in time for the standard bus schedule so consequently, many buses made it to school late.

What that means is that there were many many many families who worked extra hard to get their kids to the bus stop only to;

1. Find out they missed the bus and their kids will either miss school or they have to drive them in.

– How would you like to be the family that worked their tail off to make the bus only to find out that you now had to double time it because you have to get ready for work AND drive the kids to school. I wonder how many people were late to work because of our schools decision.

2. Have their kids sitting on the buses for a much longer time before they reached the school.

– There were quite a few buses late to school.

3. Find out that the buses were traveling on dangerous road conditions.

– Un-plowed roads means dangerous conditions for the buses even when the use chains on their tires. I do not want my children riding a bus with dangerous road conditions. But I especially don’t want my children – or any children in this community riding a bus in a dangerous road condition that could have been avoided by a simple two hour delay of the buses.

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Good News, Tacoma Dome, ASB, Levy Funds

Tacoma_Dome_Station_en.wikipedia.orgOur Colville Indian Varsity Football team played for state championship this year for the first time in the history of Colville. While we came in a heartbreaking second, losing only by one point or one inch, whichever way sticks in your mind the most, it was still an overwhelming experience for our whole community. Our family was listening to KCRK 92.1 radio breathlessly from the beginning to the end of the game – except when I had to leave the room to calm down. I found myself shouting at the radio for some of the most absurd calls by officials I have ever heard in a football game. A do-over down because the ref’s weren’t ready? Ummm, they blew the whistle didn’t they? They were always ready when we had a loss in yards … but that’s not really what this post is about, let’s hope our team can get there again soon and beat them by yards.

I would like to give my Congratulations to the entire Colville football community for their hard work, dedication, and for bringing so much excitement and team spirit to our community. This includes the cheerleaders, and marching band because they brought even more pride and enthusiasm to the whole football season.

04_28_49---US-Dollar-Bills_web_freefoto.comWhat I want to present in this post is something that I haven’t ever seen in the Colville school district. The ASB club gave each football athlete, cheerleader and band member a $30 food allowance for the trip. My jaw was on the floor when I heard this money was from levy funds that were given to the Colville High School.

This is a first from my experience and I want to say thank you to Principal Kevin Knight for using our Levy funds for the kids so they could have the experience of a lifetime. Mr. Knight explained that many kids would not have been able to go on the field trip because their families couldn’t afford the food allowance. I think it’s clear that Mr. Knight understands the real issues of many families in this district. He showed a compassion and a kindness I haven’t seen from our school officials in this district for many years. I couldn’t have been happier. Let’s hope we hear more use of our levy funds for important things like this that really mean a lot to our students.

School Board Sets Superintendent Salary

Super SalaryDuring a special board meeting on December 9, 2014, the board set the Superintendent Salary for Pete Lewis and signed a three year contract.

This post includes:

– Pete Lewis contract with details

– School Board calculations

– My calculations

– Links to all information at bottom of post

PETE LEWIS’ CONTRACT (link to original at bottom of page)

– $132,000 base salary

– 12 Days paid sick leave each year – eligible for buy back

– 25 days of paid vacation per year – accumulated days may be bought back at 15 days per year

– 30 paid vacation days may be used as salary for retirement calculations per State laws & guidelines.

– Membership dues for AASA, WASA, PDK, ASCD

– Same holidays, and leave granted to other district administrators

– Same medical, dental, vision, insurance benefits provided other district administrators

– Reimbursement for all business travel

– Cell phone service for district business at no charge to the Superintendent

– 1 computer tablet to be returned at the end of the contract

– $400 per month tax sheltered annuity payment

– Yearly comprehensive medical exam

– Residence requirement

– Evaluation and extension of contract yearly

– Disability clause

– Hold Harmless clause

– Savings clause

(Full contract linked below)

Here is the salary information history for Colville Superintendent’s I put together:

Super Salaries in Colville Continue reading

Inspirational Post – You Are Never Too Old!

Old_People__close_up_by_mellisea_deviantart.comEducation is not just for the young and neither is pursuing your goals, no matter what they might be or what your age. I’ve put several links about inspirational elderly people at the bottom of the page for your enjoyment.

I don’t remember where I heard this story, but it goes something like this: A 70 year old man was in college and his 20 year old classmates were asking him questions about why he would want to start college at such an advanced age. One of the youths asked him if he knew he’d be 74 years old when he graduated. The elderly man looked his classmate in the face and said, “Son, I’m going to be 74 years old anyway.”
In A Fisherman’s Language: An Autobiography by Captain James Arruda Henry

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Why I Hate Standards Based Grading

15a30f91a0b84b7ac737c756e657813e_pinterest.comI’m not going to mince words here, I really do HATE HATE HATE standards based grading. Why? Because it explains NOTHING. The parents, children, teachers and even the administrators cannot explain exactly what a student has learned, or how well they have grasped the subject. Let me give you an example from one of my experiences:

When my daughter received her first standards based report card:

– We didn’t know what the grades meant.

– We asked our daughter what her grades meant to her and she didn’t know.

– We asked the principal and he didn’t know, he told us to ask the teachers.

– The teachers sent us lots of paperwork, but it didn’t really explain our daughters understanding of what she had been taught.

– We went to the administrators office and after a very long conversation using lots of fancy verbiage that we assumed was an attempt to confuse us, make us feel stupid, or make us leave, they finally admitted that they couldn’t tell us exactly what her grades meant.

End of Story.

What I can’t understand is how so many people believe something is wonderful when nobody can explain what it is or how it works beyond an incredibly generic and non specific concept. The people who love it will tell you it gives them so much MORE understanding of where a student is. Really? Then why can’t you explain my child’s grades when I ask for them?

Here’s another way to explain what’s wrong with standards based grading. Let’s look at the rubrics used by other schools to explain to their staff, students and parents how it works.

Rubrics for Standards Based Grading

I’m inserting links here because they all take a lot of room to explain.

Pretty clear right? *sarcasm* Every school has a different method for grading. Why is this a good thing? Where are the “standards” in standards based grading?

My child receives a “4” in Washington, but an “8” in Minnesota for the same grade. And then you have different grading rubrics for different subjects. Talk about confusing on a grand scale. They expect us to understand something completely unexplainable – AND they expect our children to understand it too.

The school will run you around with so much double speak on this subject that you are supposed to leave feeling like they are so much smarter than you. It’s not true. I am not stupid and neither are you Do not think you have to accept a ridiculous concept as having any kind of merit when it comes to your children’s futures. If they can’t explain what it means, then it has no meaning.

Grades are a tool used to measure a student’s understanding and knowledge. If a carpenter uses a fluctuating measurement system, anything they make would fall apart. So what good is a fluctuating grading system to our children? Will their futures fall apart if we keep standards based grading in our schools?

Standards Based Grading in Colville Schools (as explained to me in percentages): (if anyone at the school wants to contact me to tell me my chart is wrong, don’t bother.  I get different answers every time I ask and I don’t have room to put in a manual full of explanations – so this is my best interpretation with what I’ve been given.)

4 = 95% or better (A+)

3 = 60% to 94% (C- to A)

2 = 1 to 59%  (D to F – or student wrote their name on the paper.)

1 = Fail

As you can see, the majority of the students will receive a 3, which is anywhere from a C to an A.

The school will tell the parents;

“Your child is doing good, they are getting a 3”.

Well, what the heck does a 3 mean in the first place?

Is it an “A”, a “B”, a “C” or “Nearly failing”?

That statement is worthless when the value of the three is meaningless.

So standards based grading is great if you just want to get through school, but for those students who want to excel, it is bewildering and frustrating on every level.

My son was always grade conscious, but when they went to standards based grading, he didn’t understand his grades anymore and nobody could explain them to him. He became frustrated and apathetic because he didn’t understand what was expected of him and what he WAS doing no longer had any meaning.

For the rest of his school career, he just muddled his way through by pleasing the teachers. This ridiculous system taught him to just ‘do as he was told’. It didn’t seem to have anything to do with actually learning (or teaching?) the subject matter – which is what we thought school was for in the first place.

ANOTHER ANNOYANCE: Continue reading

Bully Petition – Transcripts of Public Comments from School Board Mtg.

TranscriptsThe school board held a regular meeting on March 26, 2014 to address the Bully Petition.  One of the things they discussed during the meeting is a survey that was taken at Colville High School. After the board discussed the survey, they turned to the large grouping of community at the meeting for input.

A few interesting notes about the meeting:

– Many ASB students showed up.

– While the room could hold quite a bit more people than it was set up for, I could not get any school board director to organize it so more people could sit down. I asked them to get more chairs because there were people standing up and people spilling out into the hallways. I asked Director Krista Ohrtman to help get more chairs so people could sit down and she said she wasn’t sure she had the authority do do that. I asked Sid Green for help and he said, “That’s not my job.” By the way, any director has the authority because it’s their meeting. I have seen many more people sit in that room than what it was set up to accommodate for this night.

In my opinion, the board sure seemed to be trying to keep people out of the meeting, or uncomfortable enough to want to leave. The bully incident was scheduled fairly far down on the agenda and didn’t start for nearly an hour. That means, the board left many people who wanted to speak standing for well over an hour. I consider this reprehensible behavior by the board because you never know when someone has a medical condition that makes it difficult for them to stand. The individuals sitting in the hall had a lot of trouble hearing what was going on in the room and weren’t able to speak. Seems like if the board wanted the discussion to be heard, they would have accommodated everyone equally, but that’s just my opinion.

Incidentally, I have since found that a person can do a “Point of Privilege” and ask the board to accommodate these individuals per the Roberts Rules of Order:

Point of Privilege: Pertains to noise, personal comfort, etc. – may interrupt only if necessary!

I also found this on the Attorney Generals page:

While the OPMA allows the public to attend all meetings, it does not allow for the possibility of insufficient space. Presumably, if a nearby location is available, the governing body should move there to allow attendance.

– As an FYI – I gave up my seat for someone else to sit in and sat in the hall for the meeting, so I wasn’t able to speak.

As always, I apologize for mistakes with anyone’s names.

School Board President Sid Green Ok (garbled) go on. (Inviting public comment). Paul?

Paul Brozik One thing I would say would be that – One thing that happened at the high school would be that when doing survey’s with the students is that for one, the teachers take them more seriously and the students take them more seriously to know that there really is an issue in the – possibly by doing this – by putting the (garbled – excessive audience noise on tape) complete.

Sid Green The whole idea is we put the survey out there, whether they take it seriously or not, we can’t force them. You know, we can’t sit behind them and say take it seriously. And you’re going to get that.

Student Plus isn’t the whole idea of there being an issue still kind of speculative at the moment? That was one thing that raised the concern in the first place.

Sid Green Whether there is an issue?

Sid Green That’s …

Sid Green You don’t think there is?

Student I personally don’t. I love all of my teachers, I interact with them amazingly. I have no problems. Continue reading

Bully Post

bullying_01_gopixpic.comI believe bullying in the Colville School District is an issue that needs to be addressed. Bullying can come from students, teachers, staff or administration. If you have a story about bullying that you would like posted, please contact me.

For this first post, I would like to discuss a bully situation that was widely discussed in our community. In February of 2013, a very brave student named Paul Brozik addressed an issue he was having on I have posted the text of the petition at the bottom of this post along with the link.

I think it’s very important to know how our school board addressed this issue. In short, I believe they buried it.

– The board had a “non” meeting to talk with the public. This means that they spoke with members of the public, but did not have a quorum of the board (3 or more members) attending, so that they did not have to post minutes of the meeting.

– The board spoke with Mr. Brozik and his family about the issue in an executive session. Our board members believe that anything they discuss in executive session may never be talked about again, so this is how I believe they muted themselves.

NOTE: Many public organizations will release minutes of their executive sessions, so it is legal for the public to know what goes on in executive session. If a public records request is submitted for executive session documents, those documents fall under the open public meeting laws and they must be turned over to the public. Unfortunately for the public, our board does not take minutes in executive session and doesn’t share the minutes or the documents – at least they have not shared them with me when I have put in a request.

– The board allowed comments in a public meeting and the subject has never been brought up again.

– I don’t have any information about reprimands of any kind. All I know is the teacher is still teaching at Colville.

I personally like the teacher discussed in this bully incident, so I was disappointed to hear she might be bullying other students. During the “non” meeting/public discussion there were several conversations about teachers that some people thought were bullies and other people thought were great teachers, so there seems to be quite a big divide in some cases with individual teachers.

As children, both my husband and I were bullied by teachers. My children have been bullied by teachers. In my opinion, my family and friends are continually bullied by the Colville administrators and school board, so bullying is one of the reasons I started attending school board meetings regularly. I have started this blog to communicate this information to the community. There have been many times that I see one thing happening, but the public is told another by our district, or the information is buried so the public cannot see it. It’s time to have all sides of the stories are out there for everyone to see. This petition is a huge part of getting the word out to the community. The petition explains the bully incident best and the multitude of comments below the petition add quite a bit to the story of bullying in the Colville school district.

Petition Text and Comments
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Cancelled Superintendent Search Transcripts

imagesPen_flickr.comI think it’s important for the public to know the reasons why our board members make the decisions they do. So I have transcribed the portion of the November 24, 2014 school board meeting Agenda item 5.05 Superintendent Search. These are the comments by the board that concluded with their decision to cancel a full and open search for a superintendent position.

Sid Green 5.05 Superintendent Search. Sandy?

Sandy Moore Giggles (garbled) you were going to call on me. Like you were going to tell me before hand you were going to call on me. So

Sid Green Absolutely

Sandy Moore So! Superintendent Search. We had a very, I thought,  informative (garbled – but she is speaking about the public forum for Superintendent Selection Process link can be found at bottom of this post). We had a lot of people show up at the auditorium of Colville High School and share their views about where we are with the superintendent search and where we should go. We got a lot of great input. We as a board have not had an opportunity to talk about it since that meeting and this is our first meeting since then and I would like to have this chance to talk among ourselves about where we think we should go from here.

The way I saw (garbled) at the meeting was that we had a series of options.

– One was to hire a search firm and do a national search.

– Another option would be to do a search without hiring a firm so that was another issue we covered.

– We could also offer Mr. Lewis a contract extension but continue to look for another superintendent as was suggested by one member of the audience.

– We could offer Mr. Lewis a new contract for less than three years to give us more opportunity to evaluate where we are

– Or we could offer a full contract.

So I see that as kind of a measure of options out there on the table. I’d be interested in hearing input. I certainly have my own opinion, but I’ll open it up for discussion first. Continue reading

Broken Promise by School Board

I am disappointed in our School Board because I believe they did not meet the requirements of the Open Public Meeting laws when hiring our Interim Superintendent. I am doubly disappointed that they went back on their promise to do a full and open search for a permanent Superintendent.

Here is a clip of the job posting for our superintendent.

Job Posting Cropped 2

In the job posting for Interim Superintendent, you will see it says (during which time, the District will conduct a search for a permanent Superintendent). This was voted and passed unanimously 5-0 by the board in the May 28, 2014.

Our board did not just promise the public, they stated publicly in writing that they would do a public search for our superintendent, and then fell back on that promise. In my opinion, we can never trust the word of any sitting board member from this point on.

In the November 24, 2014 school board meeting, the board unanimously approved to cancel the search and hire Mr. Lewis. This broke their promise to our community.



Our school board promised the community they would do a full and open search. Why didn’t they?

Our Board will tell you that they were trying to save us the money, but there is so much distrust with our board already – why go down this path?

Was it really just about the money – or was it something else?

I can understand that they are happy with Mr. Lewis’ job performance as an Interim Superintendent, but why didn’t they do a full, open and transparent search when hiring our Interim Superintendent in the first place?


Superintendent Hiring Procedures

This post outlines the Colville procedures for hiring a Superintendent – and to give you information on other school districts procedures.
POLICIES and PROCEDURES (links to Colville’s Policies and Procedures manual listed at bottom of post)

First, let me explain the difference between policies and procedures, because it can sometimes be confusing and people often use the words improperly.


In the most basic form, a government agency is guided by their policies, but must follow their procedures.

Policies are a guideline.

Procedures are specific instructions for accomplishing a task.

For some reason, Colville does not have a policy or procedure for hiring a superintendent. In this case, the procedure for hiring falls back on employee/staff or administrator hiring procedures. Our school board did not follow their own procedures in the hiring of Mr. Pete Lewis if they treated his hiring as an employee or as a principal which is the closet thing to hiring a Superintendent.

It is the responsibility of the School Board to Write Policies and Procedures, it is also their responsibility to follow those procedures, though, there is no penalty if they don’t. The only thing I can really do is share this information with the public to better inform people of what goes on in our district.

Here is the applicable text in the Colville School Board policies and procedures documents. While you are reading through them, check off how many of these things our school district did in the hiring process of our Superintendent: Continue reading

Community Forum – Common themes and Questions

I have several comments and about our community forum to help the public see specifics about this situation. I have numbered the paragraphs in this post the same as the numbered paragraphs of the transcripts to help with this discussion.

mobility-clipart-Person_Reading_Book_clip_art_hight_clipartpanda.comAdditional Information about Interim Superintendent Pete Lewis and the hiring process

Most of the night was full of praise for Mr. Lewis. The only information other than praise was provided by a handful of individuals.

166Lynette Martin [Pete] was allegedly

168 fired for a total failure of leadership, for the retention of an employee named Claude Fowlkes III who was a tutor at Hutchinson High School who was arrested in March and charged with six counts of abusing a student sexually in the school.

169 There were significant observations and allegations of grooming the students by this individual. Pete Lewis, or one of his employees allegedly transferred this student from the school where he was grooming students to another building and did not tell the principal that this student – that this tutor was having these problems. And that’s – after that happened is when the – that’s why Pete Lewis got fired, is because he mishandled that situation.

234 Scott Martin [Pete’s] met with the teachers union multiple times. He’s met with the secretaries union multiple times. He’s met with para educators. He’s met with nutritional specialists. He’s met with maintenance, custodian unions multiple times. As somebody pointed out, I as a public have not been involved in a public meeting with Pete Lewis. He hasn’t invited the public to give their input to him as to what’s going on. Maybe individually, but not as a public.

213 Don Robson I have concerns that the board hired someone that was just terminated from his previous position due to the results of an investigation that they performed. I’m concerned that the board, when trying to select this superintendent for our schools didn’t even contact the previous school board to get any information from them. … I can’t help but feel that that’s negligence. To not contact a previous employer especially when he was terminated due to an investigation.

215 I have had contact with the Fairbanks school board and they have a lot of information to provide. And I’m not sure if they were contacted, he would have been hired in the first place.

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